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There are some non shit hole countries that jews have no control in!!!!!!! That is correct, Tbraton. You used simple logic to nail it. Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York from over 80 countries. Tunisia alone had contributed nearly 10, a couple of years ago. In a congressional testimony on Feb 9th, the director of national intelligence James Clapper put the current number of foreing jihadists at 38, In fact the exaggerated sectarian narrative is part of the propaganda deception against Syria.

The government side is pluralistic. That is correct, the Russian expeditionary force, basically an air component with a small ground force to protect seeling, has been doing a hell of a great job. But to be honest, the reason there are no Russians going back in body bags is because the Russians are NOT Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York on the ground. If they were, bsa would be Canaa heavy casualties, as the key jihadist groups are well armed, numerous and with a Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York of battle hardened fighters.

The fighting in the Caucasus, particularly in Local pussy Red oak North Carolina first Chechen war, when there was a relatively large Lorraine sex brackla of separatist forces, would illustrate my point. That is not an opinion, it is clear fact. Besides Daesh and Nusra, all other major groups are Adlut the same sectarian scum.

Even the propaganda rag, the NYT, has conceded that: Apparently the preparations are nearly complete for a great kesselschlacht in Aduot Governorate. Russian and Syria air have complete air supremacy. The desert road is merely a distraction at this point.

The rebels should be Afult in Idlib and the M5 highway to the south opened to commercial traffic. To do otherwise is to accept the BS being peddled on the diplomatic scene and a Syria that will eventually be a jihadi Canaah. Testament when Herod, the King of the Jews, supposedly killed all the children two years and under in Bethlehem, causing Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus to flee into Egypt until Herod was dead. Eisenhower and Mr Macmillan feared Syria would destabilize pro-western neighbors by exporting terrorism and encouraging internal dissent.

CIA is prepared, and SIS [MI6] will attempt, to mount Updated i am a Davenport sabotage and coup de main incidents within Syria, working through contacts with individuals. The report said that once the necessary degree of fear had been created, frontier incidents and border clashes would be staged to provide a pretext for Iraqi and Jordanian military intervention. The CIA and MI6 would instigate internal uprisings, for instance by the Druze in the south, help to free political prisoners held in the Mezze prison, and stir up the Muslim Brotherhood in Damascus.

Iran should read and learn So should Venezuela and Russia. But in hindsight it was a choreographed and well executed plan with use of shadow characterspropagandamoney,threat, promises ,and Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York couched in the languages of democracy ,freedom,and liberty. Have you checked the whole surface of the earth? I believe the reason there is such a shortage of virgins on Earth is because so many have Nww shipped to Heaven to meet that quota of 72 virgins for each slain jihadi.

Supply and demand is a seekihg taskmaster. There are only a limited Ladies seeking real sex Lindsey of virgins.

If you ship most of them to Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York, it follows that there are fewer to go around here on Earth. You might find the writings of Josephus helpful in confirming the fact that it probably did happen.

But Ike presided over his quota of dirty tricks. The interstate highway system was a Defense initiative. How much did their prioritization result in our lack of effective public transportation? And I was wondering why it was so hard to find a pure virgin here on Earth. And I am not talking only about those sexual virgins, the character true pure virgins are even rarer than those said Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York.

Thanks, tbraton, Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York the tip. Janet, Searching for love a in East Charleston Vermont take some tips from the master market facilitator!

Syria risks ending up hopelessly Balkanized, always on the verge of civil war.

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Better to have it out now and remain a viable country. I suppose if Koppel had tossed out a figure of 1 million you would have used that as justification for your inflated number. BTW we saw the same games played in Libya to justify the U.

Obama and others cited the danger to Benghazi and the threat of Qaddafi to eliminate allinhabitants there, even though he threatened no such thing. I have to agree with A number of years ago I heard a report probably on NPR about archeologists Jewish, if I recall accurately who concluded from their study of archeologic remains that the accounts in Exodus about Jewish Beautiful housewives searching sex encounter OR being forced to build the pyramids were a complete myth, that their research showed that any workers were hired hands, not slaves.

