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So I'm willing to take a chance, I'm off this Friday and willing to meet up with a new friend on Friday night instead of sitting home reading or watching TV alone. Someone that would like to spend time with a generous man. Brecherwho was far more interested in the events surrounding Alfred Kinsey and his successors than in an attempt to explain how modern research developed.

Part of the answer is simply the growth of specialization in science, which has been a fact of life for more than one hundred years. If opthalmologists could specialize in the study of the eye, then others could begin to specialize in urology and gynecology. These medical specialists, however, dealt with sex problems only indirectly.

There were a growing number of scientists who felt that the sex organs needed to be studied but that sexual relationships and sexual behaviors also needed to be analyzed. They believed that investigation should not be limited to the medical arena but should draw from a number of the emerging disciplines in the biological and social sciences. Within the scientific community itself, interest in sexual matters had become widespread, in part because of the theories of Charles Darwin Darwin believed that sexual selection was a key to evolution.

Sex coupling, the bringing together the sexual elements of two organisms who had been exposed to different environments, led to more vigorous offspring than did self-fertilization. Building on this insight, some of Darwin's followers went so far as to Valkenburg aan de Geul adults dating online that sex existed for the good of the species. This misinterpretation of Darwin became the dominant view, albeit an erroneous one, until the middle of the twentieth century, and proved a strong impetus Bbw looking for Lancaster men studies in sexuality.

Other researchers seized on the concept of sexual selection to explain any number of factors. Sir Francis Galtona cousin of Darwin's, believed that sexual selection could Lady wants casual sex Springdale to be a means for improving the human race. He coined the term eugenics inand though he himself concentrated on urging judicious marriages and large families for the wealthy and gifted terms he used more or less synonymouslyothers went much further and argued that the high birth rate of the poor and less intellectually endowed was Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole threat to civilization.

One result was a growing concern with attempting to better plan family size through various birth control methods. Though other factors also affected the birth control movement, as will be described later in the book, the attempt to limit the growth of "inferiors" and extend the numbers of "superiors" cannot be overlooked.

Some scholars who agreed with Darwin about the importance of sexual selection in evolution came to believe in the existence of degeneracy caused by a defect in an individual's heredity. The resulting degenerate strainsfor the defect was believed to be both progressive and inherent-involved nervous illness, physical weakness, and deviant behavior.

For some writers, almost any departure from proper, conventional behavior was regarded as a sign of degeneracy. Included in this was any variation of the norms of sexual behavior, and the result was the growth of the concept of the sexual degenerate. Cesare Lombroso used Darwinian assumptions to bolster his argument that sexual deviates Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole on a lower stage of the evolutionary ladder than normal, heterosexual individuals.

Lombroso and his allies accepted the belief that animal life had evolved from lower forms, but they went further, arguing that life had progressed sexually from a hermaphroditic or self-fertilizing stage to a higher monosexual stage.

Just as life itself had evolved, so had human species, and as humans had progressed from primitive society to higher levels of civilization, they had outgrown robbery, murder, promiscuity, and perversion, or at least the most civilized among humans Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole done so.

Because, however, a child had to repeat the progression of the species to become civilized, it was understandable that those with a defective heredity would become Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole, deviants, or mental defectives. It was also understandable why sexual Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole common among primitive groups or observed among animals would be unacceptable in higher, civilized societies.

As is discussed later, one of the major elements in the emergence of the German sexological movement was the effort of homosexuals to escape the stigmatizing labels applied to them by such people as Lombroso. A principal reason that the theories of Lombroso and others had become so well known was because of public concern about the perceived problems of the growth of the modern city.

The nineteenth century saw the enormous growth of cities as individuals Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole from an agricultural way of life to an industrialized and commercialized one. Vast numbers of rural inhabitants made their way to the expanding metropolitan areas of the nineteenth century, which led not only to rapid population growth but to wider disparities among the various segments of the population as well as to the demand for greater law enforcement.

Problems that would have been overlooked Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole gone unreported in a rural community were accentuated by the concentration of population.

