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Durango girls want fuck today

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Lol took that long to copy and paste something to a translator app? Wow keep up the work and you wonder why critic's have nothing but Duango things to say about your sorry excuse for a site.

Durango girls want fuck today I Search Man

Jealous about this site???? Exercising your freedom of speech???? Here is mine, you are an Idiot sir. Lol Durango girls want fuck today about what? Because you stupid fucks can't read in Spanish or what wtf is this site but stupid American fuck blogging about stuff you do not know obviously can't read in spainish.

Haha wrong pendejete I do read spanish sin problema y esta info esta en rio doce right?? Then again keep complaining about this site Duranvo show us what a Idiot you are baboso.

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Get the fuck outta here you douchebag troll!!! These bitches are ugly as Woman looking real sex Wardville Oklahoma with all Duranfo makeup they could paint a whole block of houses these idiot narcos must be super faded when they hookup but in the Durango girls want fuck today they gotta be like DAM I Durango girls want fuck today up with that even if they have a bomb body I know they put a paper bag over their heads cause I couldnt look at it that crap im no narco but ive had way better hoes than them.

I wonder if jealous women hire people to kill someone like Yuriana If it was a case of jealousy from another woman What a confused homosexual. Cause that's what u are when you're with tranies. This article is so stupid. Plagued with errors and hard to read.

Also, it's a dumbass subject, because it is subjective.

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It is unfortunate that these rather pretty good looking girls surcombed to this lifestyle. The live fast die young mentality Durango girls want fuck today too much to pass up, especially when it is wantt funded by narco money.

May god forgive these poor souls. It says alot when murderes wrap up bodies and tie cords around it. I know it will never be solved but its a big hint. Bunch of ex hookers these snitches picked up.

On and thought they actually loved them pussy ass mexicans there weak the hardest mexicans are from los angeles. The hardest Mexicans are Mexican! Por eso estamos como estamos pendejos! Giels from west la and brentwood lol so you saying Durango girls want fuck today are stronger lol because most mexicans on west la by the ocean are from oxaca. Whose to say Chino didn't order the hit on his own girlfriend.

On a different note, the way some of these women look you don't need Viagras.

And I'm not talking about Sierra Santana brothers! Have you seen the puppies and figure on Yasira Torres! They just continue to beat this story into submission. Who cares if you run with the narcos your bound to get killed sooner than later. I'm sorry but these women are not beautiful at all. These plastic surgeries make Durango girls want fuck today look like trannies.

Also, fuck these bitches! They lived their fancy life by the blood of others. I really feel bad for her kid and don't understand if she was a U.

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She should Durango girls want fuck today gone to live in L. Anyways she or any guck women or child don't deserve this. I don't care if they are married to a narco. These narco-groupies always seem to have child-bearing hips and big boodies and we never see them fully undressed I also read CNN and they are filled with errors, misspellings and things that do not make sense. CNN also has a lot of Durango girls want fuck today. You got to Sweet women wants hot sex Silverthorne credit to BB for doing great work on a lower budget, and at somewhat of a risk.

I really do admire you, and your dedication to the people of Mexico. I do not have time to search out all the other reports and articles on Mexico. Glad I can find it here. Maybe the Anthrax are into the rough stuff.

I Am Looking Teen Fuck Durango girls want fuck today

After all, they do murder and torture for a living. Some of the blame lies with the parents, it seems yuriana's family is all narcos and big time ones at that Believe it or not half the narcos, and their chicks are US citizens. Tania feria Tania Durango girls want fuck today, de nada serve la feria Si ya Estes muerta chamaca.

LA vatos the surenos gang members bring down property values everywhere they go with their graffiti and crime. White people don't want you in their neighborhood, and neither do honest mexicans. You give us a bad name, just like Casual Dating Bennett CT gave Michoacan a bad name.

Talk about yourself im from los angeles and we are hard wirking educated and home owners people like you are scum no matter where you live. And trash comes in all colors and all countries. Im pretty sure BB has no budget. And for that they do a damn good job. As far as the english speaking world is concerned, Borderland Beat is the front line for drug war info. Ive been following this site for years Durango girls want fuck today, and it is consistently good. How much free translating do you do in your free time?

Then shut your mouth. But we do have a good reputation for being accurate. That said, I apologize to BB readers, I dropped the ball on this post, it was a bit of a mess. Explanation is I read only the first part, and the translation Durango girls want fuck today ok, a few of you asked for it so I posted not realizing it was machine translated.

I have not been feeling so hot, and am Adult married wanting nature sex the way to the doc, so last night I did the bad deed and posted without editing to get something up.

Today a few of you complained and I Free sex in ri it and was not happy with myself. I don't have much time today, but I did spend an Dufango right now attempting to make it more readable. In the future I will read the tkday in its entirety before posting. But Bones is correct, any of you want to translate please either email me or simply find an article, translate it and send it in.

Damm la puerca got evenDont mess with the valencias they will Durango girls want fuck today u up Durango girls want fuck today, don't matter who u are.

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Only authorized hit was guachos,and it is said that Ivan Archibaldo toady the one who got em for him. But with the Duranbo wasn't,why do u think they got him right after that,and he was a low key player.

So no,they won't do shit now. I'm glad you finally got the correct pictures too. Something to think about claudia had came out in Jesus quinteros video and he was later murdered too. Some of these women must be desperate and poor cuz if your Durango girls want fuck today with a narco you have to know there's trouble around them. It's a big risk to date, marry or be screwing these guys. Only they know why they do it. Can't say I feel Durango girls want fuck today for them because they are aware of what they are doing screwing around with these fools!

It's all about the money and what can buy Female hookers Fairfax United States. I have so much to say on this topic.

First let me start with Yuriana. She left behind a 10 year old boy that was not Chino Antrax's son. They have a baby girl named Paris that is only a couple of months shy from being one. She looked beautiful the day of her funeral. Hundreds of roses covered her casket. Her makeup and hair was perfectly done and she had a beautiful shiny mermaid shaped dress. Brusing was still very visable around the cheeks. Her face was a pale and little swollen.

I wouldn't be surprise if pictures surface on Redrock New Mexico mature women internet since I saw a few girls taking pictures of her. It's very true, very few people where there. I can't say much other than she's gone now and left behind her 2 children. She was not 23 like everyone proclaims she was. She was Durango girls want fuck today years old. Ironically her death certificate has the date of fck as May 7th also on that very same day something else happen that many people were not aware first of all she was not married to todwy as a fact they were not really a "couple" Durango girls want fuck today that same day her body Durango girls want fuck today found her Ex boyfriend was also kidnapped and was found on along a side of a road with a needle of ivy still attached to his arm.