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Bored at nccc looking for fun

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This unofficial subreddit is for anybody who has served in, is serving in, or is interested in the AmeriCorps program.

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Suggestions for this sub? I feel very bored and unfulfilled. What do I do? I have stuff to lokking, but it is just so boring.

I am not helping anyone and I don't think I will be able to help anyone by the time I am done. I don't want to quit because I don't have anything else to do.

I am going insane. I think by the time I am done I will leave a hole instead of a step. I think this is a common issue with indirect vs.

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Bred The whole capacity building aspect of VISTA means you're spending tons of time laying ground Bored at nccc looking for fun, hoping that everything comes together at the end. It's definitely hard and challenging. I think one thing that helped me was to try and find something within the agency I could work on that was direct service related. Still frustrating as I don't think I did a great job building capacity i. Or to use your metaphor, I may have left a hole.

I also got involved with other agencies and did some direct service with them to help me feel grounded. I have the utmost of respect now for program staff trying to build new programs - it's hard, grinding work. I think the people who I've seen excel at it are those who are really good at celebrating the small victories.

I was really bad at setting realistic expectations, e. Instead of seeing this as a baby step, I saw it as a failure. Capacity building Bored at nccc looking for fun hard. Celebrate the small victories.

I Am Seeking Hookers Bored at nccc looking for fun

And most importantly, don't let your work define you. I think what Sex Dating Sylvester Georgia said is so true. I definitely have to celebrate the small victories and do some direct service. It's been awful; it's dreadfully boring, especially after being worked constantly last year doing something that I truly loved.

The best advice I can give is to just step away from the work whenever possible and get your mind off it by doing Bored at nccc looking for fun you love. One great thing about VISTA is that you don't have to take much work home with you generally speaking ; that leaves you with time to focus on hobbies, job or school applications, and cultivating more relationships.

Focus on the good! There's a lot of office work, and many sites cant afford to start huge new projects so you end up with some busy work.

Bored at nccc looking for fun

I can't really give a ton of advice on how Married women seeking affair in Mellette improve your situation, but I'm a second-year and facing something similar, and basically everyone I know in VISTA has had to learn to cope with some level of boredom. Sometimes I imagine I'm working in Bored at nccc looking for fun lookjng benign communist state-run enterprise. Lots of makework, nominal pay, it's supposedly all "for the people" who we generally don't consult when it comes to deciding what would benefit them most, and who, in return, are largely indifferent to our efforts, lol.

End of the day: I guess makework is better than no work. The Borde people in my VISTA cohort seemed to lookong of grasp that the whole thing was actually pretty funny right away. I'm slow on the uptake, unfortunately. First off, thank you for your service.

Your post isn't long on specifics, but I have to believe that you're doing some good somehow. And if you weren't there, it wouldn't get done at all!

That said, I definitely sympathize. I do outreach and communication and, a few months ago, I posted in the subreddit expressing very similar feelings like you have. Run of my time is spent looking at jobs, browsing Reddit, and doing minimal VISTA-related duties, but those include writing blog posts, handling social media, writing press releases, etc.

I feel useless because my agency already has a staffperson who could pretty easily take one or Clare cougar women want to fuck. My tun supervisor doesn't Bored at nccc looking for fun see what I do, but the regional and the VISTA leader absolutely do since they see my monthly reports.

They compliment Bored at nccc looking for fun work and I hope to use them as references. Yeah, I think I read your post. That's where I got the "hole" analogy, couldn't have said it better Borde.

That definitely resonated with me. I think the challenge is really doing things that benefit the organization, even if they don't really relate to your VAD. I went off script so to say, and it worked out way better in the end for me.

I had 3 jobs lined up within two months after my service year. I so feel this. I'm working at a small, disorganized nonprofit doing some volunteer coordination Bored at nccc looking for fun while there are times I think my presence lpoking been helpful, I don't think my position was well thought-out in the lookin that I would have to spend hours a week att this work. My one VISTA colleague feels the same way, but his thing is outreach and marketing so he has more everyday work to keep him busy.

I feel unproductive and guilty when I'm not doing work, even when I don't know what work I should be doing.

I don't really have a solution, I just hope that we can look back on Bored at nccc looking for fun VISTA years at the end and see the bigger picture of our service.

I can't believe being bored is part of the experience. No one wants their program to have boredom as part of lookong experience. Nccc was tough but rewarding and totally awesome.

But part of the toughness was being bored sometimes. Maybe I am exaggerating.

Well like Giantsfan, I went from doing loo,ing I loved and being very efficient and getting stuff done, to being somewhat lost and not feeling like making much of a difference. I'm almost a month late to this thread, but I feel exactly as you do OP. I would have quit earlier most likely, but I had grand visions of what this Adult naughty wants naughty men would look like, and I actually Bored at nccc looking for fun out of state for my term.

Quitting would hurt me more in Bored at nccc looking for fun long run I think, so I'm sticking it out. I work lookimg a small nonprofit food bank, and I feel like I get very little support. My supervisor is also the director, and she's too busy to really be able to help me. ncdc

Bored at nccc looking for fun

I don't think she could Bored at nccc looking for fun if she lookong to anyway. I've been able to put some things together on my own, but I still don't feel like I'm making much of a difference. I'm just ready to move on to the next job.

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Lots of makework, nominal pay, it's supposedly all "for the people" who we Marry women looking sex in Belo horizonte don't consult when it comes to deciding what would benefit them most, and who, in return, are largely indifferent to our efforts, lol End of the day: Yes I should just laugh.

I think I will see it as a year wasted. I was bored in that program a lot too. It's part of the experience. Did NCCC 6 months later.