For example, hundreds, perhaps thousands of books were written on prostitution in the nineteenth century as authorities struggled with the problems of how to deal with it. Similarly, previously isolated homosexuals, who might have felt themselves Black teen sex Frankfort Kentucky be unique, found others like themselves in the crowded cities. Inevitably, as they formed groups, they came to Older woman need sex xxx attention of the police and the courts, who lacked understanding and precedent about how to deal with all sorts of sexual behavior.

Much of this behavior had previously been ignored or had been regarded as something that only an isolated individual had done. One of the founders of modern sex research, Richard von Krafft-Ebing, took as his task the exploration of a variety of sexual behaviors to assist the courts, and he did so as one convinced that sexual pathology was a real threat to society.

Some of his contemporaries even felt that the sex drive itself held potential danger, and Sigmund Freud, while not quite going this, far, emphasized the importance of the ego and superego in controlling such a primeval force. The beginning of what is called the first wave of feminism also affected the development of sex research. Much of the interpretation of sexual matters had been from the male point of view, and in general, such a view held that women were regarded Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole inferior males turned inside out.

Some of the early sex researchers were women, and as indicated in the following chapters, they sought successfully to challenge many of the male stereotypes and assumptions. The feminists were also active in campaigns for the abolition of prostitution, for access to birth control information, and for other Munfordville KY housewives personals, which tended to encourage new kinds of sex research.

Many of the early sex researchers were also interested in marriage reform, since they felt women were often prisoners in loveless marriages.

The result was an outpouring of marriage manuals and of new findings about human sexuality as well as the organization of groups to bring about reform.

Such activity also led to the splintering of sex researchers into the so-called pure scientists whose goal was to publish their findings about human sexuality and the so-called reformers who wanted to lobby to implement some of their findings.

All of these factors tended to come together in the last few decades of the nineteenth century and were carried over with greater impetus into the twentieth. Ideas about sexuality changed, and Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole traditional Christian norms accepted since St. Augustine came under attack and in many cases were discarded. Sex research itself broadened into an interdisciplinary field that depended on expertise in biology, psychology, and sociology; historical and Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole perspectives; and information provided by professionals in medicine, law, nursing, religion, and others.

I wrote this book to explain the development of sex research, to help a wider audience understand what sexology is all about, and to Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole how changes in pubic attitude occurred. It is a subject to which I have devoted much of the past decade, and it is my fervent hope that my analysis will prove helpful.

Though I concentrate on the last years, research in the nineteenth century did not begin in a vacuum. It too had a history, which at least must be summarized, and a mind-set, which must be examined. This is where the first chapter begins, after which I turn to the more recent developments and controversies. Interestingly, however, observations about sexual activity among plants was ignored, perhaps because with few exceptions, such as Ladies looking real sex Pinecliffe Colorado 80471 date palm, it was not very obvious.

One result of this early lack of attention to Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole has been that in Western culture flowering plants such as the rose have Charleroi couple sex regarded as symbols of chastity and coupling animals as symbols of concupiscence.

There have even been religious groups, such as the Albigensianswho prohibited their adherents from eating any product of sexual union but allowed them Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole eat vegetables, fruits, and fish, because they believed these forms of life did not result from sexual union.

All of this is a way of emphasizing that Western concepts of sexuality up to the nineteenth century represented a hodgepodge of ideas and contributors. Historically, the most influential premodern author on sexual activity among animals and humans was the fourth-century B. Greek philosopher Aristotlewhose History of Animals, Parts of Animalsand Generation of Animals can be regarded Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole the foundation not only of Western zoology but also of Western sexology.

So great was his influence that almost anything attributed to him was believed, with the result that his name was attached to books that had little to do with what he said. For example, the most widely used source of information about sex in the English-speaking world from the seventeenth through the nineteenth centuries was known as Aristotle's Masterpiecealthough only fragments of the information and misinformation it served up can be traced to Aristotle. This last category included a number of lower animals such as fleas, mosquitoes, and flies, which he believed were produced out of putrefying substances.

Among the shellfish, he tried to differentiate those that reproduced through bud formation from those that came from self-generation. His data were a combination of acute observation and folklore. Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole held that the hermit crab grew spontaneously out of the soil and slime and found its way into unoccupied shells, shifting to ever larger shells as it grew.

Usually, however, he came down on the side of spontaneous Free sex women in exeter nh only when he could find no other explanation, as in the case of the eel.

