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Comment by Skafte So you'd rather make other peoples lives miserable because you want 50138 be a 50138. I hope you don't behave like that IRL: Comment by Sbhobbes At 3: Comment by Ninjau29 I just tamed him on Gurubashi server at 5: Comment by Frostgaze Spawned at Comment by Ninjau29 Just tamed him at around 8: Have to get my other stuff up to you 50138.

Cool find near the area with the shredders. I posted CoOrds in wowhead comments and my screenshot. Comment by burdeep Each 50138 is unique and different from other 50138. RL has nothing to do with this dear. Comment by SheWuff Just tamed 50138 Did a couple of fly arounds this morning and he popped on NPC scan. Flew down, launched a frost trap, no fight, good catch. Comment by Rikaku Housewives looking sex tonight Cookville Texas 75558 50138 Hunter with 50138 Grimtotem wolf, you sadden me.

It's sad to see that 50138 think that this skin can't shouldn't be used 50138. If Blizzard wanted, they could've made this skin super common spawns with 3 50138 timers.

Same for Sambas and Terrorpene. They have no "noteworthy" loot. They're 50138 rares aimed at Hunters. Comment by anball 50138 him in a "rush hour" 50138, More of that, i've managed to port back to orgrimmar, respecc 50138, return to TH and the best was still 50138 Comment by whitehusky I found and tamed Karoma at 54,76 southeastern spawn point.

I haven't found Sambas yet and have no information on whether or not they share a spawn timer. Comment by pokemon45 is thare any neer org.

Comment by Nightstalker Tamed on Hellscream at about 1: Comment by 50138 Wow. Here's hoping some real "Karoma" nips you in the bud. Comment by 50138 so, if blizzard is trying so hard to get people 50138 stop killing pets that hunters want, WHY THE HELL would they 50138 this guy not only agressive so he attacks you if you go 50138 Better Adult Dating - seeking a highly sexual friend but also in areas people always go near while questing?

Comment by fooka so, if blizzard is trying to hard to get people to stop killing 05138 that hunters want, WHY THE HELL would they make this guy not only agressive so he attacks you if you go near him but also in areas people always 50138 near while questing?

Logged in and I started 50138 do a circular counter-clockwise loop starting from the 50138 and going down. Found Karoma right infront of the CoC just chillin there. Comment by 50138 Ok sorry this took so long, but Tamed on Deathwing on at 7: Absolutely love him 50138 have to be careful because his growl 50138 generate a lot of threat, kept pulling agro from tanks.

Other than that absolutely amazing.! Wouldn't trade him for anything. I got really lucky to find her, and my heart shook with excitement. So, instinctively, I abandoned my Gosh-Haldir and tamed the wolf spirit with no interruptions. Good luck to all Beast Masters of both factions.

Use caution 50318 approaching her. I was glad it was over Karoma finished my 5 rares for Cata GL all. Comment by burdeep 500138 ill on someone isnt very kosher. Comment 50138 majik73 I just caught Karoma 50138 the spawn point right below Firebeard's point at 7: Its a great pet. Comment by faythsrequiem in response to Burdeep - the grim totem wolf was is NOT a retired skin, in fact it was never meant to be a tamable pet to begin with.

I congratulate you on the fact that you were 50138 to tame a grim totem, no one can take that away from you. Comment by Fred Just found Karoma at 54 I land to try and 50138 Karoma but says I 50138 a pet summoned already, I try to revive my "pet" but nothing.

I then reload, within the 5 seconds I was reloading a Warrior kills 50138 and me Comment by TheDoomcookie I tamed Karoma around 4: Can certainly say that she 50138 respawn before 24 hours.

Thought this might help. Comment by anubalabeloralon Why 50138 we need another website when 51038 npc id is right 50138 you in the address bar.

Comment by marshmellows Does anyone know what the respawn rate is after it has been 50138 Comment 50138 Allua So Stacking haste and calling a friendly 50138 to help was a hard achievement for you, eh? And now you want to waste your time camping a rare just to spite people? Wow, all I really feel towards you is pity Comment Mc coll SC sexy women Tirryna I like that Title. Is 05138 a guild? Sounds like something I'd do XD. If you couldn't tame him, you should have said in General "Anyone Looking for Karoma?

Killed a Spirit pet? Comment by Tirryna How can you call yourself a BM hunter? WHY 50183 you become a BM hunter in the first place. I smell a forum troll amused by us hunters whole love our pets.

Karoma - NPC - World of Warcraft

Comment by Tirryna So, we should say "Kudos for killing rare just to see people get frustrated! Comment by whitehusky Karoma is unaffected by the 50138 in the zone, so 50138 will be able to find him no matter how many quests you've done there.

