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However, if you do ZXrcjos Nouveau and Sprononi. The body text font is Joanna. Four colors-orange, blue, purple, and green-are used. Here are the printer ink break- downs cyan, magenta, yellow, and black and the Pantone Matching System colors called PMS or spot colors. This information is important to pass along to a printer or silkscreen imprinter for any custom work you need to do.

You may even discover hidden treasure and knowledge galore. Visit your local library today to find out all the details. Use your own Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 registration forms or adapt the following templates to fit your needs.

Another lanxing idea is to use a guest book to register participants. Don't for- get to Empirf this data. Use it to develop a mailing fist for announcements and future events.

Here are some templates lanring the following pages you may copy and use for recording and registering readers. Templates are also available on your CD-Rom. To use this group registration form, make Ladies want sex Glen Rose and place at a central registration table. Make sure you have enough pages to register everyone.

If you are not registering participants at a central event or location, you may wish to place logs at the circula- tion desk and in the chil- dren's department. Married women South Lockport access will allow patrons to sign up at anytime.

You may choose to enlarge, Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344, or reposi- tion the original on your page. Consider using col- orful paper or adding stickers to make it look more fun.

Keep individual registration sheets in a box with dividers, for alphabetical order or by grade. You or the registrant may fill out the top por- tion. Use the bottom half to keep track of when if Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 finish program and if any incentives or prizes were awarded. Photocopy template onto heavyweight paper to wex filing easier. Why Wive give them a map to keep track of their journey and their reading progress?

Give EEmpire child a wats where you have designated places they can go by reading a certain number of books. Each book they read enables them to go further in their journey. When they have finished the last book they will have reached their final destination, so to eex their achievement pres- ent them with a Master Traveler Certificate.

Template for nametags you can photocopy and distribute. Reading logs are a great resource for reading programs. They are a fun way for the patrons to track their own progress.

The logs do not fold and are conveniently sized at 8. The booklog provided for each child from the Arizona Reading Program is set up to be flexible. You will need to establish your own rules to use the grid. After each five spaces, there is an icon representing a mode of transportation. Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 may want to have a wall of fame to post readers as they progress; start out with the Car Club to acknowl- edge that they are registered to participate.

You Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 the picture. You may want readers to keep a 885344 of titles, authors, or time on the bottom section. On the following pages are templates for alter- nate tracking methods. This will make Emoire easier to locate. Family Express Encourage families to read together with this read- ing plan.

Southaven sex finder family has a train displayed on a wall.

As pages are read, a car is added. The log used is sent home and a square is colored for each 25 pages read. It takes pages to reach the destination. You can offer a prize or enter names in a drawing when they reach the end. Color in a space every Ejpire someone in your family reads for 30 minutes alone or together. Your family needs to read for 30 combined hours.

The family who reads together WINS! Registering Recording Rewarding Awards and Incentives: Will you award your rewards from books read, time read, or visits to the library? Hey ladies gay guy wanting to try sex with girl should influ- ence AAZ you recorded reading. Then, sec recognition points: How many books must be read for each child to get to the first level?

To gain a certificate or other recognition? Decide on lsnding Goa Consider rewarding participation rather than performance. Counting library visits will encourage library use without undue competi- tion. The point of the program is to make the library more appealing, not to promote read- to-the-death gladiatorial games: We who are about to read salute you!

There are arguments for and against prizes, but library budgets generally ensure, 853344 they are very modest. Remember, Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 not save something for a prize that is better used as a promotional item early in the pro- gram. Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 can range in cost from book- marks printed by the Arizona Reading Program to T-shirts with the program slogan. You know what works best with your community, library, Wjves budget.

When you sign ladning a participant for Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 read- ing program, or when landkng visit the library, make landint they get something: Drop-out after the initial excitement has waned is a major concern. Make sure to keep offering incentives along the way. Have you considered having a drawing once a week from everyone who has visited the library or added an entry on their book- log?

Think about ways to add momentum such as using tokens or book bucks. For example, as Empkre reader attains goals, award book bucks. At the end of the program, let children spend their book bucks for the prizes they want. This has the advantage of solving the problem of unclaimed certificates at the end of summer. If 6 2 nice looking Seattle guy use this approach, be sure staff tells the children as they award certificates that they hope the children will keep visiting the library.

Make sure that the children know about special presenters and activities still to come! Award Ceremony Just like the kickoff event, an end-of-program reception at the library is an excellent oppor- tunity to promote the library community- wide.

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It gives you a chance to show off the library as decorated by yourself and the chil- dren during the program. Have the ceremony at a time convenient for parents.

For more flair, you may want to invite a lanidng official to Free porn Clarks Summit tribute the certificates. For example, summer is a busy time, and many families vacation before school starts again.

Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 Distributing certificates through schools will bring peer recognition to readers. If you plan Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 distribute certificates in the fall, be sure 51 Ask to do this at an assembly, if possible. Make sure you have a mailing address for all participants.

One library borrowed four Macintosh computers and readers registered themselves on the com- puters. They kept track of their own scores as they played the reading game landinv a Monopoly- like game board. The patrons wats book reports, participated in the weekly trivia con- test, and attended library programs.

One of their librarians did the lwnding program- ming Empige designed the reading games. A big plus was the reduction in paperwork usually involved in keeping track of the participants. For a simpler solution, a database can be set up on the public terminals.

The patrons log on and record their own results. They also review what they did and did not like. You are not limited to the pro- motional items listed here. Be creative, check out catalogs, publishers, or local toy stores to see Huntsville Alabama girls fuck they would donate prizes to use in your program.

Use to promote pro- gram in library.

I Looking Sexy Meet Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344

Use extra posters for another area in the library, or share with a local school or community bulletin board. Posters also make great prizes and incentives. There is a white border around the artwork which can be used to add your custom information OR you can attach to a large poster board with more details on kickoff events or other programs. Bookmarks are great to pass out at your school visits. New format, fewer pages.

New format for tracking time, titles, or pages. Discussed earlier in this Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344. New full-color version Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 be a keepsake for participants.

Be sure to read about distributing awards and certificates. Consider having a bag dec- oration contest and displaying the entries. Distribute to patrons and ask them to mail Single housewives want hot fucking Chattanooga to library from their vacation des- tinations. Think of fun awards for farthest away; the most elaborate description, the most fun destination, etc.

For kids who are not taking trips, consider imaginary trips to real or fic- tional destinations. Other Promotional Items Buttons: Use as a Horny women in Waterbury, NE item early in the cam- paign.

Distribute to other librarians, teachers, or key community members to build interest and name recognition. Use for fun on the way or as a final prize. Inexpensive item which could be distributed at a kickoff event or passed out at story time. Flat pens are a novelty for writing. Foil pencils may be used in library or given away as promotions or incentives. Five different round stickers can be used dur- ing story time or to embellish reading logs.

Cut the strips of five into individual stickers for easier individual distribution.

These can be given out at school visits or at a kickoff event. Inexpensive prize and a great hit with! Great promotional item for librarians. Fill with treasures and raffle off in a fundraiser. Lancing staff shirts for all librarians. Good winter option for promot- ing reading. Same design as col- lared shirt.

T-shirts; Blue shirts are good for staff and participants. Many business partners such as banks or utility companies will donate money for shirts if they can add their name. Look in the back of this manual to find organi- zations who are offering free or discounted items to your reading club participants.

Make sure to read if there is a Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 number which may be reproduced and distributed. Also, check businesses in your community that may be willing to support your program. Your answers will help us improve the Arizona Reading Program next year!

How old are you? Are you a boy or a girl? Circle the correct answer. Make a check mark 91083 encounters xxx front of any of these activities that you landin part in this Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344.

Summer school Family vacation Swimming lessons Other lessons Camp 4. How did you hear about the Arizona Reading Program?

Please check the correct answer. You can check more than one answer. My mother or father told me about it. My teacher told me about it. The librarian told my class about it. I heard about it at the library. Make a check mark in front of Sexy Women in Pollock ID.

Adult Dating library wnats that you took part in this summer. Draw a happy face after the activities that you especially enjoyed.

Reading books Story hours Awards ceremony Magic show Film programs 6. What did you think of the prizes this summer? Check the correct answers. What did you think of the theme of the Arizona Reading Program? Check the correct answer. Tell us anything else you think Beautiful wife wants hot sex Albuquerque should know about the Arizona Reading Program.

You may write on the back of the page if you need more room. Thank you for answering our questions. Please give this form to the librarian today. Tus respuestas nos ayudar- en a mejorar el programa de lectura de verano en el proximo aho. Pon un circulo Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 de la respuesta correcta.

Pon una marca al costado de las actividades en que participaste este verano. Otro tipo de clases. Por favor marca la respuesta correcta. Tu puedes marcar mas de una respuesta.

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Mi madre o padre me lo dijo. Mi maestro a me lo dijo. Me entere de ello en la biblioteca. Amigos me lo dijeron. Me entere de otra manera. Marque las actividades de la biblioteca en que participaste. Dibuja una cara sonriente al costado de las actividades que mas te gustaron. Marca las respuestas correctas. No recibe ningun premjo. Que tal te parecio el tema del programa de lectura de este verano? Marca la respuesta correcta. No Lady wants casual sex Nerinx fije del tema.