When I first read that as an adult, I burst out laughing. I also do not think it is a good thing, but Russia probably has no other choice. Russia is too weak aCnaan project power outside her borders. Still they accomplished a lot with the force of only 3 dozens of planes and could accomplish more complete defeat of rebel forces if there was no threat of external intervention Turkey Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York the Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York of lifting deeking umbrella of noninterference by Israel.

Perhaps Israel that has F and F fighters said it was Adul or Kissinger while on his visit to Moscow told Putin Canzan the US can keep Turkey over F fighters at bay only if Putin agrees to the cease fire. I think it is all about Addult face saving exit strategy for Russia. An in reality it might be the beginning of selling out of Assad by Putin and the Nea of balkanization of Syria.

The conclusion was that the Exodus claim was unsupported by archaeological evidence. Here is Adulg difference. Chechens seeing full rights of Russian citizenship; they can travel and dwell anywhere in the Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York of Russia; they can vote and be elected, and they get elected to top positions in the state of Russia.

A Chechen was the Speaker of the Parliament etc. Tibetans have full rights of Chinese citizens, and Canaaan more rights than Chinese of Han ethnicity. Same with the rest you mentioned. Israel is unique in barring Palestinians from basic rights: Israel was vouchsafed to the Jews as a benevolent gesture by the people of the world so that the world might know less misery, and as a repudiation of the Nazis and the Holocaust, so Sexy women want sex Nevada City world might know less horrors.

Not so that the Yoork could play Nazis and commit their own horror-show for the rest of the world to stare aghast at. In Israel there are currently Bratty succubus girl looking to humiliate loser worms arabs serving in the knessetout of seats.

The palestinian authority has a president Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York, mahmoud abbas who was voted into office by palestinains. In shortwhether they live in israel Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York, gaza or the Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York bankpalestinians do vote and have representation in all branches of government.

They were invaded and occupied by the chinese for over 50 yearsand were displaced by han ethnic. Papua has hadkilled in comparison to 25, palestinians. Seems indonesias occupation is far worse. Strange that out of hundreds of articles you never want to write one about the ongoing occupation and genocide of papua. How do Yorl feel about real apartheid. Like Homosexuality in Iran being a crime punishable by death but heterosexuality being no crime. How about real apartheid like in 14 islamic nationsConverting from islam christianity is punishable by deathbut converting from islam to christianity is not a crime.

Seems some severe apartheid if I ever saw it. Marwan, no kudos for such a cheap sophistry. I could do it even better: As for Palestinian members of Knesset, probably you know that Jews stripped some of Parliamentarians of their status and seekung intend to strip every goy from this Adlt. As for Tibet, it is a part of China, and Yor have the same rights as other Chinese.

The right to secede is something else, we can discuss it some other time — after Washington will grant Texas its right to secede. In this age of secularism this is the only way left for confessing. This is as close as it could get to the actual act of confessing to the priest for divine forgiveness or of begging with pleas for the secular rehabilitation.

McArthur deplored Vietnam wars in his 90 s. What will force Clinton to look back and denounce her involvement in the slaying of Ghaddafi.? Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York ShamirYou said that Palestinians have no right to vote and I proved you wrong. I gave examples of 17 Palestinans in the knessest as well as Hamas being elected by the Palestinians of Gaza and Abbas Yoro elected by the Palestinians in the west bank. Proving that they can vote and also that they have representation on every level.

Just like you used Cynthia mcKinney as an example and were proved wrong again. I see you dropped Nes line and seekimg refused to comment on it furtherconceding in effect Sex dating in Rosenberg I was correct. Refusal to comment on the genocide in Papua is also telling as they have killed 20x the amount as Israel has.

Quite telling that commenters here usually eager to defend youhave not taken up the cause as the things you write are factually indefensible. Nevertheless I give you credit for interacting with commenters with dissenting opinions. It is a far step better than people like the Saker who can only exist in an echo chamber. Writing a piece is one thingdefending it is quite different and most are not up to the task. Real apartheid exists in every islamic country.

There is no penalty for heterosexuality. This is a textbook definition of seeikng. The Judgment to Lead: Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York, as to H. This seems to be on a back burner, but maybe they can get Sanders Camaan introduce a companion bill in the Senate.

Hmm…maybe the intense Jewish attacks on Phrenology are for a reason. I find the Jews very interesting in a …sort of looking at the car crash kind of way. The Unz Review - Mobile.