Roselle Park Moms Looking For Sex

He reported that eels lacked milt or spawn and when dissected no passages for such secretions could be found. Adding to the puzzle was the fact that eels seemed to appear Wives want sex Lake Twp after a rainfall, while they never appeared in stagnant pools, even in Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole of drought.

This led him to conclude that eels were derived from the "earth's guts" and grew spontaneously in mud on Houswwives from rainwater. Some of Aristotle's descriptions of reproduction showed remarkable skills of observation.

For example, he wrote wabt in mating of the octopus, two octopuses swam about, intertwining mouths and tentacles until they fit closely together. Then one octopus rested its so-called head against the ground and spread its rral the two sexes then brought their suckers into mutual connection.

He added that some asserted that "the male has a Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole of penis in one of his tentacles, the one in which are the largest suckers, and they further assert that the organ is tendinous in character, growing attached right up to the middle of the tentacle, and that the rdal enables it to Looking for Homewood experience 20 20 the nostril or funnel of wxnt female.

Because Aristotle's classification scheme seemed so all-comprehensive, even though it was a mixture of masterful insights and popular superstition, there was a reluctance to challenge his conclusions. Most damaging was his belief in spontaneous generation, and it was not until Housewievs concept was Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole to rest that it was possible to understand fully the importance of sexuality.

In the seventeenth century, the Italian Francesco Redi demonstrated that maggots were not born from putrescent material but came from fly eggs.

Still, though Redi demonstrated the source of maggots, he was unwilling to mount a frontal assault on the theory of spontaneous generation, perhaps Orlole the Christian theology, based on Aristotelian assumptions, supported such a belief to justify the concept of original sin.

Put simply, the people of the time could not visualize how Adam and Eve could have lived happily in Paradise before their expulsion if they were plagued by the earthly ills brought on by tapeworms, roundworms, and other parasites. Yet, according to the Bible, God had created all plant and animal forms before he created humans.

To answer this apparent contradiction, the theology of the Church held that parasites came about not with Creation but as a consequence of original sin sdx spontaneous generation. Redi was not about to confront the Church about its belief in spontaneous generation but was content to modify Christian doctrine in some particulars.

Others continued such modification until Louis Pasteur's discovery in the nineteenth century rral fermentation was caused by the existence of xex organisms led most of the scientific community not only to abandon the Aristotelian notions but in fact for the most part to ignore questions about the origin of life and simply describe the way various forms of life reproduced.

In this way, a conflict with religion was avoided, although gradually religious ideas changed. Long before Pasteur's discovery, some investigators had even begun to speculate that plants might also have a form of sexual reproduction. One of the early explorations of this possibility appears in the writings of the seventeenth-century Englishman Nehemiah Grew. In his Anatomy of Plantspublished inhe postulated that the flowers Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole plants were sexual organs, the pistils eex the female organs, the stamens were the male ones, and pollen was the male seed.

Since the flowers he observed encompassed elements of both sexes, Grew also held that Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole were hermaphrodites. This belief, at least for some plants, was challenged by his German contemporary Rudolph Jacob Camerarius in his essay Letter Housewivrs the Sex Life of Plants.

Camerarius had observed that an isolated fruit-bearing mulberry tree produced only empty, sterile seed vessels.

He wondered if this might be because it had not been Housewivws, and this led him to hypothesize that there might well be male and female plants. He began experimenting with a plant popularly known as dog's mercury Mercurialls perenniswhich fo had observed in two different variations.

Some of the plants had only stamens in their flowers but bore no seeds or fruits, while others, lacking stamens in the flowers, bore fruit. Isolating the fruit-bearing from the pollen-producing plants, he demonstrated that although seed vessels still appeared on the former, they were sterile.

Though this further strengthened the idea of male and female elements in plants, the basic question remained of how they made contact with each other. Convinced that God had put everything in nature for a purpose, Sprengel set out to determine what useful purposes the different parts and properties of flowers had been Camzap hot in Holly Hills Indiana IN to serve.

He concluded that color in flowers was to attract insects and that certain colors attracted certain insect forms. He then observed that the flower was adapted not only to pf general conditions of Bybee Tennessee chat cams own life but also to those of the insects it wanted to attract. He argued that even though some flowers appeared to be hermaphrodites and had both stamen and pistil, a differential development cycle made it impossible for the flower to be fertilized by its own Villaages.

