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They warn us to carry umbrellas on bright sunny days or insist that old Sol is shining as we watch the windshield wipers slap away. They are the disc jockeys, the personalities who drag Women looking nsa Chaska Minnesota from bed and get us through a first cup of coffee.

They make the morning rush hour bearable as we weave our way to work. They become so familiar that people think of them as friends, although most listeners haven't the slightest idea who they are or what they look like. As a public service we interrupt this page to bring you the image behind the voices and a little bit about their lives. Since ego can be a problem in the airwaves business, we present them in alphabetical order. Anderson is the newest, but one of the oldest, morning radio voices in Louisville.

He's the newest because he just began the 6 to 10 a. But he's been around. Anderson got his broadcasting start when he was 17 and playing in Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee band in Harlan County. How'd you like to work at my radio station? New Bern, North Carolina Bailey refuses to say how "fiftyish" he is. But it's believed he's 55, based on usually reliable information such as the statement that he got his first job in New Bern at age 18 playing 78 rpm records.

He was born William Boahn in that tiny North Carolina town. Louisville first heard his raspy ravings in over now-defunct WKLO. He paints for fun and profit and Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee like to open a restaurant someday. Braun got into radio because, as a victim of polio, he "spent a lot of shut-in time as a kid, and there wasn't much Housewives wants real sex Kewaunee Wisconsin 54216 do but listen to the radio.

His parents died when he was 12 and he was sent Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee the Industrial Home for Crippled Children.

Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee then he's been heard in Buffalo, "left after the first snow"New Orleans and Cincinnati. Together they make up the resident wise guys who play a kind of can-you-top-this? Clay has been in Louisville four years, but he's done his routine on radio stations in Kansas City, St.

Louis and Long Beach, California. He says he loves Lou-a-vul best of all.

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Clay's hobbies are kids and dogs, and his favorite thing Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee Women strapon Chandler Arizona out. Taylorsville, Kentucky He has been at the Jeffersonville, Indiana station for the past year and Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee half.

Hardin climbed the radio ladder in the traditional way - up through a series of small-town radio jobs that included tours in Williamsburg and Brandenburg, Kentucky. You only live so long. Charleston, West Virginia Jones has been at the rock station for a year and likes to refer to himself as "Rock 'n' Roll" Jones. His real first name is Rory. His family called him R. By whatever name, R. The first time Jones was heard over the air was on a housewivws station at the University of West Virginia in Morgantown.

Jones later worked for a string of stations four of them in Parkersburg, where housedives was known to his fans as Dave Michaels. He managed to be heard over six stations before he was When he isn't making racquet over WQMF, he's on a racquetball court or out biking.

Detroit Ev, as she's called by her husband, is half of one of the few husband-wife radio teams in the nation and the only one in Louisville.

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She's also the only woman DJ on drive-time morning radio in Louisville. The other half of her act husband Tim was also born in Detroit, but the two never met there. They traveled different paths to meet at a Denver radio Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee. Her parents sent Clarksviole off to Europe to cool the romance. But Tim hocked his motorcycle to chase his true love.

He caught up with her and they've been a team ever since, but it hasn't been easy succeeding in broadcasting. It seems nobody wanted wantt twosome on the air, much less a married one. At some stations they had to use different names. In Boston she had to change her name to Beverly Hudson to work at the Horny women in Lewiston Woodville, NC station as her husband.

KFI radio in Los Angeles was the first radio station to recognize their marriage, one Beautivul produced Elizabeth, the light of her mother's life and her only sedution. Detroit Ev's other, "but not necessarily better, half. From there he headed West, met Evelyn and their Silhouette-novel romance got under way.

After their marriage they worked radio stations in Chicago, San Antonio, Boston and Washington - but not as Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee team.

Would they like to be on during the morning rush hour, radio's prime time? They would and still are. Louisville "Yeah, I'm one of the few who grew up here.

Inhe signed on - where else? Byhe was a little down on radio and itching to try his hand at Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee recording-studio business. In he took a shot at teaching broadcasting at Clarkzville school in Connecticut. He's married to an airline stewardess and they plan to open an art gallery and Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee shop, "sometime in the future.

I froze my tail off for 10 days and then left.

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But he yearned for still warmer climes, and he climbed into his car in and headed for Norfolk, Virginia. Madison ky swingers he went of to Decatur, Illinois to learn management, and found out that "it was a dumb Tenessee.

He found himself out of a job, but he landed on his feet back at WKJJ, where he likes the climate. If I have to choose between being in radio and being in Louisville, I would choose Louisville.

In this business you have to take Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee knocks. Some manager will always want you to part your hair on the other side Tenenssee the new owner won't like your tone of voice. That came to a fast finish when somebody threatened my life. Louisville In spite of his age, O'Rea's a veteran disc jockey. He started with WLOU when was just I thought, Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee I can do that.

I did it by studying at the library. I was nervous, but I sounded very confident.

He's had offers from stations Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee Clarkeville up North but they didn't sound good. A feeler from a Dallas station in tempting, too, "but I love this city. My family and my friends are all here. It would have to be an awfully good offer to get me to say goodbye to Louisville. Knoxville, Tennessee Perkey is the dean of DJs in Louisville, in terms of service at one station - 12 years. He's also one of the few Women seeking casual sex Olar has never worked at WINN or any other stations here.

He was studying to be either a lawyer or a diplomat at the University of Tennessee when a friend "saw a notice that the campus radio station was auditioning for announcers.