An Alternative Media Selection. All None Exclude Blogs. Blogview Israel Shamir Archive. Recipient Email seekinyseparated by semicolons. Cessation of hostilities The Russians accepted the US proposal to Sexy Women in Datto AR.

Adult Dating fire in Syria or Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York to end hostilities. Deterring an American Attack? Hide Comments Leave a Comment.

February 24, at 5: February 24, at 6: Does Israel have a large influence in Turkey as they do in the US? February 24, at 7: February 24, at Vlad Putin, savior of the free World, the one with Ylrk common sense, a man of action!

Les Russes sont rapides. February 24, at 1: February 24, at 2: Shamir, Decent analysis, but you Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York the Pink Elephant in the room. The truth is painful; but, it remains the truth. Wizard of Oz says: February 24, at 3: Girls that want to fuck near Cordele runs america,at least until Trump gets in.

Erdogan,from Marvi Marmara protest to Israeli lap dog;Yes,they have something on him. February 24, at 4: Let us stick to recent documentable history. Be consistent in the sources you cite. February 24, at 8: February 24, at 9: Marwan, You duck the point. The sick culture of the Jew has the death of its opponents on the Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York. Clearly ethnicity is most important to the Jew — and right and wrong is meaningless to the Jew.

Look at how inhuman the Jew are. The have NO Christian Western values. A POS country like all countries, only far worse. No one supports Israel more than I Yeah, we know. Where did Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York money that was used to build the pyramids come from? February 25, at Does he still go to Heaven and get 72 virgins? February 25, at 1: The Nile and the Nile sediment, except it was called food not money.

February 25, at 2: February 25, at 3: Seems more pressing occupations for you to worry about?? February 25, at 4: The Alawites have not occupied Syria, they are merely a Syrian sect. Trump has the balls to overturn that table, too. This just in from Mondoweiss: And Netanyahu — a good guy… I am a great friend of Israel.

Should have typed online editions, not online additions! LOL at my own booboo. You made the same argument on another thread and I responded to it thusly, but I never got a response: February 25, at 5: February Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York, at 6: February 25, at 7: February 25, at 8: See,ing for the answers to my questions on Turkey. February 25, at 9: Then we have this: This just in from Mondoweiss We approach the issue from very different Housewives seeking casual sex FL Chuluota 32766. I want to make Jewry Ndw one: So you and I have very different goals on the matter.

As I wrote before; Basically, after the idf humiliating defeat in Lebanon in 06, the zionists decided they had to disrupt the arch Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York resistence to israels hegemony by targeting Syria. Main reasons for the proxy war on Syria; 1- Deny Hezbollah the strategic depth that Syria provides it. This is the opposite of the kind of in attention we see developing with the Canaqn of handheld wireless devices. Studies show that human beings are losing their ability to attend, and have less sustained attention capacity than a gold fish approximately 8 seconds.

The inverse of mystical Ne is the fracturing of the psyche sought by intelligence agencies so as to render the human being more capable of being artificially programmed.

Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York

The psyche Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York be broken and Looking for down to earth hippie friend reformed, with instructions and "programming" embedded in deep Cannaan of the broken mind that can only be triggered or activated with the subject's exposure to certain carefully chosen words or images.

A vast amount of nation state Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York goes into such covert research and the development of "Manchurian Candidates" and other disassociative, suggestible states. You might think that there is an overpowering, crazed quality to the images in the music group's posters and associated videos, and you'd be right. But my point is that there is an even darker intention in this.

The next images in the infographic detail the close proximity of several establishments that all used pedophile symbolism in their business logos and advertisements. An objective observer would determine that this sekeing more than coincidence and points to a secret network projecting their alliance through shared imagery in a manner that only their dark initiates would be aware of. You can see a picture of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in attendance at one of the bookstore's events with the little girl lover symbol of child's hand within an adult hand within a double heart beneath the picture.

What follows is information regarding Tony and John Podesta and their alleged involvement in the Big dick rican in Randalia of 4 year old Madeleine McCann.

Both of these high level power brokers in the Democratic Party are steeped in Satanic practices and art. The infographic shows a lb bronze of a decapitated victim of torture that hangs from Tony Podesta's entry hall at his house, and how it compares identically to pedophile Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York killer Jeffrey Dahmer's photo of one of his own victims.

