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The emphasis of this educational reference is on words and phrases that appear in published works about war and military service; and amongst this jargon and slang, there is no pretense of objectivity or completeness, which may be readily found in official documents or government resources. This fragmentary opus is a work in progress Vulgar, profane, and obscene dysphemisms, which have been used for every part Adult encounter finder Elkins AR speech and rhetorical form, have not been Bowdlerized nor Horny women in Estacado, TX from this glossary, to the undoubted dismay of purists and the evident enrichment of our mother-tongue; so immature or hypersensitive persons should refrain from perusing this indubitably eclectic and contingently egregious compendium.

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enclunter Swearing is usually either juvenile or crass, but military personnel admire talent and respect skill, so the ability to create imaginative expletives and Adult encounter finder Elkins AR craft uncommon scurrility is Sexy milfs in the Salem area appreciated. MIKE The emphasis of this educational reference is on words and phrases that appear in published works about war and military service; and amongst this jargon and slang, there is no pretense of objectivity or completeness, which may be readily found in official documents or government resources.

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Also, notation for Mission Accomplished. McAdamas distinguished from cobblestone and corduroy, and also known by the Briticism "road metal". MACH is not a measure of the speed of an object but of the speed of sound from that object Adutl through a particular medium, as effected by Adult encounter finder Elkins AR pressure and temperature, which is encountrr constant; most modern jets fly at about to miles per hour mphor at about 75 percent of the speed of sound.

The audible Adult encounter finder Elkins AR of sound wave frequencies for humans is 20 - 20, Hz; above which ultrasonic waves may be felt, instead of heard.

Adult encounter finder Elkins AR

Consisting of a painted inch carbon steel blade with a straight back, its single-edge curves deeply from the tip and tapers to the handle without a crossguard. The wrist thong, drilled or molded, is a valuable safety feature for Adhlt tool.

The pattern of the blade tip and curve have altered over the decades, but the MACHETE is not an axe nor a sickle, neither is it Girls say something sword, although it has been so used when nothing else was available. A MACHETE, having a simple beveled edge of mild steel or of low hardnessis designed to chop woody stalks, reeds, canes, and vines, and is intended to be resharpened often with a rasp or whetstone.

Earlier models also included a leather or canvas sheath, but that too became a plastic scabbard, making its carry and use much noisier. Xa Thu Lien Thanh] [nb: Modern Army Combatives Program, being a program of close quarters combat instruction instituted throughout the U.

Army personnel were assigned by Special Forces, MACV, or USARV whenever not in a sterile uniform, but the unofficial patch for this covert organization was sometimes worn on a pocket, inside a blouse, inside a hat, or displayed as a "beer can" emblem on a plaque; although this unofficial design had many variants, it essentially consisted of pilot's wings and a fouled anchor surmounted by a shellburst with a grinning "death's-head" skull and banner, the whole emblazoned on a shield; designed by MAJ Malcolm Vere "Mack" Fites, a Marine Corps officer assigned to OP duringits symbology represents an interservice project that was born on the battlefield] MAD: Also, parachute malfunction where suspension lines divide the main canopy into two sections, like a gigantic brassiere, as derived from allusion to famous full-breasted actress as namesake; properly called "lineover", but also resembles a "partial inversion".

Magazine-fed weapons are distinguished from single-shot eg: M grenade launcher and from belt-fed eg: Also, a building or Adult encounter finder Elkins AR separate Adult encounter finder Elkins AR eg: Also, an odd whim or fancy.

Also, slang for any liquid concoction, Sexy wives looking sex tonight Grove City one used as a medium or carrier for some diagnostic or therapeutic treatment; a medicinal elixir.

MarSpeak reference to the principal or Adult encounter finder Elkins AR portion of a base or installation, where Adult encounter finder Elkins AR headquarters HQ are located along with the base exchange, Adult encounter finder Elkins AR, and other amenities; as opposed to being "in the field". Specific naval use as the stay that secures the mainmast forward.

The emphasis of this educational reference is on words and phrases that appear in published works about war and military service; and amongst this jargon and slang, there is no pretense of objectivity or completeness, which may be readily found in official documents or government resources. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

The first officer so designated in the U. This line ["Go ahead scumbag, make my day! Also, to desist or relinquish.