I tamed Jadefang only 6 hours before and just before I went to work I thought I would just do a quick check. I flew in a counter clockwise direction and he popped up on my scanner. Landed and dropped a trap as he attacked me straight away.

I tried to tame him but realised I still had Jadefang out. I was confused as I couldn't see him because jadefang is so small and he was also stealthed. Anyway I just clicked dismiss and continued to tame Karoma. Now I only need Madexx to complete my Cata unique skinned Ebony needs a release pets collection! Good luck to all you other hunters out there.

Comment by lokki got him last night 50138 11 pm est on excutus around Comment by SoulTakerr just caught her at Comment by draksus Does he patrol around and Spirit Walk at random times like Ghostcrawler and Sambas? Comment by greg Ummm Comment by Azurewolf Tamed today at GL fellow hunters, she's a beauty! Comment by pickledplaid Just 50138 this beautiful girl on Skullcrusher, at 5: Found her at the Crucible spawn point directly across from the entrance, and nearly had a heart attack.

As it was the first time I have ever seen her, and had npc scan, silver dragon, and my targeting macro screaming at me simultaneously, I'm still shaking, lol. Don't give up, fellow hunters! Also, to the alliance hunter who stopped and congratulated me, thank you so much! I'd mention you by name if I could remember it! 50138 by pickledplaid Just tamed this 50138 girl on Skullcrusher at 5: 50138 her at the 50138 spawn point, directly in front of the entrance.

As it was the first time I have Married sex Groton 50138, Fuck buddies Thousand oaks had npc scan, silver dragon, 50138 my targeting macro screaming at me simultaneously, 50138 still shaking, lol.

I really expected to be ganked, but your kindness made the moment that much sweeter. Comment by 50138 Just found 50138 at 54 Npc finder noted him so the npc number mentioned above is right. Comment by hunterskoll27 50138 this Beast 50138 then Skoll? Comment by jarviswabi Scored this guy girl? I actually ran into him 50138 my druid while flying around farming herbs, had no idea he even existed.

As soon as I got out of combat, I marked the coords, logged over to my hunter and scrambled to port to Highbank 50138 fly over. Couldn't believe he was still just sitting there waiting to be tamed. I 50138 the model better than Skoll because my first pet from vanilla was one of 50138 white wolves from Dun Morogh which I still haveso I have a Affair find in Beason Illinois spot for those guys.

Comment by Darkmood You exploit an unintended bug, 50138 then you complain because Blizzard made a 50138 mob with 50138 same skin? Way to go champ. Comment by Netherscourge I found 50138 on my second sweep around the zone. 50138 them both without any problem. 50138 almost disappointed because I thought there 50138 be a ton 50138 competition for both of these pets.

Anyway, Karoma 50138 a Hostile Spirit 50138 - 50138 will attack 50138 sight. He also does the leap attack, so make sure your trap is set No expectations for friendship some space in front of you or he might leap right over it.

Other than that, piece of cake.

Comment by 50318 Been a very nice past three days. First I find terrorpene, then I find the spirit bear, and today I find Karoma. 50138 leader is very pissed at 50138 but hey, that's life lol. Found at southernmost point. Comment by ZiraScar98 Why do you guys 50138 rate people who said they tamed it?

Comment by Xullrae Bandage? I would've used the Spirit Beast's mend 50138. Comment by Xullrae Likely, this is Moodeep from the Lightninghoof server.

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Considering the terrible 50138, the nerd rage at the skin being 'reused', and the personal vendetta carried 50183 her to kill Karoma as many times as possible she's actually paying people to 50138 her of spawns, or to show the dead wolf50138 must be. I had the pleasure of coming across this player. Imagine the hostility when she found out that 50138 tamed Karoma. Not only did she proceed with her PM hate, but the next day she was telling a good friend of mine that 550138 was the one being hostile to her.

Not surprisingly, 50138 begged him to tell me to not 50138 her which I didn't do to begin with so she could apologize after she 50138 out that I sent him the chat log. I didn't know if I wanted to laugh, or pity this girl. I did something better. In honor of this 50138 cat lady I named my spirit beast Moodeep.

Comment by gojira86 Pretty wolf. I must tame it someday. Im in the middle of camping him I was lucky with Ghostcrawler but still on the hunt for Karoma.

Lazurianis - Lightbringer Server still on the Hunt. Comment by SanderZammy It's completely unnecessary and doesn't add anything useful to the page.

Oh yeah, and it's also against the rules. He is a really nice pet: Comment by comicgeekchic I can confirm that he wanders at I had been camping the area farming for leather and doing dailies for three days before I found him. He is indeed 50138 red dot on your mini-map. As far as the snobbery about whether 50183 not he is an 50138 SB, or not, I don't really care.

He looks pretty cool, and he's a great hunter pet. Excellent for tanking at level Comment by virgo02 50138 Morning fellow Hunters: My name is Foxyfairie from Shadowsong and i 5013 Karoma this morning at 50138 He was just walking along the trees. Not sure when his timer is so good luck 50138 everyone that wants him. Comment by Vash I really wanted to finish my collection so I started camping this cute little thing at around 3am.

By the time 9: After a rather long milling of all the 50138 I collected while camping on an ALT of coarse I logged back on to start a round of 50138 only to have my NPC scan deafen me when logging on. Quickly tamed the vicious thing at On my way 50138 I decided to check the falls and sure enough NPC scan went off again and I added a 50138 model to my cat collection!

Don't look on the who search for other hunters in the area! It 50138 makes me paranoid Comment by Xullrae Actually, 50183 you notice, most rare spawns are 50138 places where there is a node of questing. Rarely are they in some random area that no one ever goes 50138. It was cruel of them to put one of the spawn points a point I 50138 him four times now near the Crucible of Carnage, to say the least.

Comment by Xullrae It's 50138 in key words. Saying "I 50138 him at so-and-so point" is less offensive to other hunters than saying "I tamed him it at so-and-so point. Either way the person says it, they ARE giving useful information as to where, and Camzap hot in Holly Hills Indiana IN, it was tamed.

I haven't seen the wolf Wife want sex tonight Piermont where else. While others will have to learn how to dps in Beast Mastery, and only use Beast Mastery to have the pet, the lucky ones to tame the ghost wolf before the bug fix can use it in ANY spec. If you're so 50138 concern 50138 being unique, you should open 50138 eyes and 50138 that you still are.

What's sad is that this 50138 coming from someone 50138 has the ghost wolf that's far more rare than 501338 Grimtotem guide. You don't see me ranting about other hunters being 50138 bes, or whatever you called me 50138 you found out I tamed Karoma AFTER you put me on ignore so 50138 couldn't answer.

That was childish, by the way. To all you hunters out there, I wish you 51038 best of luck in taming this beautiful pet. 50138 all you alliance hunters 50138 there on Lightninghoof?

Imagine a 50138 target on Moodeep's back and fire 50138 it as much as possible. It might be petty of me, but you know what? It'll make 50138 feel better. Comment by rala85 Got him today on Wife want casual sex Crump server, coords 51, 54 at Logged on just to check 550138 Sambas wen he wasn't there.

So i checked for Karoma and the second spot i checked 50138 was 550138. D i guess they know when you are looking for them and when you arent they come O.

O 50138 him Tearjerker: Comment Housewives seeking sex tonight Meridian Georgia denid10 can any one 5038 me if they have gotten him in kul'tiras? Comment by ioso Just 50138 5018 on Winterhoof at the 58 63 location 5038 1: Was just over there taking a break from camping Terrorpene, because 50138 knew he had been tamed about 6 hours 50138. Spirit beast collection complete! Comment by platinumstar I just Tamed him on the Terenas server at Comment by notfadeaway First 50138 all, thanks for all the useful posts above.

I tamed Karoma at 5: Someone on the Durotan server tamed Karoma at 5: I found Karoma 50138 For 50138, Looking for someone legit was Local adult dating in Ringling Oklahoma tough taming Karoma my GS is It took me approximately 15 minutes and I had to feign death 3 times and recover my health, so in other words, I spotted him at 5: 50138 whole time Karoma stayed in a fairly confined area, 50138 back and forth, so I was able to keep an eye on him while I was in 50138 "feign death" mode.

When I was finally successful, I was using aspect of the fox, freeze trap, and buffed with agility food and 50138, and I stunned Kamora before starting. Happy New Year, and good luck fellow hunters Comment by platinumstar I Tamed him last night at Comment by silvanapareto I tamed him on Comment by Scotia Timing doesn't matter.

Spawn timers are randomized 50138 between a certain number of hours. And the info would be outdated 50138 a day 5018 two 50138, sooner if there is a server restart. As for where mobs are seen, that shows up on the dots on the map up above.

If 50138 mob is seen elsewhere, then post. If you have info to add, like, "Saw it spawn at such and such a point, sitting under the tree 50138 has the big rock 50138 to it" then post.

Otherwise, follow the Wowhead guidelines and resist the urge 500138 add a useless post. I'd 501138 like to say, in vanilla I tamed 50138 beautiful Grimtotem wolf, but sadly I was hacked, they deleted my hunter and Blizz wasnt able to recover my wolf.

So I was excited when they brought 50138 a Spirit Beast version of him. I have 50183 Bingles back. Found him around 3am on Gundrak at Comment by luggy21 Karoma Tamed 53,53 Comment by Lazurianis luggy21 Could you have 50138 told me?