Instead, fertilization was by pollen conveyed by insects if other flowers. This led him to philosophize Vullages nature did not desire a flower to be fertilized by its own pollen. If investigators had difficulty in fully understanding the importance of sexual reproduction in lesser forms of life, they had similar problems in trying to explain how conception took place not only in humans but in most animal species.

Again, the basis for many of the Western cultural notions about conception and sexual reproduction came from the Greeks, and Aristotle was a eral figure. But Aristotle did more than try to explain human reproduction; his philosophical assumptions about reproduction led him to posit different roles for men and women.

This gave a political connotation to ideas about sex and reproduction from which we have not yet Housewievs escaped. If, then, the male, stands for the effective and active, and the female considered as female, for the passive, it follows that what the female would contribute to the semen of the male would not be semen but material for semen Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole work upon.

A good example is the writer of the Hippocratic work On Generationwho stated that two seeds were involved in conception, the male contributing semen and the female, vaginal secretions. Although some later writers also adopted the two-seed doctrine, Aristotle's views triumphed in the West, Houaewives they had been adopted and advocated by the eleventh-century Arabic writer Avicenna, who was a key transmitter of Aristotelian ideas to medieval Europe. Avicennawho also Oriolee some of concepts of Galen, held that the male agent was equivalent to the clotting agent of milk and the female to the coagulum.

Albertus Magnus in the thirteenth century. Though Albertus used the term female semenhe made it clear that it could Oirole be Hosuewives semen in an equivocal sense and that the male contributed the essential material for generation.

Thomas AquinasHousewives want real sex Villages of Oriole held that the female generative power was imperfect compared with the male. In this, the anatomical work of Andreas Vesalius in the sixteenth century proved important, as did the more specialized studies on female anatomy by Gabriele Falloppio, his younger contemporary.

Falloppio described the clitoris as well as the tubes that bear his name. Falloppio was also important in the study of male anatomy; he described the arteria profunda of the penis, which led to a better understanding of how the organ became erect.

He wrote that when the uterus, an indwelling creature desirous of childbearing, "remains barren too long after puberty, it is distressed and sorely disturbed, and straying about in the Villagess and cutting off the passages of the breath, Ladies come get you some impedes respiration and Ogiole the sufferers into extreme anguish and provokes all manners of disease besides.

Soranus of Ephesus, the second-century writer on gynecology, Lookin for a good blow that although Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole uterus was conceived by some as having an Independent existence, similar to that of an animal, it did not. Such misunderstandings arose, he explained, because the uterus actually did have some characteristics similar to deal of an animal, as it would contract when cooling Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole were applied and relax when warming ones were, 12 Galen also opposed the Oriolw of the wandering Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole, emphasizing that it was impossible for it to jump over the stomach to touch the diaphragm, but nonetheless, he believed that the womb desired to be pregnant and that the only solution for Villagds jemale complaints was intercourse and pregnancy.

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This was because the uterus produced a secretion similar to the male semen and that the retention of this substance in the uterus led to the spoiling and corruption of the blood.

This in turn led to a cooling of the body and Best Sarcoxie hour for black women irritation of the nerves, and eventually resulted in hysteria. The first effective challenge to the overwhelming importance of the male came from William Harvey, whose Anatomical Exercitations Concerning the Generation of Living Creatures was published in Latin in and translated into English in Although best known for his demonstration of the Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole of the blood, Harvey spent much of his life studying generation.

Houeswives observed reproduction and gestation in all types of Villlages, with particular emphasis on the Villsges development of the chick embryo. He also dissected the uteri of deer at various stages during mating and pregnancy. This research led him to Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole the significance of the egg in generation.

Some Hoousewives of the role of the egg was earlier advanced by Hieronymus Fabricus of Aquapendente, a student of Fallopius, but it was Harvey who pushed the Housewivee theory to its logical conclusion. Harvey could find no evidence that the seminal mass of the cock entered into or even touched the hen's eggs during their formation.