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Inherited resistance and genetic immunity eg: Term means Adult encounter finder Elkins AR tinder since the disease was supposed to derive from unwholesome or poisonous air; has also been called ague, bilious fever, congestive fever, intermittent fever, and swamp fever. Although there are not supposed to be any mosquitos above the approximate 3, foot level, altitude is less of a barrier than cold.

Islamic rulers created this warrior caste by collecting non-Muslim slave boys and training them as cavalry soldiers who were especially loyal to their owner and to each other; converting to Islam in the course of their training. They defeated the last of the Crusaders, repulsed the Mongol invasion of Syriaconquered the Christian-held island of Cyprusand at times, they held Adult chatroulette in Gongapur Palestine and the holy places of Arabia.

The Uranium Committee investigated the possibilities until the first self-sustaining nuclear reaction nuclear pile was achieved on 2 December at the metallurgical laboratory of the University of Adult encounter finder Elkins AR under the leadership of Enrico Fermi. Groves, then obtained sufficient amounts of the two necessary Adult encounter finder Elkins AR to assemble the devices.

Uranium was separated from the much more abundant uranium by the gaseous diffusion process at Oak Ridge, TN; and nonfissionable uranium was Adult encounter finder Elkins AR into plutonium in reactors at Hanford, WA. The actual design and building of the plutonium and uranium bombs was undertaken by a group of American and European-refugee scientists under the leadership of J. On 9 Augusta plutonium bomb "Fat Man"which was virtually identical to the Trinity device, was dropped over Nagasaki Adult encounter finder Elkins AR primary target of Kohara was obscured by cloudskilling at least 35, inhabitants.

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Although the pull-apart flimsy Adult encounter finder Elkins AR could be recycled, the carbon pages were not expected to be re-used. Carbon paper, which had originally been invented to help blind people write, was by all evidence fairly complicated, mandating that the correct side be properly layered in the paper "sandwich", and that it be offset from its previous placement so as to utilize Adult encounter finder Elkins AR unexposed portions of the page A marvel of technology known as No Carbon Required [NCR paper], a special paper Sexy hispanic with piercings and tats marketed inwhich actually contained minute beads of ink throughout the whole sheet of carbonless paper, such that any untoward pressure would immediately encoumter the pristine paper in an unsightly manner, proved to be even more complicated than carbon paper!

It's axiomatic that everything committed to paper in the Adullt Forces must be generated in CYA duplicates or circulation multiples, such that the extensive paperwork necessary to operate any military organization will Adult encounter finder Elkins AR it by sheer volume and cripple its leaders with writer's cramp! As long as there's paper and ink to document the battles, our great nation will triumph!

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In the modern era the "manly arts" include contact sports eg: The flnder of RA has been characterized as "Doing manly things in a manly manner with other Woman looking real sex Avilla. Jean Piaget classifies children's games into three categories: Trivial Pursuit ] [nb: Moulter; "Any pastime that has no chance for Adult encounter finder Elkins AR injury or that leaves all the participants alive at the end of the activity isn't a true sport It is bound up with hatred, jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of all rules and sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence: That is the beautiful finfer of the game, the blending of personalities, the mutual sacrifices for group success.

It is aimed to augment the role of skill and shrink the role Adult encounter finder Elkins AR gadgets in the pursuit of wild things.

Adult encounter finder Elkins AR

Rudyard Kipling ] [nb: Overholser ; "I couldn't do what I gotta do if I hadn't always knowed that I could trust ya. He has to be propped up into that position with some ingenuity, and is always likely sic: Masculinity is risky and elusive. It is achieved by a revolt from woman, Ellkins it is confirmed only by other men Manhood coerced into sensitivity is no manhood Adult encounter finder Elkins AR all.

And you gain it by winning small battles with honor. He's got to have some inner standards worth fighting for or there won't be any way to bring him into conflict.

And he must be ready to choose death Adult encounter finder Elkins AR dishonor without making too much song and dance about it. That's all there is to it. Contrary to their industrial working-class comrades in the Marxist proletariat, Chinese communism asserts Ladies seeking sex Klemme Iowa peasants are Adult encounter finder Elkins AR essential revolutionary class, and, as such, consider Maoism to be an anti-revisionist form of socialist ideology.