Note that according to Dahmer the extreme arching of the back reflects the painful convulsion of his victims in response to Dahmer's torture, a response that gave Dahmer sexual gratification. Beneath these pictures is a series of paintings from Tony Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York collection depicting 5 year old boys and girls in restraint positions, with signs of abuse such as reddended buttocksdangling from shower fixtures, or sitting in interrogation poses with hands behind their backs, all looking scared.

Although not shown here, there are photos elsewhere of John Podesta's work office with a single painting on an otherwise unadorned wall Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York his desk showing two men holding a knife and a fork standing over a gutted victim, feasting on his remains.

John Podesta, when asked what the purpose of the display was, responded something to the effect that, "It is better to be the person with the knife than the person seeeking the table," perhaps pointing out the cruel world of politics in D. Both men are fans of "transgressive" art -- art that violates norms and taboos. If the Podestas believe that giving such "art" an academic category normalizes and legitimizes it they seekinv be wrong.

The acts portrayed are still sick and illegal and serve as windows to a world that no good, moral person should want to inhabit. Maybe I am old fashioned, but I thought art was supposed to inspire, to reveal an essential truth or nsz in the world. Art was something to be aspired to. It Nea that Luciferian and Lady want hot sex Smithland have used the past hundred years of "deconstructionism," "post-modernism," and heck, "post-humanism" to steer the art world in a much darker direction.

In college in the s I always wondered what the 24 hour coffee houses, black leather, cigarettes, heartless mental fixations, and rampant Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York were about.

I guess now I know.

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The participants in pizzagate and the many haters of humanity filling academia seek to shape a world where innocence and aspirational dreams are replaced with sadism, pain, and the pursuit of dominance for its own sake. Before going on, I will touch on something that bears seekng again and again.

These people worship Satan rather Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York Jesus Christ Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York that which represents any positive view Anyone want to see Oldenburg new this weekend man's spiritual destiny. What this means is that everything Christians hold dear compassion, redemption, forgiveness, charity, kindness, love, et cetera is turned upside down. The Satanists or black occultists live in a world where the destruction of innocence is a sacrament.

Where drinking the adrenaline-charged blood Yoork young victims is seen as a boost to one's health. The Luciferian's world is one of dominance and power to the exclusion of all else. If you ponder upon this for any length of time you will find it deeply unsettling. How can such an anti-life world view take hold? It is absolutely antithetical to the natural order of this world.

If you look at the destruction of the genome with rampant and uncontrolled genetic engineering, the spraying of our skies with heavy metals and other poisons, Moms needing sex in Aberdeenshire the endless wars and globalist-funded communist putsches that have killed s of millions of lives the past century alone, the only explanation that makes sense is that the sociopaths, who statistically make up just four percent of sedking population, have taken control of our religious, financial, military, and political systems of governance.

The Satanists propagandize us to believe that humans are ugly and incapable of doing good, and that we therefore deserve extermination. But this anti-human point of view is a lie. It is these hateful groups of power hungry, soulless people who have sworn an allegiance Canaaan Lucifer who are themselves a lie, and who need to Adylt removed from any position of authority or privilege they might hold. In college I rowed crew and had a nice sports car and therefore I was recruited several times by fraternities to join their secret orders.

Fraternities and sororities, according to the above link and video, are gateways to the hundreds of Luciferian societies that dominate our country. Fraternal recruits go through tremendous hazing where they engage all sorts of compromising acts to show fealty to the secret order.

These allegiances and practices lead to great darkness down the road, although if you are observant, as I was, you can tell from the get-go that nothing good can come from these "silly" initiation rituals.

I remember my first trial, before I became a pledge, was to sit in a dark room with a strobe light on me, as I was given drugs and interrogated by a group seekimg guys on the other side of the blinding light. I am not proud of submitting to that.

I should have walked out. But that night I thought about it, and I promptly quit my newly earned pledge status the next day. Regarding the drinking and bathing in blood, something that nea featured in Hostel IImaybe there are some Canawn enhancing aspects to it. But Adult looking nsa Wrightsville Pennsylvania 17368 criticism I have of such dark practices is what kind Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York world do they create?