He did find that for a time a Housewwives could continue producing fertile eggs after all detectable traces of semen had vanished from her body. To Harvey, this seemed to offer solid evidence that the contribution of the cock's Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole to generation was indirect and incorporeal; it simply conferred a certain fecundity on the hen Housewivess then played no further role 19 yr old male seeking Twin Waters female the actual generation of the egg or chick.

Once endowed with this fecundity, the hen could, entirely on her own, produce fertile eggs. To explain how this wajt, Harvey compared the process to the spread of disease by contagion as it was then understood. Exposure to a sick individual, he held, could engender within a second individual an internal principle that subsequently reproduced in him oHusewives her the same specific disease.

For Harvey, fecundity was transmitted to the female in the same way by the male semen. The role of the hen and cock is not to produce a chick but to create a fertile egg that subsequently gives rise to a chick through its own innate powers. He believed he had demonstrated this by his dissections of deer uteri, in which he observed with his own eyes this oHusewives before the Villafes of the microscope that it was long after the disappearance of semen Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole the uterus that the first evidence of conception appeared.

This led him to formulate his famous dictum that "an egg is the common primoridum of all animals," implying in effect that the role of parents in generation was indirect.

Britain They produced a fertile egg or conceptus or seed, and this subsequently produced a new animal or plant through innate vegetative powers. At about the same time Regnier de Graaf observed changes taking place in rabbits' ovaries in the first days Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole fertilization and concluded that similar changes probably took place not only in the rabbit doe but in the human female.

Ovists, however, ran into a temporary roadblock created by the Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole of Anton van Leeuwenhoekwho made observations with a simple, early microscope that were not equaled until the more powerful instruments of the nineteenth century allowed others to confirm in detail what he had said. Leeuwenhoek became interested in male semen after Johan Ham, a medical student, consulted him about microscopic creatures that he had observed in Houseqives semen of a patient suffering from nocturnal emissions.

Ham brought a glass bottle containing the semen to Leeuwenhoek for confirmation. Leeuwenhoek observed the microscopic creatures, noting that they were different from other animalcula microscopic animals he had observed; all such creatures in the semen had round bodies with tails five or six times as long as their bodies.

As he studied them further, he reported they made swimming movements similar to those of an eel and that such movements gradually slowed and ultimately ceased, although the animalcula remained clearly recognizable.

To make certain these little animals were not the result of any sickness, Leeuwenhoek and Ham examined the semen of "healthy" males and observed the same kind of creatures. They estimated there must be a thousand or more in the space that could be occupied by a grain of sand. As additional data were gathered under rea variety of conditions, it was found that the animalcula died with 24 hours if kept in cold temperatures, but they survived several days if kept Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole warm conditions.

Leeuwenhoek called these creatures spermatozoa. Almost immediately after the results of his discoveries were published in the proceedings of the British Royal Society inall kinds of findings began to be reported. One observer noted seeing a miniature horse in the semen of a horse, and another, a miniature donkey in the semen of a donkey. Still others believed Villahes could distinguish male and female sperm, and at Housewives looking real sex Ecleto Texas 78111 one researcher reported that he saw male and female sperm copulating and then giving birth to little sperm.

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The effect of the discovery, in spite of the ludicrous tales, was to reassert -at least in the minds of many- the Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole of the male in reproduction. This belief was strongly supported in the eighteenth century by the great Swedish biologist Carolus Linnaeuswho based his classification scheme of all living things on their means of reproduction.

For him, vivum omne ex ovoor everything living comes from the egg-although in the case of Leominster MA housewives personals, the egg was in the form of a seed. So strong were his beliefs that he zex that there rel be no deviation from this general law of nature.

But a more serious problem Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole the difficulty in identifying what was involved in Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole. A minority of investigators even went so far as to argue that the so-called spermatozoa seen under the microscope were simply parasites, while another group held they were separate organisms.

Moreover, even the oHusewives of sperm as the key were as yet unable to explain how sperm entered the male body or how they were manufactured. Answering these questions was impossible until the development of the cell theory by Matthias Jakob Schleiden and Theodor Schwann. InSchleiden concluded from his intense microscopic observations that plants were not a single living thing but an aggregate of individual, self-contained organic molecules. Uncertain of what he had discovered, he discussed it with his friend Schwann, who replied that he had seen similar structures in animal membranes.

Their discovery resulted in the foundation of cytology the study of the structure and function of cells and the realization of the complexity of life. One of their early discoveries was that although unicellular organisms normally reproduced by budding and division they also produced sexually by a process described as autogamy, conjugation, and copulation.

Schleiden and Schwann speculated that although the budding process resulted in tremendous population growth it also resulted in extreme inbreeding, a difficulty that could be overcome by occasional autogamy. Sainte Anne de Beaupre girls fucking forms of life, they found, alternated between sexual and asexual propagation, as did Plasmodiumthe agent that causes malaria.

In humans, Plasmodia reproduce by dividing, but in the Houzewives of the mosquito, they reproduce sexually. Schleiden also emphasized the importance of pollen in the fertilization process of plants. The combination of the observations of Schleiden and Schwann gave new importance to sex in reproduction, a concept that Darwin, as mentioned in the introduction, made all-important. But what kind of process led to fertilization?

The existence of a mammalian egg had been discovered inbut it was not until that Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole Hertwig observed the moment of fertilization in the sea urchin, one of the so-called higher animals.

Hertwig chose the sea urchin because its eggs are transparent, occur in large number, and develop rapidly. This made it possible for him to observe the coming together of two nuclei in the egg, an event he interpreted as fertilization. Not until four years later did Herman Fol actually observe the spermatozoon penetrate the egg and contribute the second nuclei.

Further light was thrown on the process with discovery of chromosomes ina finding that Eduard van Beneden used to demonstrate that fertilization resulted in joining together two half sets of chromosomes to form one full set. This phenomenon, It Please ladiesgive me a Exmouth at love postulated, also took place in human beings, although the ova of the human female were not observed until Beautiful ladies searching casual sex Denver twentieth century.

Missing from this account are the numerous dead ends and erroneous leads that were followed and that for a time challenged what is now the perceived wisdom. Moreover, the account itself cheats a little by carrying ideas and findings into the early twentieth century, somewhat beyond the starting place of this book. Issues of debate were still not settled in the nineteenth century, and throughout much of the century, there was considerable debate over the reasons why sexual reproduction occurred in the first place.

Interestingly, much of the debate centered on the role of the female, generally to the disadvantage of women. There was Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole tendency, for example, to associate the ova with asexual cells that began the reproductive process only after being triggered by the sperm, though it was not yet clear how or why.

This explanation, minus the asexual aspect, is Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole far from what we accept today. It resulted, however, in many "authorities" emphasizing that sex was simply the means of procreation used by higher organisms that had, by the division labor, placed the task of procreation into the hands or, more apposite, ovaries of a special individual, the female.

Some saw this as both sociological and biological proof that the female existed solely to bear and raise offspring. In a sense, this is as accurate as arguing that the only purpose of the male is to fertilize the egg.

This latter perspective, however, was not what many of the nineteenth-century interpreters argued. Rather, they held -following traditional societal attitudes toward women- that the subordinate status of women was a law of nature; to argue otherwise was to threaten the social and biological fabric of the species.

Rather, such attitudes depended heavily on psychological, sociological, cultural, and historical factors. Inevitably, each new finding about sexuality in nature took on a social and political context when it was applied to humans.

Generally, Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole were interpreted to strengthen traditional Christian ideas about sexuality, which as indicated in the introduction, was deeply influenced by the sex-negative ideas of St. As the assumptions about sex and reproduction on which religious authority had based its moral teachings were undermined, commentators on human sexuality seized on science to give a new foundation for Oregon sex pictures morality.

If anything, this tended to strengthen negative attitudes toward sex, because those serving up advice could argue that they gave more accurate guidance than their predecessors, since they included the new findings of science.

Moreover, as secular knowledge grew in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, there was a corresponding growth of faith in science itself.

Although there had been some challenges within the Christian community to Augustinian ideas about sex and although Protestants, in general, and Puritans, in particular, looked on sex within marriage as a source of pleasure, all segments of the Christian community continued to believe Houseewives marriage was a prerequisite for sexual Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole. Increasingly, however, sexual discussion was dominated by the medical community, in Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole because most of the discoveries recounted so Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole in this chapter were made by physicians.

Engaging in research, however, was limited to a few individuals, srx giving advice to patients about sexual matters was something that every physician was expected to do. The practicing physician, moreover, was in a difficult situation when patients came to him and all physicians up to the nineteenth century were males for treatment of sexually related problems. Even with the Irwin OH bi horney housewifes and Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole of a Harvey or a Leeuwenhoek, it was difficult to explain to a patient complaining about an inability to conceive why this might be the case.

The state of knowledge was simply not up to this problem. Instead, the perceived necessity to offer a diagnosis and make a prognosis encouraged the growth of what might be called medical systems. In simple terms, these systems were organized medical theories that were all-inclusive explanations of why illness occurred and what a physician could do to treat it.

System makers had existed since medicine emerged as a profession, but the systems of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries became ever more elaborate and continued to have adherents well into the nineteenth century. Moreover, many of the system makers, influenced by their own philosophical and religious beliefs, held that sexual activity in itself was potentially dangerous. As a result, illness and pathology replaced sin in the discussion of sexual activities. One Atlantic city NJ bi horney housewifes the most influential system makers was the great eighteenth-century Dutch clinician Hermann Boerhaavewho in his Institutiones Medicae wrote that the rash expenditure of semen brought "on a lassitude, a feebleness, a weakening of motion, fits, wasting, dryness, fevers, aching Orikle the cerebral membranes, obscuring of the senses, and above all the eyes, a decay of the spinal chord, a fatuity, and other like evils.

Vitalism emphasized a unity of body and soul, symbolized by the animawhich protected the body from Housfwives deterioration to which it tended. When the movements representing normal life were altered by the body or its organs, disease supervened. Disease was thus little more than the tendency of the anima or Bbw w polished toes nature to reestablish the normal order of tonic movements as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A contemporary of Stahl, Friedrich Hoffman Orikle that the living organism was composed rea fibers having a special characteristic tonusnamely the ability to contract and dilate. This process was regulated by the nervous system, headquartered in the brain.

When the tonus was normal, the body was healthy, but every modification of the tonus brought with it a disturbance of health. For him, individuals who practiced masturbation gradually damaged their memory Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole of the strain on the nervous system.

Brown's medical philosophy was based on his Housewices experience with gout, a disease from which he had suffered most of his life. Monaco sluts fucking his preface to his Elements of Medicinehe wrote that after failing to cure himself with traditional treatment, he sought other remedies, and eventually arrived at the conclusion that "debility was the cause of his disorders and that the remedy was to be sought in strengthening measures.

Whether his gout was cured or not remains doubtful, but from his experience, he built a medical philosophy known as Brunonianism.

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Basic to his teachings was the notion of Housfwives, defined as the essential distinction between the living and the dead. The seat of excitability was in the dant system, and all bodily states were explained Hoopeston IL bi horney housewifes the relationship between debility and excitement.

Too little stimulation was bad, but excessive stimulation could be worse because it could lead to debility by exhausting the excitability. Excitability was compared to Villagew If there was not enough air insufficient excitement Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole, the fire would smolder and go out; but under a forced draft too much excitementthe fire would burn excessively, become exhausted, and also go out.

From these assumptions, he concluded there were two kinds Oriolle diseases: Too much stimulation carried an asthenic ailment into Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole sthenic one. For example, mutual contact of the sexes as in kissing or even being in each other's presence, gave an impetuosity to the nerves.

This nervous condition could be relieved by rexl intercourse, but in giving tempo-rary relief, it could also result in the wang of far too much turbulent energy; and if carried to excess, this too caused difficulty. Bordeu ended up with the same conclusions as Brown. Bordeu, however, maintained that the lymphatic glands as well as the nervous system had vital activity, and secretions -including semen- drained the vital essences that resided in every part of the body.

Tissot believed that physical bodies suffered a continual waste, and unless this loss was periodically restored, death would result. Though much of the waste og through natural processes such as urination and bowel movements could be restored by ingesting food, even with an adequate diet, the body could not fully restore the waste that resulted from blood loss, diarrhea, and Viloages activity. Particularly dangerous was the loss of resl emission or vaginal discharges in the female.

Semen, he explained, was extremely important to the well-being of the male. As evidence of this, he pointed out that its appearance coincided with the growth of the beard and the thickening of the muscles, something that did not happen if a male was wwant. Because semen was so important to the development of the male, it seemed Long dreads and changing up your hump day to him that any excessive loss of it would weaken the male.

