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Adult nursing relationships and penis sucking Look Dating

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Adult nursing relationships and penis sucking

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I have red hair and blue eyes, 5'4, friendly or tolerant, open-minded, Bi or Bi-Curious (of course), and preferably around my size and age, give or take 2 years.

Age: 45
Relationship Status: Divorced
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Hair: Bald
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This meant that I still had very full, very tender breasts as we had now missed at least one feed!

Mark sent me down alone to open the door. Gary came in and looked me up and down — as if I was a prize cow.

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As he hugged me, one hand stroked my naked buttocks and one hand stroked my very swollen belly. Mark came down, said hi and got us all a drink juice nureing me — remember I was 8 months pregnant! Without any time wasting, Mark got down to business.

He pulled me onto his lap on the sofa opposite Gary. He undid all the buttons on the front of my smock and pushed it off Adult nursing relationships and penis sucking shoulders. Adult nursing relationships and penis sucking he pushed my legs apart so that Gary could see my naked pussy.

Mark started to finger-fuck me, whilst suckling on Find hook ups Rosie Arkansas of my enormous, leaking breasts — presumably to hopefully get me in the mood! After about 10 minutes of suckling and finger-fucking, Mark pushed me off his lap to a standing position and completely removed the smock. And there I stood - totally naked except for my heels.

They were both very obviously in a state of penus So, I went over to Gary who eagerly pulled me onto his lap.

He started to kiss me — tongue deep in my mouth it was the first time my brother-in-law had kissed me properly whilst one hand started squeezing a breast Adult nursing relationships and penis sucking spurted out and the other one started to finger-fuck me, like Mark had done.

After a few relationshpis, Gary got up and pulled me with him.

He looked me up and down, rubbed my swollen belly and squeezed both tits making me wince and milk spurt out again. You can still change your mind you know. He pushed me face down onto the table top so that I had my belly on the cold wood, my heavy, breasts hanging over the other side and my bottom exposed in the air. Holding tightly onto my swollen belly, Gary positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy and, with no further ado, pushed it all the way in, in one go, until the whole of his Adult nursing relationships and penis sucking was Free sex ads Batavia New York my pussy and his balls were tight against me.

Adult nursing relationships and penis sucking then came around to the front, eyes sparkling watching avidly — obviously enjoying the show. He started to pound in and out of me hard, holding me steady by pushing down on my belly. As I started to cry out, Mark rammed his fully aroused cock into my mouth for me to suck whilst Gary was hammering me from behind.

Mark also started to pull on my swollen, milk-filled breasts in his excitement — milking them so that milk was going everywhere — all over the table and the floor.

'adult nursing relationship' Search -

So there was this eight-month pregnant woman being fucked by her own Adult nursing relationships and penis sucking in her cunt and fucked by her own husband in her mouth and milk was everywhere!

And you know, Nuursing actually started to enjoy it — I actually started to feel really sexy and entered into it. Somehow, presumably due to the joint excitement, they both managed to come simultaneously — Gary Kinky and horny at fsu my pussy and Mark in my mouth. That aside, I said ask me anything. What is your question? I actually had the same Adul in mind that Jessebanjo asked, but did you buy civilization Adulf yet?

I think this is odd That said, you're both adults and are doing something you both enjoy in the privacy of your own home.

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You can always try it and see. If it's not for you or your wife you can just stop and the lactation will stop after a while. Given the Adult nursing relationships and penis sucking of attention, both with my mouth and hands, that I show her breasts on a routine basis I'd think that suckingg would have happened by now.

Adult nursing relationships and penis sucking

But I know her well enough to know that this isn't something she'd be interested in at all. What about in chocolate breast milk?

You think Hot Pockets should be called sandwiches? It says "sandwich" all over the packaging. In the start it was worse, but now he usually drains me once a day.

Adult nursing relationships and penis sucking

Sometimes when I get swollen with milk there can me a certain spillage that gets a bit over his face, but not a milk mustache yet: Do you leak much? That was always one of my wife's biggest complaints when she was breast feeding.

During a vacation we had nothing planned for we had a lot of sex. During his refractory periods he played a lot with my breasts and suckled them.

I liked that so much that I requested it in non sexual situations as well while we were just cuddling in bed or together in Adult nursing relationships and penis sucking sofa. We did it in excessive amounts and both enjoyed it.

Adult nursing relationships and penis sucking

After a while it just happened. My first reaction was Adult nursing relationships and penis sucking go get checked out. Turns out my hormone levels were normal and nothing else was off. I was going to wait until I stopped lactating with any more breast play, but after my husband told me he enjoyed suckling on my breasts while I was lactating I decided that we'd just continue as I quite enjoyed it as well.

Have an upvote, because I as a gay chemist was unaware that female nipples didn't have eyes. Surely the hormones experienced by a pregnant woman would add to her lactation.

Women can induce lactation without pregnancy, say adoptive mothers, but it's often a long and arduous process, often helped by the use of medicinal herbs and prescription medications.

Considering the OP's deletion of her account and dodging of a number of questions mostly at the bottom of the threadI can't say I'm not wondering about trollism either.

But, too late to know now I guess.

It's not my cup of tea or milk but if you are happy, who am I to judge? Emma and Juliet Yeah, it turns out Juliet was lesbian Daisy Ridley's Possession Ch. Milk relationhsips Life Ch. Sissy for Mommy's Nipple Cream Ch. Comfort in the Storm Nursing back to sleep on a stormy night.

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Don't let the wife find out! Love Knows No Color Pt. Working Out with Mom Lactating mother needs help from her son. Kiss Nipple Farm Pt. Milk and Masturbation A college student tutors and nurses high school seniors.

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