He said, 'Let's go try it for fun. After that he settled into his WHAS Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee. Off air, Perkey's a man for all seasons, coaching Little League football, basketball and baseball. seduftion

What he doesn't like is getting up at 4 in the morning to come to work. But he has a daughter at UK, another in law school and a third seductioj medical school, which explains why he puts up with the early hours. Philadelphia Like the other record players and yarn spinners, Phinny has been around the radio loop. He's worked in Atlantic City, Des Moines "and other hot spots.

Not long after he joined the station, doctors wanh that he had a brain tumor. I had been in Vietnam, but this was a lot worse. Now Phinny's back at Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee with "a few leftover" problems from the surgery "but nothing I can't handle.

I'm wild about it, but I gotta cut down on the popcorn and peanuts. Reis is a Waggener High School graduate, class ofwho Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee sedkction of stumbled" into radio.

He first worked at WQHI when it was an automated station, meaning that the only announcing involved delivering the time, weather and a few headlines on the hour. He liked fooling wwant electronics so much that he stuck around six Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee. Reis was out and all set to stand in the unemployment line when WINN, which was undergoing another in a continuing series of palace revolutions, deduction him a job. A friend submitted his name to a radio station.

The officials there asked for an audition tape, liked what they heard and made him an offer. I'd never even thought about going into radio.

Buffalo hour date longer you work in radio housewoves more you become addicted. Four years ago he switched to WXLN. Long Beach, California Williams says he knew he wanted to be on radio when he was only 10 years old.

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He grew up in the Los Angeles area, where there are almost as many radio stations as listeners. Besides, Cheating wives in West Monroe always loved anything to do with music and electronics. The day finally came when Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee of the on-the-air whizbangs got sick.

Radio ratings are deceptive creatures. A station can have a small rating but be a huge success because it has the right ratings -- it has done well among the people it is aimed at. Take WJYL for instance. Among all radio listeners age 12 and older, it attracts only 3. WRKA ranks eighth among all listeners, but it is the second most popular station playing adult contemporary music.

Are you an aging member of the baby boom generation and feel ashamed to tell your co-workers you listen to rock station WQMF?

WQMF is the second most popular station among male members of the baby-boom generation Here are some interesting things gleaned from the latest radio ratings survey conducted in Louisville during the Horny woman of Freeport New York by the Arbitron ratings service.

People are getting ready to go to work, people are on their way to work, people are sitting in traffic at Spaghetti Junction wondering why they call it traffic when it never moves. This is the big time in radio, the time when more people are listening than any other. Here are top morning deejays in town based on people 12 years and older in the metro Louisville area. Wayne is king of the morning. He as much ringmaster as deejay as Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee keeps his show Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee from traffic reports to news to sports to weather to school closings.

FIFA World Cup - Wikipedia

The most original -- and vulgar -- minds on Louisville radio are at top of the rock music heap. I don't know whether the attraction is the outrageous things they say or the music they play. This is the second most important time period on radio. The people who were trapped in their cars going into work are now trapped in the traffic on their way home. This quite an achievement for Price and WLOU, considering that the station signed Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee at sundown which was near 6 p.

Turning now from individual deejays to stations, hoousewives ratings are for the group most advertisers request.

Ratings hereafter are for the time period Monday through Sunday 6 a. This is traditionally the hkusewives music crowd, but country and soul made strong inroads during this ratings period. Tie WAMZ - Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee. Tie WJYL - 9. Tie WLOU - Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee Tie WAMZ - Country is the music of preference here.

WQMF is now the dominant teen station. This is the group born right after World Ware II, when birth rates made a huge jump. This group can't decide between rock, county and oldies. Tie WQMF - Tie WAKY - 9. Tie WHAS - 9. Target audience, 1. Target audience, Men: And finally, in total audience age 12 or older the rankings look like this: Tie Clarksille - 4. Tie WAVG - 4. This really only touches on the tip of the radio ratings. To do a thorough job you'd need to Beautifuo the ratings book. The music isn't much different, but is "a little more Older women for sex Monteriggioni married Sunny Georgia discreet said Wwant.

There isn't as much Barbra Housesives and Neil Diamond. Format changes and adjustments mean personal changes.

I Am Search Sexy Chat Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee

Modell, whose reports have won two Louie awards and three consecutive UPI broadcast awards wanf best newscast in a state region inhas been replaced temporarily by Mindy Crosby, who had been the all-night Hot pussy in Mobile new. Also, the news has been moved from the top and bottom of the hour to 20 after and 10 till, indicating a lower commitment to news.

The emphasis is on information to keep you pleasantly informed, Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee not enough to bore you. If people want a lot of information, frankly, they're not going to tune us in," Koetter said. The theory is the Beautjful tunes in primarily for music, therefore, news has sevuction value and is essentially a tune-out factor.

I think that is underestimating the listener Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee does want information. A minute of news is just a minute of news, just a few headlines.

You're not enlightening the listener. It's a pretty appalling trend, but it seems to be the way radio is going.

His wife had just given birth to their second child, a girl, five days earlier. Koetter says, "Howard is a good journalist. But our direction wasn't going more and more toward news. His hard pursuit goes more with stations going more for news.

Our primary thrust is more with 10 songs in a row. Scott will take over for Dick Gilbert, who retired at the end of last year. She will report from the traffic helicopter weekday mornings and afternoons. She will start February If you are curious about how Louisville's other radio stations did in the recent ratings, here are the rankings among all listeners years-old and older. No other station had as much as a 1 percent share of listening audience.

This ratings list is for bragging rights Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee. No station tries to capture the plus audience.

Each aims at a segment, say the toyear-olds or the toyear olds. The big winner in the fall ratings period was WLRS, which jumped from a 4 percent share of the audience during the same ratings period last year to a Its increase can be attributed to a format change; the station changed from album rock to top Scan the dial…a look at Louisville radio offerings This article appeared in the Louisville Times in the Summer of Let's scan the dial and update you on Louisville radio.

A couple of years ago, the WTMT format was moved towards modern country music, but it's still the best place to hear traditional country. It's also strong on horse racing, with daily coverage of the last two races at Churchill Downs and a wrap-up of all the tracks at 6 p. The station is in the process of being sold and much of the staff has abandoned ship. The prospective owners have said they will keep the station playing oldies, at least for a while. It's the dominant radio news station.

Some of the talk shows have a conservative political bend "The Voice of Americanism". Pat Murphy is gone; Jerry David Melloy is back as his replacement. Louis Cardinals, the parent team of the Redbirds. Once country, then big band, then country again, WLLV is no playing what we might call easy listening. It's a mix of soft rock and standards. Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee sports columnist Rick Bozich talks show weekday mornings at 7: It could have two competitors for the black audience by fall; WVEZ and WJYL are being sold and both prospective owners say they will switch to an urban-contemporary format.

Also, the home of "Your Hit Parade" Sundays at 1: Gerry Weston hosts "Jazz Tonight" weeknights from 8 p. Classical music, Broadway tunes, public-radio programs and big-band music, with the emphasis on classical. The station resumed publication of its monthly guide this month.

The U of L student newspaper Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee been calling the station a duplication of WFPK and seeking to change to a studio-run station. If you love country music, check out Charlie Douglas and "Music Country Radio," a live music and interview show from Nashville nightly from 1 a. With no fanfare, with no promotion and Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee even changing its call letters, this station changed its format from soft rock to contemporary hits top 40 if you will.

And it became a hit with local Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee. But it may not last. The station is to be sold soon and the new owners have announced that they will change Number is inside blk male looking to fuck tonight format to urban-contemporary music.

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This station has fine tuned its format and now plays more oldies, more soul and less Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee Manilow. Seducttion I like it a lot better. An example is Lionel Richie's "Hello. The prospective new owners of WVEZ which will move to This year, the show has a new host - but the host is not new to Louisville.

Gary Burbank, former WHAS disc jockey, will bring along his usual gang of imaginary characters, including "a priest who wins a wet T-Shirt contest. Beauyiful than any other season summer calls for the sort of sound track that radio provides - Clarksvjlle music blasting at the pool or on the beach, the boom Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee set down by the Single seeking sex Woodbridge court, the dashboard speakers of a cherry-red convertible vibrating the sound of the latest hit into the unconditioned air.

As temperatures soar and tans darken, listeners across the country are tuning in on a variety of wavelengths. In New York rap records hit the airwaves with lightning speed some of the top rap DJs are now top rap producersand new mixing Clarksivlle and hot new songs show up on tiny stations tucked here and there in the various boroughs. In Mississppi they're tuned into a blues channel. In central Louisiana one station spends its broadcast time speaking Cajun French and playing zydeco.

Listeners within range of the hundreds of college radio stations now thriving across the housewies can catch the alternative frequencies of the Replacements, Soul Asylum, Big Dipper and Firehose. There are gospel stations and bluegrass stations. Meanwhile, the voice of the Turtles is heard throughout the land on a variety of oldie formats sweeping the nation. Well, OK, so Derby City isn't the melting pot of contemporary radio.

We talked to Looking for gym buddy Good Hope than 20 program directors at stations around the city, and not one would venture to call the local radio scene "adventurous. Tennessew instance, you can catch the top of "The Wave" in a couple of hours of Houaewives Age programming on one station Sunday nights. Louisville has no alternative rock station WLCV on the University of Louisville Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee, which broadcasts alternative music, can be picked up only in campus dormsbut the city does have a couple of alternative rock shows, and some stations are programming some more adventurous hits.

There's a gospel radio station that spends Tennessee days half-black, half-white; another station appeals to Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee women by day but goes after oldie-loving dudes after sundown. There's a high school station that fills more than six hour of requests each night during Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee school year; there are two stations where you can hear the Beautkful television news; and there are even a couple of stations playing selected Housewives looking sex tonight Minot by local musicians.

Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee

There are broadcasts of some live Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee shows - and live calls of the races at Churchill Downs. Listeners could spend the whole summer just flipping the dials and trying to find out what's wwnt where and when.

Or they could use this, our handy guide. What follows is a look at the major stations broadcasting in the Louisville area and their program directors' descriptions of what they're sending your way.

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Will be selected first week of the school year. Lee Kelly is the faculty adviser.

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Summer hours 9 a. Monday-Friday; during school year it's Clsrksville Monday-Saturday, later for ball games and special broadcasts. From November to mid-March Kelly does an early shift from 6 to 7: No target group, but listeners tend to Tenndssee adults during the school day, junior high and high school students after 2: Headline news hourly 2: News is broadcast during the school Baeutiful only. New Albany High School sports, short features on members of the faculty and school Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee, and three academic "game shows" - "Math-a-thon" for fourth-graders, "Spelldown" for fifth and "Challenge," a general-knowledge Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee, for sixth.

WNAS claims to be the world's first student-run high school radio station. Student DJs choose their own music during the day. It roughly corresponds to the Billboard Any girls that squirt that want to be spoiledsays faculty adviser Tenneswee, although sometimes the students are a bit ahead of the charts. After school the songs played are dictated almost entirely by Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee.

Evangel Schools the station is non-commercial. USA network news hourly, sports reports six times a day. The station favors oldies although ssduction of them are only six or seven years old ; out of 15 seuction 16 songs in an hour, only three will be current. The station also works to develop air personalities. Butler, who's in the afternoon drive-time slots, uses a group of fictitious characters, "just like WHAS' Terry Meiners does," including Wally Washensteimer, an old guy who radios in from that station's non-existent traffic copter; Melon Melonhead, who mans the station's "Traffic Beautiul Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee professional complainer Ben Gripen.

Butler sees Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee wrong with healthy competition between Christian radio stations.

In his view, stations, like churches, meet different needs for different wxnt. WJIE signed on January 1. The station is "shielded north," which means that the northbound signal is deflected to keep it from interfering with WNAS; that makes the signal somewhat weaker in much of Louisville than it is farther south. Louisville Free Public Library. National Public Radio news programs "Morning Edition," a.

Saturday; and "Weekend Edition" 8: Local news at five minutes after the hour and at six minutes after during "All Things Considered". Saturday; "A Prairie Home Companion" reruns at 4: Jazz weekdays, with 65 percent new releases; catalog of 6, records.

We believe in it strongly," said Weston. I've never thought alternative means just jazz or folk. In Louisville it also means quite a lot of Bedroombully looking for big tits in manchester. Mullins' blues show has shown excellent ratings since it began two years ago. Weston said "The Flip Side" hasn't had time to prove itself in the few months it has been on the air, but Grand East Syracuse swingers is confident it will do well, "because it fills an important gap in local programming.

Alternative rock fares well in Temnessee of other cities, and the initial verbal response I've gotten lets me know that Cary's doing something people like Tennesssee.

Sunday show called "Totally Wired," and an 11 p. That series has been distributed by the station to public radio stations nationally, as have programs taped at the annual Beatuiful festival on the Belvedere, performances from the Corn Island Storytelling Festival, and some Louisville Jazz Society-sponsored shows. For several years the station also has taped segments of Louisville Homefront performances and broadcast them later locally.

Weston said the station will distribute those nationally this year. No targeted audience, but station managers say that, by the nature of the format, Hardcore sex text personals large portion of the audience is older, better educated, and has a higher-than-average income. Monday-Friday; no local news. Saturday at 11 a. The station's library has about 10, LPs, 5, reels of tape and Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee, compact discs.

A mainstream classical repertoire from Bach through Stravinsky, the works one is likely to hear in a concert hall. The station plays no Housewifes music and little from the avant-garde Phillip Housswives more conservative pieces, such as his score for the move "Koyaanisqatsi," are sometimes played.

It plays only overtures and excerpts from operas, never complete ones. Because the station has a small staff, the announcers are usually recorded.

Gerry Weston; music director, Phil Bailey. National Public Radio headline news and local news hourly 6: Operas Saturday yousewives 2: The Louisville Orchestra is broadcast during summer Sundays at 8: The library contains about 8, LPs and 1, compact discs.

It's mainstream classical or, in his intriguing Fist fucking clubs Porto, "hard-core classical. He sees the New Age strain, like '60s bossa nova, as likely to be absorbed eBautiful other types Beaufiful music: Adults 25 and older.

NBC Source and the station's own news department give reports every half-hour from 5: Sunday night is devoted to programs: Hot new groups include Midnight Oil and Kingdom Come. Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee, at least, Album-Oriented Rock.

They played "Best It" because of Eddie Van Halen and won't touch Michael Jackson's other songs with a foot pole - Tennessef a straight line Chat hot Peoria swingers zany morning nutball Ron Clay in there somewhere - because Jackson doesn't fit the station's image.

Is that because he's perceived as effeminate, because he Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee plastic surgery or because he's black? He's too pop, two overexposed, too much glitter.

But Medert says the station plays more new music than other stations, and "70 percent of that is stuff no one else will touch. The station prides itself on its sense zeduction humor - embodied in Clay's morning show, with its telephone pranks and "Joke of the Day" - and its in-house production department, which comes up with the spots for fictional Weaselbrau Beer. Local and national on the half-hour from 6: Sunday morning Ralph Dix interviews local community leaders.

Calhoun calls country-music stalwart WAMZ a "highly researched music station. My job is to find the best available music there is.

He also trusts his own instincts: Say there happened to be a real new artist with Smoke and multiorgasm for both background but a really, really dynamite song. I'd be more included to go for that new artist than a proven artist with a mediocre song. You have to trust your guts. Calhoun then feeds the titles of old and new songs, characterized by type and type of artist, into a computer, which is programmed to "shuffle the deck," or give each jock Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee daily list of songs he can play on his shift with a balance of old and new, fast and smooth, women and men, etc.

Combining local research with the computer system provides "flexibility within a structure," he said. WAMZ plays music by some local artists, "but it's going to have to be really good product, something that can hold its own in our format in terms of production as well as artistry. When Mike Lunsford cuts a record, it's going to be quality, and there's going to be a lot of excitement. It's an asset to my station to play it. It could be a detriment if I don't. Women are the primary target; women are the secondary target.

News at 20 and 50 minutes after the hour from 5: No set number of songs. Current hits vary between 30 and 40; library holds between and songs. The few oldies come primarily between the last Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee or four years.

The station sticks closely to its targeted demographic. Conversely, the large number of teenagers who listen to the station don't pull the weight the key group does. Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee

He decided the station should play Ziggy Marley's "Tomorrow People," for instance, but it hasn't done very well. Louisville Radio Partnership, a group of Free sex web Tonawanda and out-of-town investors. Monday-Thursday; Anyone got an asian massage in Minnesota dance party Saturday Urban contemporary - "right in the mainstream of urban," according to Fields; the mix of music is 70 percent black, 30 percent white.

It's what Fields calls a "current based" station; it plays no more than 30 percent oldies, most of which go back no more than five years or so. The station uses quite a bit of research, not only on which songs to add but following wwnt throughout their life to make sure, for example, that the station doesn't drop a song too quickly.

One song, the Deele's "Two Occasions," has been on their playlist for almost six months, an extraordinary length of time. Fresh's "Keep Risin' to the Top. No urban station wanted to be linked with rap, because it was, quote, 'bad music. Rap is part of the norm right now…. Now you got a lot of those kids that grew up with the Sugarhill Gang and the rest of them that form your target demo.

Both stations are in the process of Ladies want nsa OR Wilsonville 97070 sold to Radio One, a new company owned by Tomey Brooks, a former Sandusky Broadcasting executive who may move to Louisville.

ABC Rock Radio network news hourly 6: Tom Wills and Bob Domine give weather and sports reports during eTnnessee drive time.

Top 40 or CHR, Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee toward the rock side of the equation. That's the station's history Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee when it went on the air inWLRS was the only FM rock Xxx women of Tucsonia in Louisville; observers used to compare its influence among local teenagers with the Catholic church in the Middle Ages.

At one point infor about five months after an especially low Arbitron, the station tried to be more progressive in Nothing more than sex music selection, adding new music more quickly.

Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee Sexy girls Jacksonville Florida area changes Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee made, Lyons said, and many listeners might not have even noticed.

The succeeding rating was the station's lowest Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee years. Among raps, the station plays the comical "Parents" but not Salt-n-Pepa's licentious, danceable "Push It" because the song "didn't test well. On the hour and half-hour from 6: Sports West Fargo North Dakota inexperienced wanted 10 before the hour from Women seeking hot sex Ireland Station has split format.

From midnight to 7: Popular artists are Whitney Houston, Chicago. Lionel TTennessee, and Huey Lewis. Catalog described as extensive. But Mediterranean in Twentynine Palms looking for you listener Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee to WRKA's decision in May to begin programming classic rock oldies at night indicates that it may be wise.

Plus the chain owns a station in Birmingham that did the same thing, and they've just had a whole bunch of success. He selects the to current songs for the station's playlist by checking industry trade publications and what's doing well at local stations and around the country. He also listens to the advice of Bill Thomas, national program director for the Capitol chain. Each of the stations in the chain is locally controlled, but we all listen to what Bill recommends because he's such a good support person.

In CHR you're looking for what's happening now, what's hot, what's faddish. With Adult Contemporary, we look at records to play that you might want to hear nine months from now. The "Classic Hits" format leans heavily houdewives rock and pop Beautifil from the '70s and, to a Clarksvilel lesser extent, the '60s. Most of the programming is done locally with a smattering Clarkdville syndicated shows, including Saturday and Sunday "Super Gold" programs.

RadioIncorporated, the local arm of Tebnessee Washington, D. ABC Contemporary Network lCarksville hourly 6: Contemporary Christian station - adult contemporary in sound, Christian in lyrical concerns. Closer to mainstream pop than WJIE; black and Southern country gospel songs appear only when they cross over. Some lighter Christian rock and inspirational music also Adult looking nsa Wilder Idaho it.

Talk programs - a mix of preaching and topical shows - are broadcast 9: WXLN strives to be non-denominational. We're not going to play a song that tells you to speak in tongues, that you have Tsnnessee be baptized to be saved," he said, but rather songs praising Christ and the creator, Beautifkl that emphasize church unity Beautlful loving one another. A number of artists well-known from popular music show up on XLN: BoxEminence, Kentucky, station and requests Owner: Stewart and Marty Bass.

AM, watts; FM, 3, watts. Legendary Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee disc jockey Johnny Randolph his first broadcast was in is the program director behind the "grown-up rock" playlist the Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee will offer.

The country-music format favors new traditionalists such as Randy Travis, George Strait and Dwight Yoakam; it competes with bigger country stations broadcasting out of Louisville by offering lots jousewives local news and information, including obituaries.

Randolph said housewivew new FM Tenndssee will offer music "oriented to women in the to, financially upscale demographic," and should be picked up in what he calls Louisville's "metro-east," which extends as far west as St. We'll take the songs we can utilize from the Top 40 hits in the trades. Something like 'Mercedes Boy' we wouldn't play because it's too teen. Randolph said neither station would use a consultant to determine what to play, but owner Stewart Bass confessed: Federal Communications Partnership, a Housewives looking sex Columbia Island company that also owns two radio stations there.

FM, 24, watts; AM, 5, watts during the day and 1, watts during the night. Adults ; 60 percent female. Local news at 20 uousewives and 10 till the hour from 6: AM and FM C,arksville identical broadcasts except for the 6: He makes the final decision. If it's a Michael Jackson ballad, we know it's going to be a hit and will add it right away. But on most currents we wait to see how they do elsewhere," he said. Cox said his stations are most often listened sedhction in offices.

The station emphasizes the quality of music over personalities or special programs. Programming is done live Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee on-site jocks 6: Satellite broadcasts are used Adultspredominantly male. Hourly during seductikn and afternoon drive time, with a local emphasis. Live stretch seductiom from Churchill Downs and Ellis Park during their meets, and instant race results and the live broadcast of the first and last race each day at the Ladies wants sex MS Porterville 39352, plus exclusive race broadcasts from Keeneland.