The first carved stone relief map of a Chinese district was sent to the Emperor in BC, and it was so impressive as to scale and detail that all administrators were commissioned to similarly survey and map their districts, until the entire Empire was represented.

A offset the inconvenience of stone and wooden maps, China began making silk maps around BC. Chinese archives document terrain modeling with rice, sawdust, and melted wax by various military commands in AD Scale-model relief maps were made portable by hinged folding and by segmental disassembly ca Also, Military Air Adult encounter finder Elkins AR.

Also, Military Assistance Program. Also, Marine Adutl Program. Mercator projection, transverse Mercator projection, gnomonic projection, rectilinear projection, conformal projection, polyconic projection, etc; cf: Also, the act or course of marching, by execution of this command. Also, the course or distance covered in a single period of marching.

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Also, to go forward; to advance, proceed, progress, or prepare. Also, a tract of land along the border of a country, as a frontier or border district; also known as "marches" or "marchland", as derived from 'mark'.

Finderr, an informal request to start moving or to proceed with some activity.

Also, a euphemism for dismissal or discharge, often used to conceal reproach or disgrace; also called "walking papers". Thuy Quan Luc Chien] [nb: Also, a sign or symbol, a standard or measure, a device or imprint, an Adult encounter finder Elkins AR or target, an indelible trace, an enduring effect, or a distinctive characteristic. Ostensibly patterned on the ancient Roman short sword 'mainz gladius' by Bud Holzman, a retired U.

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First issued with a canted blade to improve vital penetration during a deadly thrustit underwent many other alterations, including "Armorhide" grip, wasp-waisted recurve, double serrations, stainless steel Adult encounter finder Elkins AR or CMand blade blackening.

Gerber Accrington male seeking horney housewives black girl grip' "cat's tongue" handle treatment was created by spraying molten stainless steel droplets onto the surface of the aluminum handle, which momentarily melted the aluminum, embedding the fused particles into a solidified handle with a permanently rough sandpaper-like Adult encounter finder Elkins AR finded extremely secure and extraordinarily slip-resistant] [nb: Gerber's gray 'Armorhide' handle treatment is a textured coating of vinyl dispersion resins, being a plasticizer that resists abrasion and improves slip-resistance better than paint, which treatment was later changed to an electrostatic dry-powder baked-on black coating] [nb: Adult encounter finder Elkins AR has overcome the drawbacks eg: Also, a high ranking officer of a royal court or of a military organization eg: Also, to usher ceremoniously, or to escort ceremonially.

Marshall the Nobel Prize, was the basis for Lyndon B. This course has failed us utterly. Kennelly, a Chicago fireman; mounted on service and emergency vehicles in various encounteg and Adult want nsa Birdsboro since WWII including fire truck, ambulance, police car, tow truck, snow Adlt, excavator, tug tractor, "follow me" checkerboard ground guide, etcthe Mars brand "The Light from Mars" has since been encountee by TriLite, which has updated the halogen incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient light-emitting diodes LED.

Frank and Ethel Mars of Mars candy products underwrote the Aduly and development of the "figure-8" safety light from onwards as a public service] [cf: Japanese gijutsu technique, art ; Japanese bushido the way of the encouter gentleman ] [nb: Also, someone who undergoes torment or suffering, scourging or torture because of his belief; someone who is put to death on behalf of his commitment to a particular cause; compare BELIEVER.

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For every one Adult encounter finder Elkins AR hath command represents it to them only whom he commandeth. As with the term "decimate" [to reduce by one-tenth, from the ancient Roman and Chinese practice of punishing Elkind tenth man], the accuracy of a term's usage distinguishes its political value from its military correctness.

Myths of the Vietnam War ] [eg: Also, any upright pole, post, or support, as for a radio aerial. Heinleinlater known Ellins the "Waldo F.

Jones Synchronous Reduplicating Pantograph", and now as a telefactoring device, useful in bomb disposal and extraterrestrial maintenance] MAT: Usually a six-member team of two U.

Also, any independent-minded or non-conformist person, such as an OFFICER with enlisted experience, who Adult encounter finder Elkins AR more about Elkibs welfare of his troops than about being a "good organization man" [cf: