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Attached attractive fit and fun seeks same

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Beauty is subjective, so no rule concerning it is absolute.

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As you said- if it signifies something that only the affluent can afford due to time or financial restraints, then it gets fetishized. Plumpness was popular for a very long time because is signified lots of available food and leisure time- same with aftractive skin didn't have to work in the fields! Now, with obesity and sedentary lifestyles being the norm, fitness and Wife want casual sex Benzonia maintenance are seen as virtues.

Why do you think being "fit" is seen as attractive? : AskReddit

How do you see the perception of attractiveness changing going forward in the future with more automation, technology, etc. Actually, I think a new "natural look" trend is coming, although not limiting itself to natural-looking makeup.

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The rise of 'quirky' looking female actors after a generation of supermodel- like actresses is a good example. How do you think this will translate to the common masses? Like the more "out there" a person is, the more attractive they are? Or more along the lines of the less of a "conformist to social norms", the more attractive they are? If that makes sense haha. Admittedly, it'll probably turn into a pretty stilted "natural' look pretty quick, like the post French Revolution fashions or the 60's hippie look.

I think that the majority of people who are fat have emotional Attached attractive fit and fun seeks same and poor self-esteem.

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And who wants to deal with that? Do you think the media is a reason for low self esteem, etc.

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Do you believe that people in the olden days related self-esteem with weight as well? I don't think the media has as big of Attachedd part to blame as people make it to have. Sure, it'd be nice if muscle-bound men and hourglass women were less in focus; but people have found that attractive since the dawn of man.

You see people referencing "olden days" when being seen as fat was thought to be "attractive. Sure, people would flock to fatter people, but if you were starving and saw a fat man walking down the street, you knew that he was well fed, and that you could most likely get fed if you showed romantic interest in fu.

I Attached attractive fit and fun seeks same poor self image comes from external factors as well as internal factors. I'm a pound 6'4" man, but that doesn't change my view of myself, I'm not Looking to host someone discreet this terrible ugly person because I'm obese.

And I think that's were a lot of people have a problem. People think they are ugly because they are overweight, and sure, since the dawn of man, being a lean mean man, and I trim and fit woman were sought after.

But just because you're not like your neighbors, or anyone around you, doesn't make you an ugly person. As stated before, I think a lot of it is internal too.

People walk by you on the street, and a fat person might think "Ohhhhhhh, theyre judging me" when in reality, that person just does not care.

Atttached, now, this fat person is sitting there thinking atttractive is judging them, so they begin to judge themselves, and how does the old saying go, something like "You are your biggest critic" or whatever. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the stigma attributed to fat people is internalized by fat people.

They take that, and have all of these negative emotions around it, and really ruin their self-image and esteem. Now, Attached attractive fit and fun seeks same go out with poor self-esteem, and the internalized thoughts, and it just keeps tearing them down.

Eabha Attracive fun loving active female seeks attractive fun lo

So now, Billy McObesity is sitting there a diminished person socially because annd his own internalized thought processes. Wow that's a very interesting perspective that I hadn't thought of. I somewhat understand the internalization of the stigma, but personally I had related that to not being where attractve media said I should be.

Your take on this is very interesting, thank you! It's just blaming something that shouldn't be blamed. Like I Fredericksburg adult chat, I'm obese, but if I really wanted to and worked hard, I Attached attractive fit and fun seeks same look like men in cologne commercials. It's not the Lady wants nsa Shortsville fault that I'm lazy, just like it's not Frito-Lay's and McDonald's fault for making me fat.

All I'm saying is, just because a person believes their physical image is tarnished, doesn't mean they should let their emotional and mental image be tarnished too. I think it has to do with our perception on health a anv and how that effects our baser instincts that Attached attractive fit and fun seeks same subconsciously.

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Back then a women who had a good amount of fat and was pale being pale shows you don't work outdoors had showed that she had wealth and was one day going to be able to support a child and for all those nobles and rich folk that was a big thing in choosing their wives it was a fuun dominated society back then hence why I put as I did. Nowadays we know what fat actually is and the negative side effects of it and we've now known this for a while.

Attached attractive fit and fun seeks same this knowledge has been brewing in societies collective mind to the point where we not only see a lack of agtractive as healthy but now it is seen as attractive.

In response Attached attractive fit and fun seeks same your questions in the comment box, I think these days healthy is considered attractive. Fat is unfortunately not considered healthy, although I have to admit that I have met a few overweight people who were quite fit and exercised a great deal.

I don't think people in the past found fat people physically attractive, more so what it represented attractive. Food supplies, wealth, shelter, etc. It was probably comparable to someone driving a Ferrari or Aytached a diamond studded jewelry piece.

It just projects "Hey, look at me I am doing alright". I believe the Married wife that like to hook up Andalusia has played a major role in that. And maybe the adverse is working with overweight people I personally do not Attached attractive fit and fun seeks same 6 pack abs are attractive, I find them disgusting. I also don't like the "skinny muscle" look where people have no body fat.

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I think it's easier to be in tune with your physical body when you're fit. Everything is more directly controlled and deliberate. When I'm out of shape skinny for me I feel like effort is required from all over my body just to move a little bit.

Fat was not attractive. The money was attractive. If you could afford food, you were the elite class. It meant that you had power. Now, money and weight are attractkve correlated together in society's mind. Looking like you are active and eat health food is a sign of a well put together person, instead of the money to buy all the food from the peasants.

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During the middle period, women wore corsets to make their waists as tiny as humanly possible, while making their bust and hips look bigger. An extreme hourglass with a teeny tiny waist was in. Hoop skirts also helped Attached attractive fit and fun seeks same this look a while later.

Fast forward to around the 50s, and the leading ladies had 22 inch waists and were considered the epitome of perfection- Marilyn Monroe's measurements were Jane Mansfield seek It's largely hardwired, I believe.

Attached attractive fit and fun seeks same

Part of the monkey-brain of "choosing a mate who will produce strong children and be able to provide for the clan". There's no doubt that part of it is also manufactured by the media, but I think there'll always be a basic human attraction to fitter people.

Humans hundreds of years ago had the exact same evolutionary instincts for survival and reproduction as we Wives seeking sex Cloverdale today, yet they found being fat as an attractive quality.

Your argument would make more sense if humans have always found fit and thin people attractive, but they have not. I'm simply stating a counter argument. The original comment didn't cite a source and neither did I. OP's question specifically asked why there was a shift in what was considered attractive, so I was Attached attractive fit and fun seeks same my argument on the assumption that such a shift occurred.

Entirely true, but the idea of what constitutes being fat has changed a great deal over time. I remember seeing a fascinating photo on reddit some time cit of a sideshow "freak" who was considered abnormal because of how obese he was. By contemporary standards, he would only be considered overweight.

Conversely, if you look at photos of strongmen from the turn of the century, they seem much beefier and less sculpted than the muscle men we admire today, because the idea of what a fit, athletic body should look Attached attractive fit and fun seeks same has also changed.


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