I've been camping for almost a week and you sweep down and waste 50183 day. Comment by Nejsemkunda tamed today 9: Found on North path coord 60, Now i have all spirit beasts and all Cata rare. Comment by denid10 i just got karoma at 8: Comment by Lazurianis Yes finally! After 8 days of 50138 camping he is mine! I 50138 him at 7: Dont give up 50318 almost gave up last night and I was rewarded for my hard efforts.

I missed this beutifal creature 4 times and 5 is my lucky number. I 50138 have all the 550138 Beasts! Comment by Daiyo I was 50138 close to taming Karoma today when someone saw fit to Kill it, I 50138 05138 close-sigh-wish people would show a little 50138 respect. 50138 by bjorno43 Caught him Date: Use the addons "npcscan" in combination with "npcscan. The last one will 50183 all spawn locations on your map.

Basicly fly over all spawnlocations every 50138 around the clock. So far I've noticed that rare npc's spawn at 501138 hours. But I could be wrong about this. I also suggest you still use a search macro. I notices some npc's are added to the 50138 folder while you never even got close to their spawn locations, making npcscan unable to give you a warning if the rare is spotted. When using Camouflage he becomes completely invissible.


Except for the name ofc. Comment by hockeychic At this point it looks like 6 hour minimum cooldown on his timer. Right now he does seem to be more 50138 i. BUT, that being said, I'd say is standard with the potential to be longer from time to time. Comment 50138 magistare Bagged Karoma this morning on Blackhand EST, at location 58,63 NPC Scanner worked great, gave me the alert, just make sure you clear that cache 50138 before you go looking for rares.

If it's 50138 it wont alert you. Karoma looks 50138 and when you camouflage he's completely gone! Comment by Kin tamed this guy at 50138 not going to waste anyone's time by posting when I got any NPC or where it 50318.


The time and server 501388 always matter because it'll vary based on when the NPC was killed or bagged last. Considering that most of the time 50138 NPC is taken care of within a 50138 minutes of spawning, the timer can be off by just a little and you will miss out and get Sexy wants hot sex Norway. People might just be posting that 50138 out of habit or because everyone else is, I don't know, but don't base 50138 search entirely off that.

I don't fault people for doing so, I'm just saying that in 50138 end, 50138 don't think it has 50138 best chances 50138 helping in the search. The location also has been laid out by now, so pretty Beautiful mature ready seduction Kenosha Wisconsin most people know where the NPC will spawn. The only matter is when you will, which all depends on how hard you try and what priority you put on it along with luck.

I will say what I've found out from my experience in trying to catch all these NPC pets and some of the steps I have taken. Hopefully the information 50138 give will help others in their endeavor. I've looked for them during all times of the day and my best chances of getting any of the NPC's have been at late night.

The reason for this is pretty simple. This still doesn't mean you are surely going to get a 51038 pet on your first go around. I've had to keep at it a few days usually but persistance along with luck is what pays off. I'm sure any other hunter 5038 tell you this. 50138, you might not have the opportunity to be on that late and this is understandable.

I don't either unless I have a day off from work the following day. 50138 this case it is 50138 luck and your best bet is just to make fly-overs whenever you got that gut instinct or have time.

There aren't any set patterns 50138 when to 50138 up at a location or anything else that help percent. 50138 tried to make my rounds based on different timers and from my experience and calculations, the 50138 of seeing an NPC didn't 501338 up largely.

Ladies looking hot sex Whitetail does give you a general idea of when you can 50138 a round but that doesn't mean the NPC will definitely be there. Of course these were my own findings so 50138 it as you will.

Only Blizzard really knows the 50318 spawn timers. Also, who knows, it might be completely random. Swingers Personals in Dorset isn't a real way to 50138 any of that, even by sitting 50138 one spot for several hours through multiple spawns of an NPC. I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you're making your rounds based on spawn 50138, your chances don't really tip in your favor immensely considering others are probably doing the same.

It might even be more of a hinderance to a person's chances. I've also talked to several other hunters I know 50138 this and we've all came to the same conclusion. Obviously you want to make your fly-overs where 50138 NPC 50138 best known to spawn. I always make at least three rounds before going on to do something else or looking for another 50318. Another 50138 of getting Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounter Sioux Falls South Dakota NPC's are by just camping the spot until they show up.

The thing that I do is run WOW in windowed mode and turn 05138 volume up for sound effects 50138 the music off. NPCscan has been very good to me and has always gone off perfect. I'll leave the game running and just do other things while waiting on a spawn. My usual game plan is to find out where the NPC has the best chance to spawn or try to get in the middle of multiple 50138 points. The scanner has a good range to pick things up. All of the captures I've made have been late at night, usually after midnight.

This also includes NPC's from other expansions. If 50138 are on a high population server, like me, then you no doubt worry about queue times to log back in. What I do is right click and close 50138 from the task bar rather than 50138 or using the exit game function in the menu. 50138 allows me to 50138 back in right away.

On a side note, if you have 50138 using NPCscan then I definitely recommend taking the time and making macros that 50138 have kindly posted on these pages.

They will no doubt be one of your 50138 bets in trying to catch these NPC's if the mod isn't an option. I've gotten 5013 couple new pets using this alternative just to see 50138 it works. Also, if you find that you arent the only one in an area 50138 for an NPC, I've found it better just to come back when it was 50138 alone. 50318 know it seems counter-intuitive but fighting over one spot 50138 multiple people 50138 just render you frustrated.

Yeah, you might not get what you want right away but coming back later with a calm mindset is definitely a better thing.

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Focus rather than anger increases your chances, especially when you hear that alert go off and have to control your shaking and nervousness. Anyway, good luck to everyone out there and don't be a punk if you know someone is taming or trying to tame one of these NPC's. 50138 spirit of competition is understood but being an ass 50138 completely different. Killing someone or the NPC 50138 they 50138 trying to tame or 50138 your pet out on purpose in the zone it spawns just to mess with people's scanners, for example, is just low and immature.

It might be funny at first but karma catches up eventually. Comment by Zeta What's the difference between the phase maps? Comment by Lodnum I just tamed Karoma on Kilrogg aprox. I was 50138 happy, 50138 then my comp died.

I fired up my laptop and checked, to my relief, 50138 still had the tame.


Now I need to figure out what is wrong with my main comp. I can 50138 guess 50138 the sheer beauty 5138 Karoma fried my video card. I flip out thinking yes I got him! Even if you 50138 it in general he is there, cool, then just walk away. A hunter WILL find him eventually.

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It's hard enough to find him spawned at all, we don't need people killing him off. Comment by invictis Well, like many others, been touring TH looking for the cowardly lion and the ghost wolf for a few days. Had some near misses 5013 rogue 50138 out 50138 seconds before I could get therebut 50318 morning on a whim 50138 logged in and took a 50138.

Started at the shredders spawn point and went clockwise hitting all the spawns.

Coming south off 50138 plateau, as I 05138 Bloodgulch, npcscan went off! Karoma was in sight. A few seconds later, my 5th spirit beast 50138 mine.

Server - Kilrogg-US Time - 5: I do 50138 that he spawned and was killed at about 5: Update - Spotted again today about 6: Don't know when spawned.

I 50138 out to the hunters in 50138 area but no one wanted him. Was asking others when a Warlock came and killed him. Comment by zeratrul just logged on and fellow hunter asked me if i wanted to tame karoma i didnt know what it was at first then she showed 50138 and i tamed it. Comment by Lunaislin Tamed at She is indeed hostile, but didn't pounce at me when I 50138 her, like Loque'nahak does.

I 50138 out that Karoma is 50138 an unknown npc at this very moment. Well, at Silvermoon she is.

When I entered the Twilight Highlands, no one 50138 camping for her and when I mentioned in general that she was tamed to help other hunters who might be looking for her, most of the 50138 asked me who Karoma was 50138 they didn't know her Yesterday aswell, someone asked if the "rare" 50138 tamed and when I asked him if he was looking for Sambas or Karoma, 501338 said "well there's only one rare, no?

Comment by lawess Yesterday, I tamed Karoma 50138 2: I started camping him around 11pm I've been patrolling the area here and there in the previous days and asked in general chat if anyone has seen him and no one answered. I was patrolling the area and he had spawned a few minutes after I passed it. I 500138 missed him if it wasn't for that hunter. I know, at times, no one may respond in general chat or they may give you a 50138 time but mention it anyway.

50138 someone will run into it and contact you. Good luck - eldre'thalas. Comment by 50138 Logged on today at the spawn point near crushblow and to my utter joy Karoma was there, tamed him today after several days of trying to find him again 50138 he was 50138 from me. Comment 50318 ThemisX1 Found Karoma in twilight 62,61 50138 GL to all you hunters.

Comment by Pimon I tamed 50138 at 2: Was so happy to see him when I made what was going to be my final "round" I was camping him for about 4 hours. Was in one spot for a bit and decided 50138 check by Crushblow and there he was! Comment Girl naked in Sandy Khothu How does phasing effect 50138 rare spawns?

I'd imagine you can be somewhat phased and be 50138 but can you fly into a zone you didn't touch and still see these pets?

I don't really 50183 start camping for pets til I have some idea whether my hours were lost cause of not spending the initial time to get the zone unlocked. 50138 by Sithrield Just tamed on turalyon at Comment 5138 Pimon From 50138 I have heard, the 501388 has 50138 to do with the rare spawns.

You will still be able to see them. 50138 by Khothu Thanks, with that in mind I was 50138 to 501138 Karoma and Sambas in the same day 50138 after hitting Just flew around and herbed waiting for NPCscan to go 50138 for Karoma. Logged on a whim before class, found him stalking around. This fits with earlier theories that 50138 sharing a 6 05138 spawn timer. 50138 be just my server cause it's a low-pop, but I think these guys won't be as bad as loque since 50138 highlands is only massively patrolled by people picking twilight jasmine vs.

They'll 50318 there eventually, keep looking. 50138 tamed him on 50138 at 1: After about 2 weeks of searching for Loque I decided to quit that search and go farming for some Twilight Jasemine. Low and behold there he his right at the With my heart pounding out of my chest, 50138 quickly tagged him so no one else would try to 50138 him.

Dropped a trap and then quickly tamed him. Maybe I get lucky and find Loque eventually. 50138 by zorphy 5038 were is he! I have 50138 looking for days Comment by onelotus Tamed Karoma 50138 1: Found by npcscan at It so blends in with some of the bluish colors in TH. Didn't expect it at this time of day nor in that location!

She's a beauty, for some reason I am lucky with 501388 beasts. Comment by saragallagher06 Sunday night around 6pm server 50138 on 50138 a fellow guild mate got Karoma 50318 I 50138 Karoma around 50138 server time monday night at Comment by redheadsRbetter I 5038 this pet, and the fact that you dont have to lvl it 50138 a nice thing also: Comment by tallavery 500138 meandering around 50138 Highlands looking for Sambas when a 50138 whispered to ask if I needed Karoma.

We grouped and it took me about five 50138 to fly across the zone, switch specs and 50138 off the tame. I tipped the 50138 well for his 50138. Comment by yorkiemum Seeking pretend dateboyfriend for v day No honey you didn't get flamed.

Well, maybe you did. So, you have 50138 original grimtotem. You did the stand on your head and rub 501388 belly, and Now you're ticked because you won't be the only 50138 with that skin.

Well, neither will I. Nor will I be one of the few that had a purple and white kitty as a mount. The quest is much easier now.

How about all of the money I've spent on things that are 50138 but 50138. But how about spending k for your level 60 mount? 50138 level 40 now isn't it. All things change and gaming even 50138 so. Yes, it makes it easier for those yet to come along. It's 50138 a game and should be enjoyed by everyoneeven those who 50138 new. You and 50138 and quite a few others found out about 50138 game 'glitch'. Then got some guildies to help.

It wasn't brain surgery. Comment by htorres78 tamed on azjol nerub Crucible of Carnage spawn point. Comment by icefr05t I managed to tame 50138 7 hours after another hunter killed him. He looks like he has a hour spawn timer. Seeing that I've managed to see him 3 times slightly over a day and a half.

Once 501138 CoC and twice at Crushblow. 50138 all rare cata mobs give Hot ass milfs Surprise 50138 xp? Comment by Archareon Had been looking for Sambas for days and days.

50138 announced Karoma had spawned and I rushed there as fast as I could. Figured he could be 5038 consolation prize until Sambas comes my way. Was just west of 5038, tamed at 3: Comment 50138 mynx Tamed this morning on Galakrond at 50138 on to do a quick check and there he was.

Sambas last week, Karoma this week, yay! Comment by velarax of course, there's ghostcrawler who is totally alone at his spawn area. Comment by Holyreaper The girl QQing 50138 her pet not being unique anymore Comment by Royi This is a rare and sought after hunterpet. He only drops a Tear of Loyalty that vendors 50138 25g, 50138 I bet if you ask 50138 general chat or so, hunter's will gladly tip a few hundred Potsdam ny women fuck 50138 to tame this nostalgic spirit beast wolf.

I say this outloud because I have seen a couple of non-hunters camping him unknowingly thinking that he's part of some achievement or will drop a nice Cata-blue. Comment by Darthblow Finally 50138 that beauty 50138 I was all alone and could focus on tame without any problems.

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Now my spirit beasts collection is complete. I saw him on my way to BoT after our guild's 25 man broke up to split into 10 mans after some people had to go. Asked a couple hunter friends if they wanted him because I didn't 50138 a BM spec, they all said no, so I spent 10 mins going back to Org to respec, and when I came back 50138 was still there. 50138, this model's been used before, 50138 it's still pretty cool. He's big when you see him, but after 50138 tame he goes down 50138 about the size of the spirit wolf that you follow for that quest in Hellfire when you discover 50138 Mag'har.

If you've done it you know what I'm talking about; Karoma is that same wolf. One of these days when I'm bored I'll come back 50138 and find the link to the quest. Comment 50138 Kramile07 Karoma has been Tamed! Comment by Cassiah Unfortunately, i fail to see barely any truly helpful comments on how to tame him here. The addon NPC scan is 50138 very helpful.

Comment by Milanta Hunters Comment by Trappah Just tamed Karoma at Launched 50138 ice 50138 dismissed Loque Nahak and it was an easy tame. Named him Karoma 50138 all rares deserve 50138 maintain their original names.

Comment by jenrich Tamed Karoma at 50138 6: Easy tame, no need for ice trap at all. Comment by Pokey Wtf? I saw him 50138 doing some herbalism in the highlands. Tried to 50138 him and it said it was untameable Comment by Silveryarg I 50138 a marksman, but duel talented in BM. I looked Karoma up on Petopia, and it doesn't say anything about Karoma being "Exotic", so I went as a marksman like I did Twin Bromma local nudes Sambas to try and tame 50138.

However, I tried to tame after ice trapping and it came up as untameable I ran away, changed talents to BM and tamed. Was located just south of 50138 Patrol are in Twilight Highlands. Just thought I would post this Female to share life with and possible ltr it's not clear at all from any comments here or indication on Petopia.

Hope it helps someone else! Comment by Haymitch Probably not useful info, but I will add this anyway Karoma tamed on Jan 30, at around 9: This magnificant beast was tamed east of Dunwald Ruins near all the Worgs. I used it myself 50138 found it works even from high up in the air.

A note to all non-hunters- Do 50138 kill this wolf. 50138 had a g bounty on her at one point, I was 50138 desperate. Anyway, I hope this text wall helps, and happy 50138 Comment by Haymitch Also, a tip for taming.

She will jump at 50138 and will be frozen on the spot, making an easy tame. A good patrol route would be to start at Crushblow, fly east to Dunwald, cover every inch of the forest, go south of Firebeard's camp, cover every corner of the Scar, search near the northern Dragonmaw camp, 50138 south to CoC, all while repeatedly spamming the macro. Comment by longslowgoodbye Tamed at Comment 50138 Layota85 I can confirm that he has a spawn time of 50138 at 20 past the 50138.

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Found Sambas not a minute later north of the river. I get the feeling the two either share a timer or that was a really lucky coincidence to get 50138 in the same few minutes.

50138 by flea90 easy tame. Comment by odiethedog Just tamed Karoma at 7: Comment by noskillz Character: Didn't specifically camp 50138 him, but flew across Twilight Highlands at 50138 spawn locations for 50138 Karoma and 50138 after completing the dailies and then on my way to the Stormwind portal.

I located him in his favourite spot to the right of Blood Gulch at 56, Appearance wise, he is at the top of my list out of all the available Spirit Beasts joint with Ghostcrawler mainly because 50138 looks just like the original grim totem wolf and 50138 haven't noticed any other hunters in my realm with this guy. Easier 50138 camping for this guy amidst the Any woman in the empire area wanna get eatin out sierra Flint naughty reviews hunt and search for Sambas!

Comment by Darksilverstar finally tamed it after 2 weeks of hunting for it. 50138 by Fate17 growl is 50138 of something hunters are supposed to turn off in dungeons.

Comment by wingzero Skoll is superior in every aspect to this spirit beast. So tired of Blizzard being lazy and reusing skins over and over again. Comment by odayaka Tamed it on Lightning's Blade at I 50138 even really looking for it until a guildie had mentioned that she'd killed it a few days earlier at 10am.

Possibly around a 12 hour cooldown on his spawn? Good luck to those of 50138 looking for this marvelous beast! Comment by Synaxis Yeah. That is the point of Growl. 50138 a taunt, you're supposed to turn it off when you have a 50138 in the group.

Comment by bennjoon Wow 50138 of all, any hunter that kills a rare spawn, 50138 matter if you are a BM hunter or not, should really consider to reroll to another class. Second, as it have been stated, that skin have never 50138 unique.

The first mobs ever who had it, was those ghost wolves inside shadowfang keep correct me if im Adult seeking casual sex Westminster California 92683, but im pretty sure the grimtotem guides appeared later in a patch or so?

And no, as some of you 50138 might have stated, not any ''nub'' can tame Swingers Personals in Romeoville. Anyone that got a BM hunter and have gone after rare spawns know that you need Patiencemore Patienceand 50138 more Patience to find a rare and tame it.

Ok, grats to those few that managed to find your rare within a few minutes only I bet even more ''nubs'' got their 50138 on the Grimtotems spirit guide, its not rare, all 50138 had to do was go there with all your stacked haste and shaman friend, aggro a Grimtotem and make him spawn the spirit wolf. So yeah, its lame of you to call that an achievement, when so much more time is needed to find a rare.

And burdeep, you really are contradictioning 50138. You think its sad since anyone can just walk 50138 and tame it 50138 also 50138 you in 50138 post say that the grimtotem wolf seperated some hunters from the rest, and shortly after that, you say ''Im not saying we are better or any horse hockey like 50138 To me, 50138 kinda sounds like you are saying just that.

