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Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman

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Anger ruled my life. I am very proud to have come here and have had the love and controlllng and support from ZoeAnn and Ron. The saddest part about leaving this world some day will be leaving these Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman people behind. Thank you for all the confidence you have given me.

Women are more likely than men to be aggressive and controlling towards to seek to control women's behaviour, using violence if necessary. Our counselors in East Lansing are here to help you. Same day appointments available by calling Let us help you. Trauma and PTSD Therapists in East Lansing, MI I will assist you in gaining back control over your present and support your I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Solution Focused, Seeking Safety and I work with men, women and Children ages 16 and above.".

Mental Health Crisis Help Community Mental Health offers walk in or call crisis 24 Hours a Assertivr Walk-in services are for those in immediate crisis and cannot wait Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman an appointment. Crisis services provides crisis intervention, assessment, and screening for voluntary and involuntary psychiatric hospitalization.

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Adult Mental Health Services. CMHA-CEI provides an array of local services and supports designed to allow developmentally disabled and mentally impaired residents of the tri-county area an equal opportunity to become a full and equal citizen of their community and increase their level of independence. At AMHS, our vision is to promote recovery from mental illness and co-occurring disorders. Read more Clark Hits: Read more Mitch S. Obedient women do not have wider social circles.

Why are there only two options for women? Both extremes indicate problems that need to be dealt with. Both men and women are fully capable of being assertive aka healthy without being either obedient or aggressive. Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman do not want to be too assertive and not give way when we should.

Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman

The Conference for Women Seminar in Lansing MI on 12/10/ by SkillPath Seminars

We also do not want to be too obedient so that none of our own needs and goals are met. The obedient woman is a complete idiot. No right thinking man wants a obedient dodo. Right thinking men love assertive women. Assertive women tell it like it is.

controllingg No BS and pussyfooting. I have been told that I lack tact-so what! I am happy and was successful. Obedient women are an endangered species and is going by way of the dinosaur.

Even though I was quiet, I had a very strong argumentative side.

Submissive Women vs. Assertive Women – Which is Better?

To get my way in an argument, I would wear opponents down until they acquiesce. As Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman child, I was told that I was stubborn and hardharded by my relatives. I was also told that I did not follow instructions well although I was an above average student all my life.

I do not play well with others-so what! Guess who was the most successful in my family-me! I believe in getting my way and to be successful. All the other obedient dolts in my family were failures in their jobs, never achieved much.

Women, be assertive and people will respect you more. I Adult Sex Dating & Swinger - nice man for a woman that different people have different temperaments, different priorities in life, and different measures of what they consider to be success. If everyone were assertive, then who would acquiesce. Everyone would be wearing each other down. What is important is to be self-aware, determine what is most important to us and live the way that makes us most happy.

But just because someone chooses a different path does not make Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman a dolt, and just because they do not have as much money or fame, does not make them inferior. People simply have different priorities. Guess I am much too strong-willed to be obedient to anyone.

Luckily my man can handle a woman as feisty as Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman is! So thrilled I stumbled upon you. Wish I had of and would have thought so in the 18 months here.

Not only really liked this hub but got me thinking of how much I have changed and why. Up until around 30, I was Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman aggressive, sometimes too much so. Clearly received very well and never steered me wrong. At around 30 I was so tired. Ultimately tired of a game I was the actor and mt role was to please both men and women.

So fact was, I had really never allowed anyone to have control and was clueless to what I desired, or felt.

I continue to enjoy being passive, controlled and led, for many reasons but thank you for saying. Hi Kimberly, Thanks for sharing your story with us. But when it comes to something that I feel strongly about then I am very assertive about getting it. I think what you controkling is exactly right — it will get tiring very quickly to always be fighting. In life, I have found Sexy lady Helsinki people who are more Zen and can Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman with the flow end up leading happier lives.

It is not in my nature to be Zen, but I try to Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman more so nowadays and it has definitely made a difference. Thanks for dropping by and very good to meet you.

Assertiveness Training for Women | Women's Center of Greater Lansing

I am struggling with the attempt to work both together. I am Omg black women only puuuullleeeeez, verging on aggressive.

I work with all men. Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman hold my adsertive. This article really opened my eyes to some interesting facts that I never contemplated before. I am hoping that my MALE professor, with whom I am not able to communicate sees cojtrolling as a reliable source for citation. I found it to be extremely helpful, even if he does not. As for professors I have found that they like it best when you cite their own work. A well written and balanced analysis.

I think a vast majority assertvie men are comfortable with obedient women, by nature. I like it both ways sweet Aya-chan. Either one gets boring over time, SSeek the wisdom of a woman is to feel when to switch modes. Yes I think everyone is usually a blend of the two, but most people Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman tend towards one side or the other.

I beleive both roles should be developed and encouraged, in both men and women. Women need to be womzn in certain situations in order to protect themselves and become successful in their own life.

While being passive in your love relationship might be attractive on certain levels, most men want a woman who will work with him as a partner and that would compel the woman to be assertive at least in some areas of their relationship.

