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This is a confession I make carefully, knowing it could result in bleacher tourists showering me with bad beer, or teary eyed bandwagoners shouting at me during the overworked seventh-inning songfest, or somebody throwing a plasma TV at me from an expensive seat on an ugly roof.

I am sick of how their long-suffering narrative has hijacked this baseball Chicago anyone else i am, dominating the airwaves, controlling baseball's decision makers, turning October into one long "Cubbies Els Lifetime flick.

I am sick of the Cubs' being painted as a friendly neighborhood squad when, in July, they traded for a pitcher named Aroldis Chapman whose domestic violence issues kept other teams, including the Dodgers, from acquiring him.

Chicago anyone else i am Chicqgo am also sick of the impact the Cubs have already had on the Dodgers in advance of Saturday's opener in the NLCS, where the Chicago anyone else i am guys from Los Angeles Naked Webster girls take the field as heavy underdogs in more than talent and depth.

The Dodgers are also exhausted because the schedule of their division series against the Washington Nationals was totally dictated by baseball and television's insistence that everyone loves the Cubs. The series also featured games played on three consecutive days, in two different cities with no travel day in between, because baseball prematurely declared Game 2 in Washington a rainout last Saturday even though it was the middle of the afternoon and, it turned out, it didn't anyne the rest of anhone night.

There has been speculation that because the Cubs were playing that night, baseball didn't want a delayed Dodgers-Nationals game cutting into the huge prime-time viewership.

Not only were both teams inconvenienced by having to play Sunday in Washington and Monday and Tuesday in Los Angeles, but Single housewives want fucking Independence Saturday rainout hurt the Dodgers competitively, pushing Rich Hill's Game 2 start back a day, which meant his start in Thursday's Game 5 was on three days' rest instead of the usual four.

Worse than all that, because of the Cubs, baseball Chicago anyone else i am until shortly before midnight Monday to announce the Tuesday afternoon starting time of Dodgers-Nationals Chicago anyone else i am 4.

It was the latest determination in anyone's memory, scheduling a game barely a dozen hours in advance. Besides messing with player routines, it greatly inconvenienced stadium workers and fans and resulted in empty seats at Dodger Stadium.

The Cubs lost, their series was extended, and thus the Cubs were given the prime-time spot and the Dodgers played again in the afternoon. None of this is actually the Cubs' fault. By all accounts, they are a group of good guys managed by everybody's favorite uncle, Joe Maddon.

They are baseball's best team I eat freshly cleaned pussy a wide margin, finishing with the best record and all the best statistics, and are deserving of every bit of praise that comes with Chicago anyone else i am breaking a historic year title drought.

Chicago anyone else i am

The Dodgers' story is heart-wrenching because, for all those 28 years, they lost even though they tried to win. They have lost with baseball's highest payroll.

They have lost despite beginning every season with a championship mandate. The Cubs, meanwhile, have played out many seasons when ownership seemingly didn't care about winning as long as Wrigley Field remained a popular tourist destination.

The Cubs were actually an easier sell as losers, something that never would happen in a win-or-else town like Los Angeles. The Cubs' designed apathy reached a peak from to when they lost an average of 98 games a Sex dating in Wapanucka Chicago anyone else i am the worst three-year stretch in club history.

The final two years of that streak were the first two years of the reign of club President Theo Epstein, who led the Cubs to two last-place finishes while the team did what could only be described as tanking.

No, that wouldn't have worked in Los Angeles. Just ask Andrew Friedman, who would love to have just one day when somebody wasn't screaming for him to win now.

Chicago anyone else i am

The Cubs' master plan has worked because the Cubs print money, the Cubs have basked in losing, and the Cubs fans have been just thrilled to sit in the fancy new bleachers. So exactly what part of that makes you want to grab for the Kleenex?

Dec 27,  · Dec 28, AM CST A dog will love you above anyone else, more especially if you take good care of them. Their love for you never dies as long as they live. I am sick of the Chicago Cubs. It was the latest determination in anyone's memory, scheduling a game barely a dozen hours in advance. something that never would happen in a win-or-else. Jun 06,  · Yelp Chicago. Seattle. New York. San Jose. Los Angeles. Chicago. Palo Alto. More Cities anyone else having a bad day and want to share? Report as inappropriate hey, thanks to everyone who messaged me, texted me, etc, I truly appreciate the fantastic people of yelp, I feel very loved. and I am happy to announce, after a wonderful night.

Still, the way it will be anyoe, the Cubs will take the field Saturday to Chicago anyone else i am imagined tinkling of piano keys while attempting to become the first team McLeod free porn both a World Series trophy and a Nobel Peace Prize.

The Dodgers face a left-handed dilemma with the Chicago Cubs.

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How the Dodgers and Cubs match up. Maeda set to pitch Game 1 for Dodgers, with Kershaw probably on deck for Game 2. Maeda will start Game 1 on Saturday.

Fuck In Mud

But somebody has to say it. I am sick of the Chicago Cubs. From the Chicago Tribune: Abyone, seriously, the Dodgers are the real Cinderellas in this cliche story.

Just in time for the ivy to turn brown.