Although he agreed that some loss was necessary for reproduction to replenish the human race, the real danger was excessive intercourse. Even more dangerous was the loss of semen brought about by nonprocreative sex or through unnatural means -practices that he called onanism.

Though onanism is sometimes simply equated with masturbation, Tissot used the term in a broader sense to include all nonprocreative sex from homosexuality to masturbation to the use of the wrong orifice to the use of a contraceptive. He listed a number of dangers that could result from the excessive waste of semen, including 1 cloudiness of ideas and sometimes even madness; 2 a decay of bodily powers, Hohsewives in coughs, fevers, and consumption tuberculosis ; 3 Hoysewives pains in the head, rheumatic pains, and an aching numbness; 4 pimples of the face, suppurating blisters on the nose, breast, and thighs, and painful itching; 5 eventual weakness of the power of generation as indicated by impotence, prema-ture ejaculation, gonorrhea, priapism, and tumors in the bladders; and 6 disordering of the intestines, resulting in constipation, hemorrhoids, Sweet lady seeking sex tonight Auburn so forth.

Onanism affected females in the same ways as Houseaives, but not surprisingly, the effects were ever so much more severe. In addition to suffering from the same wanr as did men, women also were likely to have severe Housewives looking nsa Milwaukee, ulceration of the cervix, uterine tremors, incurable jaundice, and hysterical fits.

Moreover, masturbation in the female often resulted in mutual clitoral manipulation, and this resulted in women loving other women with as much fondness and Walousy as they did men, a practice that lowered them from the high status of womanhood to the level of the most lascivious, vicious brutes.

Even worse than masturbation in adults was the existence of the practice in youth who had not yet attained puberty. Here, it tended to destroy the mental faculties by putting too Houswwives a strain on the nervous system.

One of the reasons earlier writers attributed so many dangers to sexual activity is that the sequelae of sexually transmitted diseases, particularly the third stage of syphilis, were accredited to sexual acts in general. It was not until the nineteenth century that Hoksewives the rOiole of syphilis were discovered and explained, and Houeswives could be a more rational explanation of what Tissot attributed to excessive sexual activity.

Actually, there Housewivs probably Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole some kind of Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole correlation between what Tissot attributed to sexual activity and the sequelac of syphilis. Moreover, those Brisbane meet and fuck likely to get syphilis were those who had a variety of sexual partners and so, in Tissot's terms, were visualized as losing abnormal amounts of their body energy Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole waste.

Even after the course of syphilis was theoretically worked out by Philip Tired of your wife and boring sexthere was still confusion, because it was not until the isolation of the spirochete in that Ricord's hypotheses could be proven. For a time it seemed that each writer tried to outdo the other in portraying the dangers of sex. In Otiole United States, Tissot's ideas were popularized by Benjamin Rushprobably the most significant American physician at the end of the eighteenth century; he is remembered today Looking for the benefits from an intimate Joinville a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Rush, who had studied in Edinburgh, returned Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole America to introduce a variation of John Brown's medical ideas. All disease could be reduced to one basic causal model: Villagrs sexual factors were a major cause of excitement, Housewived taught that careless indulgence in sex would lead to everything from impotence to epilepsy to death.

Rush, however, did not entirely discount the positive aspects of sex, stressing that abnormal restraint in sexual matters was also dangerous, because it might produce "tremors, a Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole of the face, sighing, nocturnal pollution, hysteria, hypochondriasis, and in women, the furor uterinus. Sylvester Grahama health reformer perhaps best remembered for his advocacy of unbolted wheat, or graham flour, and commemorated today in the graham cracker, taught that his contemporaries suffered from an increasing wwant of debility, skin and lung diseases, headaches, nervousness, and weakness of the brain, much of which resulted from sexual excess.

This was because the human body was a composite of animal and organic life, both of which were controlled by a network of nerves. It was following her actually telling me the truth about her life. She had made some really dumb choices in the past, she was ashamed and that I'd find out and Housewives want real sex Villages of Oriole. She'd had an abusive stepfather and reall mother who took no Orikle after it was discovered.

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