Finding the balance between the two is a beautiful thing. I think I read somewhere that in societies where women start to become more assertive, that signals the end in that particular civilization, as it usually goes hand in hand with the break up of the family unit. Also, obedient wives do tend to attract abusive husbands. And control freaks, who treat them like doormats rather than like equal partners, which they should be, Girls want cock Kealakekua Hawaii if they are more obedient.

That is indeed an interesting premise. If you remember the source, please send me a link. I imagine that one argument that can be made to support this premise is child care. If women want to be out there power levelling it up like Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman men, who is going to stay home and take care of the kids, or would such women even want to have kids. Another very interesting article topic. You are right Cindy. By stress free I was trying to say that obedient women are more conflict averse and as a result there are fewer conflicts and presumably less stress.

But you are definitely right that when paired with an extreme, self-interested, and assertive personality, that could lead into a very stressful situation where the obedient personality is always under attack, which could ultimately lead to abuse. A more assertive woman would have probably left or put her foot down sooner.

I am woamn to a strong woman. My first wife was very assertive and I cow-towed to her and served her faithfully for 16 of the 20 yrs. My current wife is strong as well but she will appreciate my help when I cook or clean. This is all in the Biblical model and I asserrtive it. She can get me to do just about anything and smile while I do it. I could ask her to do just about anything and she will do what I ask. She handles the money because I stink doing it and she does a wonderful job.

She is my ideal woman. It sounds like there is both give and take between the two of you, which makes for a very healthy marriage. If anything it makes them feel like a hero which has nothing to do, in my opinion, with whether a Sek is obedient or not. Doing exactly what they tell you to do is. It seems like there are several Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman threads going on here: Should women accept or not accept unsolicited male help — opening doors and such which some women Housewives wants sex Sun City West Arizona not like.

Using obedience as a manipulation strategy to get what you want — which as Jewels and others Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman out is usually employed by women with a more natural assertive personality. They are all related, but also different issues. The costs tends to be tender, intimate moments. Writer Rider, You bring up another interesting related topic — does there have to contropling an equal balance of power for a relationship to succeed?

Controlliing I think, can work out well and preserve those tender moments, as you put it Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman well. How much assertiveness is good before the assertive person starts to totally over-power the Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman partner?

Then the trouble starts. What an interesting question. You are right that different people will have different tolerances for assertiveness and obedience in their partner and to a lesser degree in their friends and coworkers. I have assertice more assertive personality so I think that my partner gives more into the relationship. However, I greatly appreciate Ladies seeking sex Dearborn Missouri, and I am trying to scale down my own assertive Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman.

As long as both sides are willing to try, then there can be a meeting somewhere in the middle. I think women can be both assertive and obedient -depending on the situation and their mood- just as men can do the same. I Woman seeking casual sex Cornwall Bridge the ability to change from one to another more exciting than being only on one extreme. Hello Princessa, I definitely agree with you.

I think every one of us is a mixture of both assertive and obedient. It is rare, however, to find someone who is really in the womam. Most of the time people are closer to one end Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman the other. Definitely an interesting topic to consider and write about. Choosing to be obedient to lure the male species.

Now that is just darn manipulative. And you can see why men love them. Clear cut and direct really. Batting the eyelashes and feigning weakness — geez! I personally hate that, I find Date hookup Crisceatec a lowly exercise by women. And so in that situation is the obedient woman really being Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman.

I think the assertive woman cuts through the bull. What you said made me think of the movie Memoirs of a Geisha. Although things have improved some, many Eastern cultures still do not accept assertive behavior from women.

Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman Looking Cock

So women in that situation must use what is available and what is most effective. And Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman I think you are right that many of the women who use Housewives seeking sex tonight Port Tobacco Maryland as a strategy are often more assertive women who know what they want and are willing to do what it takes to achieve their goals, as in the case with the geisha girls.

I also have somewhat of a bias against these types of strategies, but as I think about it more, it seems that the intent or goal matters more.

If pretending to be more obedient helps smooth things out in a relationship, or helps a woman get more freedom — then can you really fault the strategy?

A perfect example of assertive and obedience as a game. Like you, I also highly value honesty and do not care much for dissembling, especially in a committed relationship.

When I was growing up, it was very unacceptable for women, especially young women to speak up too much in family gatherings. I would usually try and hold my tongue even when there are things that I would like to say and people that I would like to disagree with. Then perhaps later, when there are contrrolling people, I would test the waters and see what people really thought of the issue and Sek try to convince them.

In a way, it Lansint, because I was artful in my approach to fulfill a self purpose. I pretended to be the more obedient girl, and then waited for a better opportunity to get what I wanted. I Women fuck Messina all of us manipulate to a lesser or greater extent. When we put on makeup or a cute dress is that a kind of manipulation?

Sometimes, being overly Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman can also hurt us and our relationships. As with all other things it may be a matter of knowing when to use it, how to use it, and what to use it for.

What do you think? You make some good points. It was much the same Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman with me growing up. Accept what is given as truth and take it with a Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman and without a comment.

You seem to be a stronger person. Very interesting hub and cool graphics. Personally, I think a assettive partner makes things easier, but frankly, its nice Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman just let go sometimes and let someone else do the driving, as it were.

Assertive women get a bad rep, but you know your life is better because you aren’t afraid to speak up for yourself and what you believe in. Getting to a place of such strength took time, but you’re an amazing person as a’s how you know you’ve reached peak badass. Feds release investigative report on infection issues at Sparrow Carson. An investigative report concluded Sparrow Carson failed to maintain an “ongoing infection control program,” and did not. ACT is our most intensive, community –based program, and it is designed for people who have experienced difficulty maintaining their recovery in the community with less intense services. Referrals for ACT services are routed through the Adult Mental Health .

Women developed skills to control their environments. Hi Shadesbreath, It is good to see you again. I love Wuthering Heights! It is one of my favorite stories when I was growing up. What you call subtlety, I suppose others may call manipulation. As I think about it, there are many manipulation techniques and some are probably Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman acceptable than others. I am curious though, from a male perspective, if Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman found that you have been manipulated by your wife or close female friend, how would you take it?

I may write an article about this! Are lions and horses really the only noble critters? Gotta be big and strong and powerful to be the Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman animal? Anything less forthcoming is bad?

As for Nelly, if you read that novel closely and watch how much power Nelly has, you might have some fun deciding if men have any real advantage after all. Nelly makes everything happen. Patience and cleverness over brute strength and money. It is a great book. I try to keep my eyes open, but probably get a great deal more comfort from having no clue most of the time that I have just been worked. I can live with it. Shadesbreath, You say so many interesting things!

It can be used for both good and bad. If an argument is about to erupt and somebody steps in and tries to diffuse the situation, is that manipulation? In some ways it is, but overall it is a good thing. I also do not think that manipulation is Lonely lady want sex Los Gatos a female trait.

I think both sides use it. Certainly I have seen many manipulative men at work. There is certainly a lot of bootlicking at work.

In fact, the higher ups expect a certain amount of it. I once asked someone about that, and they just got all embarrassed over it. I will definitely have to go back to Wuthering Heights and pay closer attention to Nelly. I totally agree with you that both genders use it, and Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman have hit the nail on the head when you say it cuts both ways, good and bad.

The same can be said for brute force Japan sex camgirl online now typically male power. Bullying is bad, but stepping in and punching some mugger in the face to save a poor damsel in distress is not.

So ultimately, it comes down the much squishier dynamic of human relationships: Which I suppose is probably a massive deviation from the point above, so, I go back to it by saying, there is not much hawter than a sumptuous vixen clad in shimmering leather standing long-legged and dictatorial above Six lakes MI milf personals commanding you to please her.

I agree with you for the most part. There are Athletic Deerwood Minnesota student 4 older woman methods that are just unacceptable though, no matter the intent. I suppose that is the debate now with the whole torture issue. I think nature has made women basically softer and more accepting- you know the old saying- women are the hearts of the family and men the head.

Men feel they need to be more macho and aggressive. I think the smart woman makes out that she is obedient not in the sense of a doormat but actually is very strong and gets her way. Diana, that is very interesting.

I have been thinking about Michelle Obama. I suppose Hillary Clinton could be another example, but then she took a very active role in the White House, and now her husband is Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman her career.

This is in contrast to Laura Bush who took a more backseat approach. I have to say that I admire both Hillary and Michelle a lot more. My belief is that to support that, the wife should be the one to keep the order in the home. Keeping the kids, making the meals, running the errands, doing Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman laundry….

Women are ‘more controlling and aggressive than men’ in relationships - Telegraph

But when he finds his pillow and a blanket out on the front porch, he shuts up. What do you think about the case where the woman is also working and there are no kids? Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman you expect the man to contribute just as much with the housework? Also, what do you think of the stay-at-home dad?

I worked full time, just like he did. And nothing feels or smells better than warm-from-the-dryer clothes. Laughing Mom, I have to say that I am not really big on house chores.

I definitely prefer writing to house chores! We do have some dogs and I am very happy to take care of them. I have a more assertive personality, which does lead to some issues Old women seeking sex Derry staffordshire I Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman been trying to temper it and move more to the middle. Still, obedience is not something that comes easily to me. I grew up in a very Eastern culture, so there was that expectation of obedience.

Never really liked that. My dad is very cool though. He always encouraged me to go for what would make me happiest.

I most definitely believe that you should never expect anyone to be someone they are not. But find a partner who is willing to go with it, too.

Ladies Seeking Nsa Lakeville Indiana 46536

Writer Rider, You are probably right that somewhere in between is probably best and will bring the best results. However, it is difficult to fontrolling people who are truly in-between.

I am trying to work more towards the middle assertivf it is tough work to fight your natural temperament. I can only be Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman nice girl for short periods of Seek Lansing assertive controlling woman.

I am just me and I think I come across as too assertive. So assertive fits, a firey woman. I am the same way. You bring up a really good point which is that other women tend to be more put off by assertive women than men. Bicurious college student seeking f guess that has to do with our societal expectations again.