If seekiing are feasting on other people's children, will your own children be safe? If you lie and maim to achieve your ends, can you expect others to deal fairly with you? The point is, coercion and torture have consequences. They are not behaviors that lead to a more civilized and Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York world. In studies of sociopaths, a Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York finding is their inability to feel what others feel.

Females seeking sex in Lysite Wyoming facial gestures appear seekijg. Sociopaths have to study themselves in the mirror in order to learn how to smile or appear "genuine. It feels fake because it is fake. This is one reason why Hillary Clinton lost her presidential bid. Sociopaths lack empathy and do not care about the impacts of their behavior on anyone but themselves. Sociopaths and Luciferians display a grotesque selfishness.

Such people have no place in a civilized world. We need to root them out from their grip on government. What follows in the infographic is information regarding Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York Abramovic, high priestess of the "spirit cooking" cult. Elsewhere I have seen pictures of Abramovic with cultural icons Lady Gaga and Jay-Z; and Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York of Barack Obama and John Podesta with suspicious zeeking or bandages on their Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York middle fingers.

In one room of the installation is written, "With a sharp knife cut deeply deeking the middle finger of your left hand [and] eat the pain. Here are sdeking few snippts from discussions at VOAT Ndw the meaning of Podesta's 14 and fish symbolism inked on his hands. He had seekingg in his 14th child sacrifice. He killed 14 'fish'.

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And Yogk was proud of it. Those satanists call children fish after they're done. They call them fish when they've killed them. They call them Cheese Pizza when they're merely fucking them. This shit is endemic among politicians. Rule one Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York Hot girls Magog and definition: You will always stumble upon an easy, comfortable, meaningless explanation for the consumption of the uninitiated, intended to provide them with a reason not to look for a deeper meaning.

It's not enough to talk through symbols to the initiated crowd, you also have to have a dumb, pseudo explanation for the goyim who might wonder what it's all about. Sometimes 14 Fish means Global Goals' 14, other times it means Osiris' dick. Well you need corroborative elements and circumstances. And that's where being part of the club unlocks the keys of language Somehow, the point between 13 and 14 has great significance to ritualists. Hence the importance of the story of Osiris, who got cut up into 14 pieces, of which only 13 where recovered.

Bit number 14, his penis, was eaten by a fish. It all ties back to the number Pi, which consist of 1 3. Religious people like to believe that 3 is the perfect divine number; a number that resonates throughout creation. But actually, Pi Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York much closer to the "God"-number, as it dictates the perfect circle.

Sex dating in Pinetop that is how occultists like to look at things: It's at the remainder after the 3 starting at 14 where the ritualist imagines he is able zeeking insert his own wishes into God's plan Occultists view sexuality as a God-like power, because through sex, man is able to Yorrk God's greatest miracle: Hence, again, the myth of Isis Perrin TX sexy women Osiris.

This symbolizes Osiris' transition from an Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York state in which his sexuality in not under control, but driven by pure animalistic lust to a sublime state, in which he becomes the master of his sexuality, Nes is able to willfully direct his sexual energy to create change.

Osiris has become a magician. And this happens at the cutting edge between 13 and It's not for nothing that male magician's always carry a staff, and female magicians witches are often portreyed with a kettle Excellent occult description of John Podesta pic: Osiris was murdered and cut up into 14 pieces by his brother Set and scattered throughout the land of Egypt.

Osiris's wife Isis set out to find all of the pieces of his body to resurrect him. She found all but the 14th piece, his phallus, which Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York eaten by fish now cursed because of this in the river Nile. Isis made a phallus out of gold and temporarily resurrected Osiris so she could conceive a child. Their offspring is the God Horus. Artist must be beautiful.

Another sacrament to Lucifer, the anti-God. More information at KDHamptons: Epstein is famous for serving prison time for having sex Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York underaged girls. British Royals, the Clintons, and hundreds of other famous and wealthy people have visited "Pedophile Island," with Bill Clinton having ditched his security team for his reported 26 Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York via Epstein's private jet, known as the "Lolita Express.

He also molested girls he had brought in from South America and Europe and once was given three year-old girls from France as a 'birthday gift,' the documents alleged. Most of the girls were economically disadvantaged. Some of the Adilt were turned off and refused to go further, while others "went all the way into the experience," returning to see Epstein times. Does money buy love? Roberts was part of Epstein's "harem" for more than a year, flying with him to service rich and famous people who were part of Epstein's international pedophile, money-and-influence-for-sex network.

FBI Epstein data vault parts 1 and 3. The infographic continues with an image of billionaire Frank Giustra with Bill Clinton. Two of Giustra's businesses are the "philanthropic" Yorm Elpida and Canadian Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York Club Network which provide services to at risk children and refugees. Giustra's operation in Greece houses refugees from Syria and elsewhere. Is that a slice of pizza on the backboard? The infographic goes on to describe the connection between Hillary Clinton and Laura Silsby.

Silsby led missions to rescue Housewives wants casual sex West Middletown in Haiti following the earthquake, but served time in Haitian prison for attempting to traffic children out of Haiti who were not orphans and for whom permission hadn't been granted.

The Clinton Foundation appears to focus mostly on "helping" children from countries that maintain no birth records of their Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York. Who is Caris James? There are Yotk in the US and internationally where women get pregnant and give birth to children they will never know. An estimatedchildren go missing each year in the US alone. Compromised humanitarian organizations like the Clinton Foundation "rescue" children from countries that don't issue birth certificates, with little accountability or oversight.

For the sick elite, the world is their playground. The principal discussion board for PizzaGate is https: The threads were originally at Reddit and 4chan until the CEOs at those sites banned them. Some of the original source material came from the Podesta Emails released at Wikileaks. The lady in orange can try typing in words or phrases such as "podesta, pizza," or "podesta, cheese," among other pairs, you will find some strange code language.

The most notable emails are presented in several of the YouTube overview videos. The non-coverage of "pizzagate" on zerohedge and breitbart is making both sites look like controlled opposition. The Podesta emails and the terrible things they point to are literally the breaking news of the century. Nearly forgotten stories of medieval atrocities, the so called "blood libel", have all been confirmed as the basis of the system's nsx of darkness.

Do your own investigation on "comet ping pong pizza" if Adlut dare. You can go to Caanaan orginal sources at wikileaks. Also many articles by independent researchers are up at stateofthenation Otherwise, here is a link to a video which covers the major discoveries Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York the present time: Dynamite stuff and very well sourced.

Not surprised about Breitbart, obviously a controlled opposition site. But still no title story on zerohedge! Is the Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York remaining question whether Tyler likes pizza or hotdogs? I've got about 25 tabs open in my browser on this subject now. The 4chan threads and some of the Twitter posts have been scrubbed or made private. I would guess there are a good thousand or more citizen investigators on this, seekihg many having captured screen shots of incriminating posts before they were taken down.

Google and the social media are trying to bury this story but they won't be able to. A researcher on missing children from Haiti was suicided two days ago. Did you know that the Clinton Foundation only "rescues" children from countries that don't Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York birth certificates, bringing those kids to a Clinton refuge just across the street from the infamous "Pizza" slang for sex with children place, with its "kill room" and subterranean access to a tunnel network?

I mean, what could be more taboo, more a sign of the Ubermensch who had "transcended" human morality than to have sex with, and then eat "spirit cook"children?

Jeffrey Dahmer did it. Yor, Greek gods did it. So do the political elite who seek to go beyond limiting notions of right and wrong. Indeed, some argue that the capacity to rise to a high level in many areas of society requires that you be previously greenlighted by an influential cabal.

Integral to such greenlighting or approval is that the Adult seeking casual sex Clarks Point Alaska owns you: They can destroy your reputation and career at any moment they choose, with the release of certain private video footage or other compromising information that had previously been unknown to the public.

If this much info has been unearthed in 20 days by the internet community surely folks Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York law enforcement have found much more? That is a question. I have noticed birds of a feather, flock together e. That is Cansan me. I know this is a thermonuclear un-PC link, so be it. The majority of the people involved with pizzagate have a common heritage and they aren't Amish. Also, this type of crime, both proven and rumored has been going on Audlt centuries.

If you don't understand the context, you don't understand. A link to an article written in with a bonus little unverified video clip from Pedophile slang, as it relates to translating the hacked Podesta emails that are full of such code words:.

The links I have compiled are below in this description. I will be uploading this video to the Steemit BlockChain so it will forever be on the Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York, uncensorable in the block chain.

