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When we see someone whose shoulders are permanently Watch your butt up, we can make the educated guess that their mind is stressed.

Same goes for when we see someone repeatedly clenching their hands.

Mental stress and physical tension are co-variant. An increase in either typically increases the other.

When we feel overwhelmed, clenching muscles gives a false sense of control Watch your butt of the feeling of exertion. We all know that the more we can stay relaxed physically, the more we can handle mentally.

The anal sphincters get clenched most often unconsciously Watch your butt they are hidden from view. They are also one of the most important muscle groups to keep relaxed.

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When I started paying attention to my rear, I realized I clenched my butt every few minutes. Just about anything uncomfortable caused it to contract:.

This is more literal than many realize. Sphincter muscles are like valves in a water system.

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The only good times to clench our rear sphincter is 1 Watch your butt hold in excrement, or 2 prevent something unwanted from entering. Any other times we clench we are reducing circulation and reducing the tour of sensation.

My clients who have had sexual problems almost always realize they have been unconsciously Watch your butt their rear almost all day.

Clenching is a way to literally reduce your feeling in your body.

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An acting Watch your butt told me: Learning to keep that muscle group allows us to butg more and move and think with more flow. If you were a good student in 9th Grade Bio, you may remember that our anus is made of two sphincters Watch your butt permit passage through the colon like the alternating locks of the Panama Canal.

The Outer Sphincter is well within our control. We contract it to hold in a fart. We relax it to take in a thermometer hopefully. Watch your butt

Relaxing the Inner Sphincter feels much more vulnerable. To truly relax is to truly all the world in; to surrender control.

It requires a level of faith and trust in your circumstances. Watch the video above if it seems difficult. Sign in Get started.