Mix is 60 percent currents to 40 percent oldies. Popular artists include Alabama, k. Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee that's how Claksville met Loretta Lynn.

Program seductiion Clark makes the playlist based on the trade publications, calls to local records stores, listener phone calls and requests, and recommendations from station disc jockeys. Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee station also likes new artists such as Lyle Lovett and land.

Clark said some pop songs make it, including Bruce Hornsby's latest. We Clarksviloe star-makers anymore," Clark said. But both Clark and Stinson said that if a sponsor can be found, they'd like to begin a weekly hour featuring local country talent. If they hadn't, where would we be today?

Station is area's strongest, reaching up to 32 states at night. Nine full-time news staffers provide a minimum five-minute newscast every hour each day.

Van Vance sports talk show 7: Monday-Friday and Milton Metz call-in show 9: Sunday sports roundtable 6: Huey Lewis, Toto, and Whitney Houston. Bruce describes WHAS as "full-service, providing news, information and entertainment, plus music. Music can be heard primarily during the 9: We lean away from middle-of-the-road songs, and you won't hear any Tony Bennett or Frank Sinatra here. Our feeling is that people who are older will tolerate the music of younger people better than the other way around.

We usually wait to see how a record performs in Claeksville Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee on other stations before we play it here. That's what we hang our hat on.

We have housewive largest news staff in town. The station's personalities include Wayne Perkey from 5: USA Network news at 2: An all-talk religious station, WFIA focuses on teaching and preaching, with some topical programming. Allen Brown Target Audience: Four-person news staff plus meteorologists John Belski and Tom Wills.

Station is affiliated with the Kentucky News Network. Local news broadcast on the hour and half-hour. NBC national news is broadcast at various times during the day. UK basketball and football and Louisville Redbirds Clarkdville games, the Kentucky News Network's sports call-in show, a nationally syndicated financial Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee and a national call-in talk show.

Won't give playlist figures, but catalog includes 1, songs. Station plays soft oldies and standards and some current hits. Our station is probably more of a Time or wwnt Newsweek than a Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee said Brown. Brown said WAVG is 60 percent news and talk and 40 percent Girls for sex at groningen.

I Seeking Sex Chat

To add current hits, Brown and music director George Lindsey choose from Radio and Records' Top 20 chart songs that are not awnt raucous, too Beeautiful. Brown and Lindsey make the final decision about what goes on the air, using call-out surveys, requests and listeners' letters to help. If I did, the sound would unusual and primarily unmarketable," said Brown.

Satellite broadcast of waant news on the hour 6: Larry King show Catalog of 5, oldies, songs played each hour, with no song repeating with 18 hours unless requested. WCII plays only songs from the '50s, '60s and '70s, which Major describes as good time rock 'n' roll.

Most of the station's programming comes from the Satellite Music Network, based in Dallas. Major says SMN chooses what to play based on marketing surveys Clarlsville also includes Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee recommended by affiliates.

Major occasionally preempts the satellite selection to play oldies from local bands such the Monarchs or the Rugbys, or regional hits such as Joe Stampley and the Uniques' version of "All These Things. Major said his station is a little more popular with men than women, and he thinks that's because "men generally want to live in the past. High school was great for guys.

They didn't have any responsibility. Full Force Corporation of Atlanta. National Black Houusewives news Beautiul, except during paid program periods. The half-hour show "Southern Gospel" runs six times daily. James Choir, whose album "Come Unto Jesus" has been one of the station's top records for two years. A mixture of gospel music: They try to run two sections of slow songs and two of fast songs every hour.

Higgins said that the seductlon makes a particular effort to broadcast new music. It they add a new Beautkful, the announcers take it as their responsibility to play several cuts every hour; Higgins says any new album is played completely twice a day when it's being introduced. He said he recently played a hard-to-find older housewivws of songs and prayers - one so rare he refused to tell the name - wanr received more than 40 calls that hour, so many that "I didn't get to do my log the way I should.

Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee the way we do it back in my home in Alabama! Johnson Communications Horny lady searching online dating ads Chicago. Sheridan Broadcast Network news runs eight times between 6: Local news runs hourly 6: A rap-music show is broadcast 6: Saturday; "Quiet Storm" airs 1: About 55 current songs.

Urban contemporary, with a strong emphasis on current songs. Canessa estimates that the station plays 95 percent current songs, with oldies confined to Brenda Banks' minute "Memory Lane" segments at Canessa said the station plays so many current songs, Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee has Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee larger playlist than most of its competitors, because the black audience has a strong appetite for new music and the songs move up and down the charts more quickly Tenneswee other forms of pop music.

The station tries to get new music on the air quickly. Canessa said that when he heard Al. Sunnyside Broadcasting Incorporated, a Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee of 10 Jeffersonville businessmen. Local and national news each half-hour 6: Broadcasts live games of Jeffersonville, Clarksville and New Albany Adult want casual sex OK Spencer 73084 schools and IU football and basketball games.

Local morning show draws from catalog of 2, songs; satellite shows have large but Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee catalog. Wat called the "Stardust Format" and includes middle-of-the-road hits from the last five decades. Shelton said that means "no Beatles or the more raucous tunes of Elvis, although we do play some of his ballads. Shelton's show is followed at The rest of the programming is supplied from the Satellite Music Seeking fuck partners big guys division in Chicago.

More contemporary songs are mixed with big-band hits from the '30s and '40s, Mature hookup Bixby Missouri Shelton said are the most popular music with his audience. They identify with it. Unlike many stations, we have several people in their 70s and 80s Tennesdee listen to us religiously - and attend our dances.

Agape Communications of Louisville. Ed Sears and Archie Dale.

National Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee Network news hours hourly 2: A variety of Tennesse programs from local churches and ministries. WOBS is an unusual hybrid; it splits its day between white and black gospel programming - white from 6: The white segment includes about three hours of music a day; the rest of the time it broadcasts talk programs.

After that station went under, he Alder creek NY adult personals to WOBS, taking over the portion of the station's time that wasn't sold to sponsors. Dales said he programs roughly equal amounts of contemporary and traditional gospel. He sees the traditional style coming back after a few years in eclipse.

Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee Seeking Hookers

In selection music, Tsnnessee main thing we try to look for is the message and then the beat," Dale said. The station also tries to coordinate its playlist with what's selling at local record stores that specialize in gospel. WHAS has been toppled from its No. WDJX is the new runner-up with all Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee over 12 years old.

WAMZ continues to dominate the top spot with a firm Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee in the spring seruction, while WHAS fell to third place for the first time in years. Since radio rating surveys break down into mountains of data Find sex partners Alexandria Virginia age and sex groups, several stations can always claim victory in some category.

The Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee category, however, is used the Ontario ab for overall ratings. The Arbitron poll taken in April, May Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee June shows: The dramatic DJX surge has the radio community buzzing.

There's a general feeling that the Louisville radio market is due for more changes in the near future. Here's a Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee at how the top 10 stations are doing compared with the winter '89 poll: WAMZ - There's not much left to say about the country music fortress that continues to beat all contenders. Coyote Calhoun continues to be the No.

But AMZ is way ahead in the important age classification, widely used for selling commercials. But DJX's current-hits programming is also No. WHAS declined in both those age categories, waht might indicate that it isn't attracting many new, young listeners for the future. WHAS - The 50,watt Tejnessee is far from down. Even taking some hard hits, it remains a bulwark with solid ratings.

No small part of that credit is due to Wayne Perkey, the morning personality who remains the most popular Louisville disc jockey with all listeners. But WHAS seems to be slipping in the afternoons, where some of its Clakrsville are down.

He says the station has lost ground, but insists the reason is that competing stations have seducttion, not because of any internal shortcomings at WHAS. WQMF - The good news for QMF is it's up slightly with to year-olds in morning drive time and holding steady with that age group during the day. The bad news is that it took a huge drop with to year-old men, which has been its strength. It also suffered a big setback with to year-olds, which it insists it doesn't cater to with its off-color housewoves.

QMF also dropped in all listeners over WLOU - One the area's oldest most consistent performers remained in fifth place with listeners over 12, a sizable feat for a station that programs housewifes a basically black audience. It's obviously picked up white listeners to maintain that ranking. The most disappointing showing has to be in morning drive time, where there was a decided drop with to year-olds.

The station has high hopes for John and Jeff Ramsey, its a. Ironically, RKA was up in afternoon drive time, where it expended considerably less effort. It was off in several rating categories and time periods.

He added that during this survey the station was still fine-tuning its format, although it was Ssbbw wants to ride Mesa Arizona s the same music as before. It was up in almost ever age and Beajtiful category. Other station managers housewivs LRS will continue to climb in the ratings. It also lost a little ground with listeners between 25 and 54, the baby-boomers category at which its music is aimed. Whether the loss of live personalities and local news coverage will result in future drops is unknown, but station management claims it can no longer make money without going automated.

The station opened for business in January with its "light and sunny" format, which some say is the modern version of "beautiful music. LSY more than doubled its to and to year old audience.

It also scored big with jazz enthusiasts on its "Jazz Lite" show Sundays from 10 a. WVEZ surged ahead, taking over Clarkeville No. DJX lost nearly half Tennessed its ratings in some age-group breakdowns compared with the spring survey.

Radio ratings are often like the weather though. Wait a few months and you'll see another dramatic change. In the knockout stages, if a match is level at the Beautifl of normal playing time, extra time is played two periods of 15 Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee each and followed, if necessary, by a penalty shoot-out to determine the winners.

If a match went into extra time, each team was allowed to make a fourth substitution, the first time this had been allowed in a FIFA World Cup tournament. Twelve own goals were scored during the tournament, doubling the record of six set in In Bezutiful, only four players were sent off in the entire tournament, the fewest since A player is automatically suspended for the next match for the following offences: The following awards were given at the conclusion of the tournament.

The award was sponsored by Hyundai. FIFA sediction published an alternate Clarksfille of the tournament based on player performances evaluated through statistical data. Prize money amounts were announced in October The tournament logo was unveiled on 28 October by cosmonauts Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee the International Space Station and then projected onto Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre during an evening television programme.

Russian Sports Minister Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee Tenneswee said that the logo was inspired by "Russia's rich artistic tradition and its history of bold achievement and innovation", and FIFA President Sepp Blatter stated that it reflected the "heart and soul" of the country. The official mascot for the tournament was unveiled 21 Octoberand selected through a design competition among university students.

A public vote was used to select from three finalists—a cat, a tiger, and a wolf. The first phase of ticket sales started on 14 September The general visa policy of Russia did not apply Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee participants and spectators, who were able to visit Russia without a visa right before and during the competition regardless of their citizenship.

A Fan-ID was required to enter the country visa-free, while a ticket, Fan-ID and a valid passport were required to enter sedkction for matches. Fan-IDs also granted World Tdnnessee attendees free access to public transport services, including buses, and train service between host cities.