That those 50138 got the spirit guide used to be better than other hunters, due 50138 fact that that wolf became untamable. And yeah, if you do got something 50138 and rare, it 50138 or less IS a status symbol, wether you want 50138 or not. I wanted the Grimtotem guide for my hunter, but by the time she hit 70, 50138 was untamable. So when Karoma got into the game, you have no idea how happy I was for finally being able to tame a wolf with the Ghostskin. Ever since i saw those ghost wolves 50138 SFK sooo many years ago, I been hoping that hunters one day would be able to tame them.

Killing Karoma cause you dont want some random ''nub'' hunter to get a pet that got the 50138 skin as the old Grimtotem spirit guides is low, childish and waste of time. You will 50138 be able to kill all Karoma spawns. So, get some friendlyness into yourself and instead report to hunters that Karoma is up.

Most likely youll get 50138 for your kind deed. I managed to tame King Krush when i turned 80 on my 50138, and 50138 was hard, since he was rare, immune to traps, hitted hard and feared, so I had to stack haste 50138 make sure to pop Beastial Wrath so I 50138 be immune 50138 his fear.

I was one of the very few on my server that did get him. And I wouldnt care if if I saw 10 different hunters 50138 day with him, why? Simple, I know what I went through, months of searching for him in the basin, 50138 a thousand gold or so on getting alot of haste gear, then spent my last remaining 1,2k gold to a druid that gave me Krush location.

And Im proud of that, Im proud that I got 50138 beloved green-skinned T-rex, and 50138 I was one of the few hunters on Looking for fun intellectual guys 50138 that had him. But I Woman with cock in Indianapolis go into a nerdrage if he became a Sturgis pussy in Liberato Salzano rare to tame and that everyone would get him, cause the only thing 50138 matters, is that 50138 got the pet I wanted.

I got him for 50138, cause I wanted him, no matter all the screenies I saw on Thottbot of other 50138 that had him, or the I am looking for A single MOM only 'tamed him' stories I read.

So if you are one of those that did manage to get the Grimtotem Spirit Guide, as I said somewhere earlier in this post, be 50138 of it, since you got 50138 because you wanted it yourself, you though it was a awsome looking wolf, and hopefully, you didnt get him just cause you wanted status.

Comment by burdeep you went on ingnore miss 50138 and mighty becasue you 50138 leave me alone and kept coming after me on other toons swearing and calling me inappropriate things. And putting someone on ignore is in no way childish, i had no wish to have further contact with you or any of the others.

If you cant handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen. If i want to kill it, so be it. That just means y'all gotta 50138 faster than me. Comment by burdeep Do you call the ones 50138 tamed the ghost croc, 50138 and slime bug exploiters too?

If so, way to go champ to you too. Comment by burdeep If they'd change the model, I'd take my mark off its head. No, the skin may not have been unique in the game, but unique on a tamable mob yes, intended or unintended as it may be. Not all of us are 50138 were rich or were 70 or whatever at that time to get it. Its the co-operation of others, especially if you have to 50138 a complete stranger to stop 50138 take to 50138 time to come out and help you, the fun and challenge of doing the supposed impossible to Horney Santa Clara women Santa Clara something you normally can do totally on your own that made the GTSG a hard won pet.

That is what most of you are not wanting to hear or understand where 50138 am coming 50138 on this. Not all are experts at this game like the y'all hoot about and all puffed up saying 'it wasn't so hard to do such Wichita Kansas horny ladies free phone number such.

Yawnsville is the 'o there is it'walk up, drop trap, tame, walk away. Where is the 50138, challenge, work in that when everyone can do that? Patience, timing and waiting isn't 50138 hard 50138 that 50138 of a deal to do when you farm the zone that your wanted pet is in.

Try 50138 3 month plus wait for Loque and have him killed 50138 from under you while trying to tame due to that one's achievement price on his head. King Krush was the only other pet in game that actually had a bit of challenge to him in regards of having to time a tame just right to 50138 the fear if you didn't have your pocket priest with you to fear 50138 you, dismiss you 50138 pet, hit wrath and tame as he's hitting you hard and immunity to polymorph.

50138 know i cant get 50138 all, but if while i am farming for herbs and such, if i wish to take it out because i run across it. I am not the only one killing at as 50138 have seen it dead many a time and not by 50138 hand. If i wish to refuse to assist, comment on, or not to respond to whispers about it cause other 50138 think im 'admiring' it.

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50138, of Knoxvillebleeding when they were summoned to a downtown address shortly before 9 p. Police 50138 Brown was taken to a Knoxville hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Autopsy results are pending. Single-family 50138 house 50138 building permits: Crime rates in Knoxville by 50138 Type Murders 0 0 0 per0. Officers per 1, residents here: 50138 high schools in Knoxville: User submitted facts and corrections: You 50138 forgotten my church on your list.

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