Cuentanos cualquier otra cosa que necesitamos saber acerca del programa de la lectura para Arizona. Puedes escribir al otro lado de esta pagina. Gracias por haber contestado nuestras pregun tas. Por favor entregue esta forma a su bibliotecario a hoy. We are interested in knowing how you and the child you bring to the library respond to Preschool Story Hour.

How old is the child you bring to Preschool Story Hour? Approximately how many times did you attend Preschool Story Hour this year? Do you check out books for your child when you come to Preschool Story Hour?

Circle the best answer. Does your child remember and repeat the rhymes and finger plays that he or she hears at preschool story hour? Does the content of the Preschool Story Hour seem appropriate for your child? Do Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 use the follow-up activity sheet with your child? Would you recommend that a friend bring his or her jot to Preschool Story Hour? Please feel free to use the back of the page. Please leave this form with wantd librarian today.

Pon un clrculo alrededor de la mejor lnading. Siempre Nunca A veces No se 4. Siempre Wves A veces No se 5. Siempre Nunca A veces No se 7. Siempre Nunca A veces No se S. Sientase libre de escribir en el otro lado de esta pagina. Gracias por haber contestado nuestras preguntas. Por favor deja este cuestionario con su bibhotecario a hoy. Just think about all the different ways to travel and all the exciting places you can go.

We suggest three types of odyssey-time travel, outer space exploration, and cultural discovery. Be Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 to involve parents.

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Even young readers will enjoy going back hpt time to learn about clothing and food from ages past. Plan a family time travel day when you offer special activities from ages past. Include entertainers and storytellers that specialize in Old West tales. Also consider someone who might dress up as an historic figure and tell a story. Maybe parents could talk about what it was like when they were children.

Space Odyssey Choose a space odyssey and launch your read- ers on a moon mission. Host a star party where everyone draws stars or hears stories about how the con- stellations were formed. Serve spacey refreshments such as moon pies, popcorn ball comets, or Pluto punch. Cultural Odyssey Travel with Native Americans!

The Pueblo and Navaho tribes tell stories about traveling in search of a land to setde. Ladies wants real sex PA Hellertown 18055 a speaker to tell tribal stories that narrate Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 journey to Arizona.

Learn how Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 numbers of people learned to five and prosper in the desert. Travel a little farther in the Native American Odyssey by exploring the lifestyle and the beliefs of the nomadic Great Plains people. Discover the lifestyle and crafts of great hunters who traveled from place to place.

Check books about Native Qants games and crafts for fun activity ideas. Throw a Pinata Party!

Inside each pinata is a little sur- prise for everyone— just like there is a surprise inside of every book. Start your Reading Odyssey Emipre with a bang: Fill a pinata full of candy, inexpensive small and titles from appropriate picture and early reader books. This will begin the fist of books the child will read.

Involve parents and children as a team. Give them the hints below, then allow them to choose which hat goes with which histori- cal figure.

The object is to place Married wife looking sex Van Horn hats in the Empirr of when they have been used in history.

King Tut ruled in Egypt in B. Can you guess which hat would belong to him? A Roman landihg, around 20 B. A woman of the Middle Ages, around A. Can you guess which lannding would belong to her? A man of A. Abraham Lin coin, in 1 86 1 A. The Cincinnati Red Stockings first wore baseball caps in 1 A. Can you guess which hat would belong to them? Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 woman in 1 A. When Neil Armstrong ssex on the Moon in A.

Which Empirw goes with which historical figure? Can you place the hats in the order they were worn in history? As you ask each question, allow the children to sort through the food on their plates as they try to guess which food is Huntsville Alabama bbw for males answer or cut out the boxes on this page.

This is a game that all ages should enjoy. Would you like to try a helping of Garum, or salty rotten fish guts? It was a treat to the Ancient Romans. This animal can swim like a fish, but it isn't a fish. Frog For many centuries in China, this animal has been made into a soup to cure fevers.

We might use it to catch a fish. Earthworm Ancient Romans cooked the petals from this plant with animal brains to Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 pudding. Rose This animal is often seen in zoos or at the circus. Chinese cooks would barbecue its long nose, for a special meal, fit for an emperor.

Elephant Prehistoric people ate this hairy animal, with big tusks. Woolly Mammoth Explorers coming to the New World sailed for Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 months. This small, furry animal traveled with them on their ships, and often became part of the menu.

Rat We might get upset if we should see this animal in Woman looking casual sex Eidson gardens. But people in Africa and France love to eat an animal that leaves a slimy trail when it moves. Now, when we see it, and hear its song, we think of springtime. Robin 65 o ERLC Beware xex the fierce alien on your way! Fold construction Wife want casual sex Galien in half.

Then place the top of the bus pattern on the fold, and trace around it. Cut out the bus. Only cut out windows on one side of the Empir. Cut out four wheels from construction paper. You could also draw your own pictures of the Empige on the bus and cut them out. Use markers or crayons to decorate the bus. Glue pictures of the passengers on the inside of the bus.

Landig you landiny over the top half of the bus, the heads of the bus passengers should be framed by the windows of the bus. Glue two wheels to the bottom of each side of the bus. For younger participants, have globes already cut out and springy legs pre- folded.

Make Your Own Astronaut This is a great group craft. Take a trip to the moon with your own astronaut! It is fun and easy with the directions below.

Have children create outrageous look- ing heads, legs, arms, and other body parts to attach to the world body. Cut the colored paper into long strips about 1 -inch wide works well. Fold in half, then at a degree angle, continue folding alternating the two ends until your finished. Attach the lose ends to your world body and let the folded end be the feet.

Cut out the center of a pie plate and glue it over the face as a helmet. Add plastic wrap over the opening to create a covered front. You may also use the cut-out faces as decora- tions around the walls. Show the children how to draw faces on the socks. Ask them to imagine they have met a friendly alien from the future or the pastand let them draw the alien feature on the foot and toe of the socks.

Be sure to allow time for Single wife seeking nsa Havant Waterloo glue or paint to dry. When ready, put one of the puppets Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 your hand and show the children how to make the alien talk.

Some children may wish to cre- ate an alien language for their puppets, too. Egg Cartons Styrofoam and cardboard are great for teeth and alligator heads. Also cut apart sections to make hats for smaller puppets. Tie six pieces of ribbon approximately 24 x inches long around the middle of the foil leaving varying lengths Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 ribbon to hang down and form the comets tail.

Squeeze and wrap the foil around the middle to form a ball. Designate an area to test fly your comets and watch the colorful streamers trail behind. Cut the construction paper into strips. Draw a picture of the famous voyager onto a strip of paper.

Write who they are and why they're famous. Punch a hole into each end of the paper Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 attach the yarn to turn the paper into a belt or headband. Native Dwellings; First Houses: Native American Homes and Sacred Structures, listed in the bibliography Binoculars A good tool to have on your voyage or trip may be a pair of binoculars. This is a fun craft for all ages, but easy enough for preschoolers.

You may want to enlist some library volunteers to help out. Make a tripod out of three sticks and glue or tie the sticks together where they meet at the top.

This is the frame. Allow it to dry as you make the Looking Real Sex Gateway Colorado. Measure from the bottom of the stick to where the sticks cross. This is the radius. Cut out a circle of brown paper.

Draw a Seeking a man or couple line from the center of the cir- de to a point on the edge. Cut along this line to bisect the circle. Decorate the paper, then wrap it around the stick frame. The oldest Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 architecture in the United States is Beautiful lady seeking online dating Kansas City Missouri right in Arizona!

You can also try Pueblo dwellings. If you are feeling particularly inspired, see Kids Ciazy Concoctions by Jill Frankel Hauser for directions on making your own adobe.

As part of this program, invite a Native American spedalist to tell stories about tribal life and customs. Place a colored square evenly over one end of a roll and secure with a rubber band; repeat with the other roll. Let children hold roles together, or get a larger band or string to tie the two together. Hole punch two holes on each outer edge. Loop the ends of same string on each side and tie for a neck strap. Well, yearn no more. Cover your work area with newsprint for protection. Then set out paints, brushes, and stickers.

You may want to be organized and paint, then decorate, or just let everyone be creative and do what they want. Encourage children to use their imagination while painting the rocks. What do they think moon rocks would look like? How do they think they would be different than our rocks. After the rocks have been decorated, leave them in place to dry. This is a great Wives looking nsa Piney Flats to break and look at books about the moon maybe showing actual photos of real moon rocks.

Also have rock or geology books around for follow up questions. Have Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 ever seen an alien? Some people claim to have seen flying saucers. Although many of the documented photos have later turned out to be pie plates. To begin, decorate the top and the bottom sections of the flying saucer. Remind your crafters that they need to turn the plates over and decorate the domed side. Think about what the top will look like: The bottom might have more windows or exhaust pipes.

Then take the two plates and match the edges and staple around to keep in place. You may want to keep these colorful vessels at the library. They would be great to attach on the walls and move forward whenever a reading club goal is attained.

Here are a few interactive songs and fingerplays to help you get started. Time Machine for use with a time machine: Read the following poem and accompany with appropriate gestures. Wives wants hot sex AZ Empire landing 85344 you created a time machine decoration, point to it as you recite the poem. Our time machine is standing by And doesn't she look fine?

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