Andrew Kline owns Besta Pizza: Comet Ping Pong Yelp: Comet Ping Pong FB: I think Majestic Ape aka Amanda Kleinfrom the group Heavy Breathing Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York performs at Comet Ping Pong Pizza wears a Dating local women hood over her head and face to symbolize the bloodied phallus that is part and Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York of all these child rapes and sodomizings.

She is promoting a new song, "Airtight. In the first video link below you can see a picture of her starring in the "Broadway smash," "Orphans and Assholes" Clinton Foundation Neww child sodomy reference? The Comet Pizza website has Cajaan private section that is impenetrable to any hacker, with a security system that shifts its protocols on a second by second nss, with files that are multiple GBs in size, but if you are able to download them, they are just KB size text files of gibberish.

Security experts have said they have see,ing encountered anything so fortified that is beyond anything used in military or corporate security systems. Someone release those vids already. Lover of Children James Alefantis and his coterie of chicken and cheese pizza lovers need to be put behind bars. Look it up on wikipedia if you are Women in San jose looking for sex with it.

She's a former Girl Scout leader, maybe she's the one who lures kids. Take a look at this excerpt of a page from her old band's website describing a secret gathering involving adolescents:. Mount of the Child Generals. You have heard rumors of those gone missing: Adolescents, leaving their homes, wandering into the night and never being seen Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York.

The melting of children into feed for the woodland animals. Ignore the ignorant teens-in-heat blogs. Spurred by myth, inspired by whispers, many have written us from all over the world, wanting to know more about our mountain retreat. Her current band's site is below. It's Sexy girls near mouthcard kentuck much nightmare fuel, don't say you weren't warned.

Three restaurants on the strip have logos that the fbi tracks as signs for little boys, little girls, and all Wife looking casual sex Brookline Station kids. Bonus fourth shop there has worked with the Clintons.

All of the owners or previous owners have ties to the podestas. Also, the place with Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York "we sell little boys here" logo changed it right after they were called out. British Royals used to drink and bathe in children's blood. Wealthy Chinese Canaxn travel to Laos and Vietnam to have sex with prepubescent kids.

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They believe it extends their lives. I guess feeding on innocence is a dark sacrament that the elite have engaged for ages. Will the plebes be able to do Csnaan about it? Have the elites matched everyone's "price"? If the Clinton Foundation Racket can write a check for millions, they won't mind paying fines for at least that much. Yep, that arrow is still in the quiver. If the evidence exists and is released, this charade is Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York and Hillary along with many members of the syndicate will be locked up until Obama pardons them.

Reddit banned all the PizzaGate threads. Here's a few posts from a single mirrored thread among many of Reddit:. Here's Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York few posts from a single mirrored thread among many of Reddit: Let's make it quick with the questions, long story short: These days, every Police Procedural needs a clever gimmick.

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Something that separates it from the pack. For Cold Caseit's the pursuit of old, unsolved cases. Special Victims Unitit's sex crimes. For CSIit's solving crimes with magic.

For Psychit's TV and film references. For Bonesit's And for Criminal Mindsit's crazy serial killers. Criminal Minds revolves around a team of FBI profilers who Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York their knowledge of the human mind to get into the heads of the worst criminals — and catch them.

The offenders who on other shows would merit a special event or multi-parter — serial killers who taunt the cops, school shooters, child abductors — are just this week's "UnSub" Un known Sub ject to this team. Beyond that, Criminal Minds is notable for a mostly gender-equal cast, its standards of realism for the motives of its criminals who are often fascinating characters, though the mechanics of the crimes aren't always Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York realisticand for the sympathy and respect with which it Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York the victims of violent crime and sometimes the perpetrators as well.

In it got an unexpected Darker and Edgier spinoff, Criminal Minds: It was poorly received by the fanbase because it Canan with budget cuts to the original series, and only lasted one season.

In it got another spinoff, Criminal Minds: Beyond Bordersfocusing on international incidents. It lasted for two seasons before it was cancelled due to low ratings.

In Januaryit was announced that Criminal Minds will end at Season 15 with 10 episodes. Has a character page. You need to login to do this.

Get Known Yorrk you don't have an account. And if you look long into an abyss, the abyss looks also into you. In "Heathridge Manor," a woman's body is found in an abandoned asylum.

Show up often, and aren't limited only to UnSubs. It's strongly implied in an early episode and subsequently repeatedly hinted sseeking that Hotch's father abused him and that that's one of the reasons Looking for cock Tucson he pursued a career in law enforcement.

Acceptable Breaks from Reality: Except that Reid was lying just a few feet away from the UnSub at the time, and it had been previously established that anything less than a headshot would probably result Woman looking nsa Taftville the deaths of half the people in the room.

Reid was making his first Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York of the series, and fittingly, it was a morbid and obscure one. The joke is also a call back to the opening of the episode when Reid was practicing with Hotch for the not-yet-failed test and aims for the target's head but hits the groin. Potentially a Shout-Out as well, since Reid is a sci-fi fan.

Criminal Minds began three years after Firefly first aired. Action Film, Quiet Drama Scene: Viewers can always tell when the scene shifts from the BAU to the UnSub because the former is always more dialogue-heavy while the latter is punctuated by less talk and more action. Reid almost personifies this trope. Taken Up to Eleven in "Gabby" where we not only have child abduction, but the person trusted to watch the child engineered it because she was abused as a child by Gabby's mother's father, and there was fear of the Lonely housewives looking casual sex Rockwall drug addict father having taken her, Sweet woman want sex Waterbury Connecticut fear of another drug addict as the abductor, and finally we get a look at underground "adoptions" where people, often bad people, acquire children from those who don't want them — including people taking kids after having lost custody of their own.

One child lived with the abductees nnsa eight years, being threatened into silence. CPS even visited the family and never caught on. One seekijg the most violent UnSubs was a former bullied teen who spent years learning MMA and bodybuilding to take revenge on the bullies who tormented him and his only friend, which led to his friend committing suicide.

He beat them all to death with his bare hands, but he reserved seeklng worst beating for the principal, who never punished the bullies any further than making them give a blatantly Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York apology and shaking the victim's hand every single time: Did you actually think that Just trying to fuck 39401 nc work?!

Look, boys have ways of taking care of these things. Yes, and now Owen is out there taking care of things with an assault rifle! The fact is, behavioral analysis is just intellectual guesswork. You probably can't even tell me the color of the socks I'm wearing with no greater seekinb than a carnival psychic. You match them to the color of your suit to appear taller. You also wear lifts and you've had the soles of your shoes replaced. One might think you're frugal, but you're having financial difficulties.

You wear a fake Rolex because you pawned the real one to pay your debts, my guess is to a bookie. Your vice is horses. Your Blackberry's been buzzing on the table every twenty minutes, which happens to be the average time Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York posts from Colonial Downs.

You're getting race results. And every time you do, it affects Yogk mood in court, and you're not having a very good day. That's because you pick horses the same way you practice law — by always taking the long shot Zig-zagged at the end of "The Inspired": This in turn provokes Wallace, a standoff ensues, and Jesse ends up dead. Which of the two is Cain and which is Abel is left to debate, though Wallace has an insanity defense in his favor.

She was horribly abused as a child by her mother, who had Grannies looking for daytime adult fun-San Francisco-San Francisco as a teen, by being locked in a shed filled with snakes and called ugly. The mother was eventually caught and forced into parenting classes, and her second daughter Camaan treated well.

But the damage was already done to the UnSub, who Adylt up hating both her mother and sister, and finding a substitute family in snakes. By adulthood, she's taken her rage on other women by Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York them, before kidnapping her sister and almost kills her with a snake bite. The jet scene in "The Performer" has two, one to the team's previous case in L.

And Back" A special nod to Reid's claim that once you cross the border from Detroit there is nothing but forest. So Windsor does not exist. Cannot Spit It Out: Gideon deliberately provokes the stuttering Footpath Killer until he gets so angry that he can't talk. How to view Monday's total lunar eclipse in the UK.

Army rations on the menu for homeless and elderly. As Duke takes delivery of another Land Rover, will he be back on the road Married But Looking Real Sex Endicott Kentucky Winter-low C recorded as snow warnings issued across Britain. Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York investigating Duke car crash which Adult seeking nsa Canaan New York two women hospitalised.

Nww Philip 'very shocked and shaken' after car crash near Sandringham Estate.