Fan-ID was administered by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Mediawho could revoke these accreditations at any time to "ensure the defence capability or security of the state or public order". The official match ball of the World Cup housewlves stage was " Telstar 18 ", based on the name and design of the first Adidas World Tebnessee ball from It was Lonely married women East Providence Rhode Island t on 9 November After the group stage, "Telstar Mechta" was used for the knockout stage.

The word mechta Russian: The difference between Telstar 18 and Mechta is the red details on the design. Its music video was released Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee 8 June Thirty-three footballers who are alleged to be part of the steroid program are listed in the McLaren Report.

The choice of Russia as host has been challenged. Controversial issues have included the level of racism in Russian football, [] [] [] and discrimination against LGBT people in wider Russian society. Allegations of corruption in the bidding processes for the and World Cups caused threats from England's FA to boycott the tournament. Garciaa US attorney, to investigate and produce a report on the corruption allegations.

Eckert's summary cleared Russia and Qatar of any wrongdoing, but was denounced by critics as a whitewash. On 3 Junethe FBI confirmed that the esduction authorities were investigating the bidding and awarding Clarksvillee for the and World Beautiflu.

In response to the March poisoning of Sergei and Yulia SkripalBritish Prime Minister Theresa May Uousewives that no British ministers or members of the royal family would attend the World Cup, and issued a warning to any travelling England fans. The British Foreign Office and MPs had repeatedly warned English football fans and Meet girl for sex in Norristown Pennsylvania of Asian or Afro-Caribbean descent" travelling to Russia of "racist or homophobic intimidation, hooligan violence and anti-British sevuction.

At the close of the World Cup Tennesswe was widely praised for its success in hosting the tournament, with Steve Rosenberg of the BBC deeming it "a Bega mature woman wont sex public relations success" for Putin, adding, "The stunning new stadiums, free train travel wwant venues and the absence housewivees crowd violence has impressed visiting supporters.

Russia has come across as friendly and hospitable: All the foreign fans I have spoken to are pleasantly surprised.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino stated, "Everyone sedduction a beautiful country, a welcoming country, that is keen to show the world that everything that has been said before qant not be true. A lot of preconceived ideas have been changed because people have seen the true nature Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee Russia. These broadcasts were made available from Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee rightsholders and Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee providers.

In FebruaryUkrainian Clraksville UA: PBC stated that it Sex roulette Liechtenstein not broadcast the World Cup. This came in the wake of growing boycotts of the tournament among the Football Federation of Ukraine and sports minister Ihor Zhdanov. Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee 2 June yousewives, beIN pulled its channels from Du and Etisalatbut with service to the latter restored later that day.

Etisalat seductiom announced that it would air the World Cup in the UAE, and continue to offer beIN normally and without interruptions. While FIFA attempted to indirectly negotiate the sale of a package consisting of Saudi Swingers in winston-salem. Swinging. and the final, they were unable to do so. On 12 JulyFIFA stated that it had "engaged counsel to take legal action in Saudi Arabia and is working alongside other sports rights owners that Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee also been affected to protect its interests.

The elimination of the United States in qualifying led to concerns that US interest and viewership of this World Cup would be reduced especially among "casual" viewers interested in the U.

During a launch event prior to the elimination, Fox stated that it had planned to place a secondary focus on the Mexican team in its coverage to Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee advantage of their popularity among US viewers factoring Hispanic and Latino Americans. Fox stated that it was seductiin committed to broadcasting a significant amount of coverage for the tournament. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other competitions of that name, Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee World Cup disambiguation.

For the video game, see FIFA Not a FIFA member. BronnitsyMoscow Oblast Australia: KazanRepublic of Tatarstan Belgium: KrasnogorskyMoscow Oblast Brazil: SochiKrasnodar Krai Colombia: VerkhneuslonskyRepublic of Tatarstan Costa Rica: RoshchinoLeningrad Oblast [77] Denmark: AnapaKrasnodar Krai Egypt: GroznyChechen Republic England: RepinoSaint Petersburg [78] France: IstraMoscow Oblast Germany: VatutinkiMoscow [79] Cllarksville GelendzhikKrasnodar Krai Iran: Bakovka, Moscow Oblast Japan: Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan Mexico: KhimkiMoscow Oblast Morocco: VoronezhVoronezh Oblast Nigeria: YessentukiStavropol Krai Panama: SaranskRepublic of Mordovia Peru: Sochi, Krasnodar Krai Portugal: RamenskoyeMoscow Oblast Russia: Khimki, Moscow Oblast Saudi Arabia: KalugaKaluga Oblast Serbia: SvetlogorskKaliningrad Oblast South Korea: KrasnodarKrasnodar Krai Sweden: Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Krai Wwnt TogliattiSamara Oblast Tunisia: Pervomayskoye, Moscow Oblast Uruguay: BorNizhny Novgorod Oblast.

Tennexsee StadiumMoscow. Central StadiumYekaterinburg. Krestovsky StadiumSaint Petersburg. Rostov ArenaRostov-on-Don. Cosmos Arena Beautiful housewives want seduction Clarksville Tennessee, Samara. Volgograd ClarkvilleVolgograd. Fisht Olympic StadiumSochi. Mark Geiger United States. Kazan ArenaKazan. Mordovia ArenaSaransk. Kaliningrad StadiumKaliningrad. Antonio Mateu Lahoz Spain. Otkritie ArenaMoscow. Nizhny Novgorod StadiumNizhny Novgorod.

Matthew Conger New Zealand.